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When Ted Bundy Served As His Own Lawyer, He Couldn’t Always Keep It Together

Ted Bundy was America’s first “true” serial killer. A lot of the popular folklore about serial killers and their habits stems from his horrific crimes.

From 1974 until his final arrest in 1978, Bundy raped and murdered women all across the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. Bundy was considered to be a master of disguise and a chameleon, meaning that while he was considered handsome, he was also generic-looking enough to blend in with the crowd and avoid attracting attention.

Watching footage of Bundy in action, it’s not hard to see how he came off as charming and was presumed innocent by so many people for so long. Even during jail interviews on the verge of his execution, he was suave and composed.

Officials in Florida tried to get Bundy to break in front of the cameras after his arrest, but he didn’t go down easily.

Bundy famously represented himself during his first Florida murder trial. It was only toward the end of the trial that his charming facade began to crack.

Bundy truly believed he was an innocent man and grew increasingly frustrated the longer the trial went on. This eventually resulted in a series of angry outbursts that finally showed the world the killer behind that cool, collected mask.

For the full video of the outburst above, check this out!

(via The Bandy Man)

Despite his defense of himself in court, Bundy was convicted and sentenced to death in 1979. However, through the appeals process, the killer managed to prolong his life until 1989.

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5 Daredevil Escapades – Travel Channel

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This Guy’s Base-Jump Fail Will Make You Cringe — Just Wait ‘Til You See It In Full Speed!

Though I’ve done some cliff diving during family vacations to lakes, I’d never consider base jumping.

In addition to my slight fear of heights, the possibility of something going wrong is just way too high for me. For some, however, the thrill of falling is more than worth the risk of accidental death.

When Thayer Healey decided to do some base jumping just outside of Moab, Utah, he came very close to losing his life. After he jumped off of the edge of a cliff, his parachute opened and spun him into the rocky wall. The GoPro camera on his helmet captured the entire terrifying experience.

This is so painful to watch…and it gets even worse at full speed.

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Amazingly, he survived, but he was left with a fractured vertebrate, a sprained back, and stitches in his eye and chin. Share this if you think he’s lucky to be alive!

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This Scenery Is Incredible, But Wait Until You See What’s Really Going On

Castle Valley, Utah, has to be one of the most stunning places on this planet. The scenery is beyond compare, and it’s admired by thousands every year. But Théo Sanson wasn’t content with just looking at these snow-swept peaks and valleys. Instead, he decided that he would much rather walk between mountains on a slackline.

Sanson’s stunt — and its gorgeous backdrop — are truly spectacular sights to behold.

This makes me feel dizzy just watching it!

Making it safely across to the other side is a miracle in itself, but I hope that Camp 4 Collective gives us a behind-the-scenes video soon. I mean, can you imagine the amount of planning that had to go into this?