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These Kids Didn’t Know What To Think When They Were Approached By Police…

Above all, cops are paid to protect and serve…but if you were to ask the officers at the Dixon Police Department in Illinois, they’d probably say the job is about more than that.

Helping the community, solving crimes, these duties are just part of the work…but no one said they had to take time out of their busy and sometimes dangerous days to do this.

Recently, these neighborhood kids were battling the summer heat by playing with water guns in their yard when all of the sudden, officers from the Dixon PD attacked them — with more water guns!

This is so cute.

It’s so nice to see videos of cops having fun just like the rest of us. Let’s all use our phones and cameras to capture more moments like this.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/police-water-gun-fight/

How to Pack a Cooler for a Music Festival – Travel Channel

Stay moisturized and healthy all celebration long with these very easy tips from Traveling Channel.

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At First They Thought This Purple Thing Was Sea Garbage. The Truth Was Way More Amazing.

During an expedition in the Gulf of Mexico, researchers on the Ocean Exploration Trust’s EV Nautilus came across a weird-looking purple thing. At first, they thought it was garbage, but upon further inspection, they were able to determine that it was a siphonophore. Yes, a siphonophore–everyone’s soon-to-be favorite living colony. Take a look!

1. Garbage? That’s no way to talk about a siphonophore.

2. What if they heard you? They’d probably all be so upset.

3. Yes, they. Siphonophores are made up of multiple creatures.

4. Some of them feed while others swim and none of them have to listen to you call them garbage!

via Huffington Post Check out the video for more siphonophormation.

Seriously, garbage?  You don’t hear the siphonophore making fun of the organisms the researchers live with. Share this post using the button below.

It’s Still Not Ideal, But I’d Take This Type Of Shark Attack Over Any Other.

This has to be the rarest of all shark attacks, and thank goodness for that!

A shark swam up to this guy in the water, preparing to pounce. What happens isn’t your average attack… but it’s disgusting. I suppose it is less disgusting than being ripped to shreds, though. It’s certainly not as painful.

See what happens when one nurse shark swam up to a tourist. It’s ridiculous!

For those of you who want to live in this moment forever.

(H/T Daily Mail)

Nurse sharks, like the one featured in this video, usually don’t pose any threat to humans. …but I guess anything goes in those Cancun resorts. I heard they even put salt on the rims of their glasses. Wacky!

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