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Steven Crowder takes on Lena Dunham and “rape culture” [video]


The left is obsessed with taking strong words and robbing them of their real meaning. “Racism” and “hate” are now applied to simple disagreement. With all the talk condemning “rape culture” are they minimizing the real crime of rape? Steven Crowder tackles the issue (and —shudder— plays Lena Dunham again) in his latest video.

New video up tonight! Will be taking @lenadunham to task and addressing our plaguing "rape culture" problem.

— Steven Crowder (@scrowder) October 14, 2014

Video: Steven Crowder destroys Lena Dunham’s rape story and rape culture at the same time.  This is the… http://t.co/ZZwc30K1jA

— RedBloodedAmerica (@RedBloodedGuy) October 15, 2014

Oh dear god he's back https://t.co/cTcEjYejrs

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws) October 15, 2014

@rilaws "We'll get to rape culture in a sec" is something I never should have heard Steven Crowder say.

— bobby finger (@bobbyfinger) October 15, 2014

@lenadunham watch this. Quite Intriguing. NEW VIDEO: Steven Crowder tackles Real Rape v. “Rape Culture” http://t.co/fdhekHr97b

— Matt B (@mbs213) October 15, 2014

Something tells me that @scrowder will not receive an invitation to speak at a women's dept. on campus any time soon http://t.co/fONgQJt53b

— Jason Mattera (@JasonMattera) October 15, 2014

Probably a good guess.



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Twitchy coverage of Steven Crowder


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Watch As Mother Nature Proves She’s Stronger Than Any Man-Made Structure

With new buildings being constructed every day all across the globe, Mother Nature is slowly dying thanks to urbanization.

The towering apartment building below was in need of serious repairs, so when city officials got wind of some pretty gusty weather coming their way, they feared that the structure might collapse. They had the building evacuated, and it’s a good thing they did.

As you can see below, Mother Nature is determined to prove that she won’t go down without a fight. The day after the evacuation, strong winds sent the apartment building tumbling to the ground. Luckily, no one was injured in the windy demolition.

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Videos like this have taught me that you should always be kind to Mother Nature. She has quite the wicked temper.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/windy-destruction/

For Her 83rd Birthday, This Woman’s Kids Made One Of Her Dreams Come True

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a tradition for many families.

I always remember having the parade on the tiny television in my grandparents’ kitchen while I was enlisted to chop or prepare something for our big meal. My sister and I would pick out our favorites from the legendary balloons. It’s nostalgic.

For one grandma, the parade has huge significance. Grandma Boop had been trying to be in the parade for more than 30 years, and on her 83rd birthday, her kids gave her the surprise of a lifetime.

She doesn’t know what to think or believe at first, but when she gets it, the look on her face is priceless.

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I’m sure it was an amazing experience and Grandma Boop really made the most of it. That’s one more thing crossed off the bucket list.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/thanksgiving-day-parade/

This Pet Owner Should Be In Jail…How Did This Even Happen In The First Place?

When it comes time to pick out a pet, there’s a reason why cats and dogs are the obvious choices. After all, they’ve been domesticated to live in relative harmony with humans. Taking in exotic animals, on the other hand, can be a disastrous (and often illegal) experience.

Just ask this guy in the video below. Somehow, this fool managed to get a wild lynx as a pet. Instead of trying to calm the creature down, however, he decided to antagonize it.

Some people just shouldn’t have animals.

I’m not ashamed to say that I really hope this guy got bitten by the lynx after the camera stopped rolling. Seriously, who does stuff like this? The title of the video says it all, really.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/pet-lynx/

How This Store Set Up Their Mannequin Display Will Give You Nightmares

Is it just me, or are mannequins just a little bit freaky? While I don’t think it’s the only reason I do my clothes shopping online, it’s certainly a factor. I don’t have to deal with faceless, demonic mannequins when I’m on Amazon.

Anyway, while using mannequins is creepy in and of itself, what one store in Reno, Nevada, is doing with theirs has ratcheted up the creepy factor by 10. Through the strategic use of a digital projector, they managed to imbue a faceless mannequin with life…sorta. If you’re not unsettled by the video below, then you officially have an ironclad constitution.

(source: Reddit)

That is…incredibly disturbing. I applaud those shopkeepers for their creativity, but I would wager that this thing drives people away more than anything else.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/mannequin-horror/

If You’re Still Looking For A Halloween Costume, This Just Might Work For You

I’m a big fan of quick Halloween costumes because yes, I’m a super-lazy person.

However, it can be hard to pull something together fast without it looking really cheap. Plus, it’s way more fun to create your own creepy getup than just buying a generic one at the store. That’s why I’m totally loving this gruesome makeup job.

If you’re in the market for a creative yet completely freaky costume, you have to check out this woman’s easy tutorial on how to give your face the appearance of being unzipped.

Who knew cotton could look so much like bloody flesh?

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Now have fun freaking literally everyone you come across on Halloween night! Just don’t be surprised if they all run away. (I know I would.)

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/unzipping-face-costume/

Pint-Sized Surfer Reminds Us That Kids Say The Darndest Things

When I was 11, I pretty much just sat around and read books. Sabre Norris, on the other hand, is entering surfing competitions.

Sabre first became famous at the age of nine when a video of her skateboarding went viral, and now the Australian girl is making waves in professional surfing. She’s one of the youngest people ever to compete in a World Surf League competition after being given a wildcard spot in a qualifying event.

In addition to being incredibly talented, Sabre is also pretty hilarious. Her comments about her dad on the Australian “Today” show are currently blowing up online. The news anchors went bonkers over her take on her father’s weight.

Watch as Sabre jokes about how her dad used to be an athlete. Ouch!

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Playful comments aside, her father has a whole lot to be proud of. Good luck out there, Sabre!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/surfer-dad-fat/

He Was Doing An Election Experiment When A Woman Approached And Changed Everything

There are a wide variety of social experiments on Youtube that give us insight into how people really think.

From videos about sexual harassment to vandalism and stranger danger, it’s fascinating to see how others react when put in extreme versions of situations that happen every day. These experiments can also help restore your faith in humanity, because they remind us that people often do the right thing and step up to help others.

People experiencing homelessness are in a kind of limbo where they are simultaneously seen and not seen. When Ryan Hamilton of HammyTV asked people for money with a cardboard sign reading “$1 and I Won’t Vote Trump,” he thought he was getting insight into voters’ preferences this election season. What he got instead was a much more meaningful interaction.

When an actual homeless woman approached him, her generosity and heartbreaking story surprised everyone involved.

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This is a sobering reminder that behind all the yelling about election issues there are real people who will continue to need help from others no matter who becomes our president. Always remember to be kind!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/social-experiment-trump/

This Guy’s Base-Jump Fail Will Make You Cringe — Just Wait ‘Til You See It In Full Speed!

Though I’ve done some cliff diving during family vacations to lakes, I’d never consider base jumping.

In addition to my slight fear of heights, the possibility of something going wrong is just way too high for me. For some, however, the thrill of falling is more than worth the risk of accidental death.

When Thayer Healey decided to do some base jumping just outside of Moab, Utah, he came very close to losing his life. After he jumped off of the edge of a cliff, his parachute opened and spun him into the rocky wall. The GoPro camera on his helmet captured the entire terrifying experience.

This is so painful to watch…and it gets even worse at full speed.

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Amazingly, he survived, but he was left with a fractured vertebrate, a sprained back, and stitches in his eye and chin. Share this if you think he’s lucky to be alive!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/nearly-fatal-base-jump

A Mommy Dog And Her Babies Were Dying In The Desert. Get Ready For This… Because It’s Amazing.

If you don’t know Eldad by now, you probably don’t spend much time on the Internet. He’s the man behind so many unbelievable dog rescues… and I’m pretty sure he just outdid himself. This military style rescue mission took Eldad three days, driving more than 1,000 miles and an unyielding willpower to save four dogs that would have died from infections or starvation deep in the Mojave desert.

This is Saharah. At around the 3:40 mark of the video, your heart will absolutely BREAK.

And this is Moses. His injuries are unimaginable, but just keep watching.

It’s the most epic rescue video you’ll ever see. It’s kinda long, but totally 100% worth it… trust me.

Source & Donate: HopeForPaws Please SHARE this with all of your friends. Help Saharah, Tanami, Sunna, and Moses find forever homes.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/desert-rescue/