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This Tornado Footage Looks Like CGI, But It’s Totally Real And Completely Terrifying

When it comes to taking unnecessary risks, chasing storms and tornados ranks right up there with taunting lions. That being said, storm chasing is still a terrifying hobby for some and a lucrative profession for others.

If you think that job sounds like a joke, just wait until you check out the video below. These storm chasers found themselves just yards away from a massive tornado in Wray, Colorado, earlier this week…and they were running low on gas.

That looks like something out of a movie.

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And I’m sure they wished it was.

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They survived, but it was a pretty close call. Check out the rest of the video below.

(source: Compilation Nation)

Nature is a fearsome beast. We all might be better off if we spent more time fearing its wrath than we do depleting its resources. Just saying.

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Social Experiment Shows Us Just How We Treat People In Need. It’s Eye-Opening.

Russia-based YouTubers Rakamakafo recently made a social experiment video to compare the difference between how Russian and American bystanders react when they see a complete stranger fall to the ground in pain.

They wanted to know if people from either country reacted differently, and if so, how much differently. The results were actually quite shocking when it comes to one of the countries. Watch and see which one.

(Press the ‘CC’ button on the video player for English subtitles.)

(Source: Rakamakafo)

Obviously there are a lot of different factors that could have contributed to the different reactions, from the location (touristy location vs busy city) to just one of the guys being a better actor and selling it more, but nonetheless that was an interesting little experiment that reminds us to always be more willing to lend a helping hand to our fellow man.