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Footage Of This Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Manchester Is Incredibly Clear, And So Freaky

Why is it that whenever anyone spots a UFO, their camera churns out a grainy video? It must be a law of physics that we’ve yet to discover. At any rate, the video below is not one of those. In fact, it’s startlingly clear.

This cigar-shaped object was spotted on a clear day over Manchester, England, back in 2011. The person filming was able to zoom in pretty tightly on the bizarre object. They were even able to make out some details. According to the video description, the object hovered for about 40 minutes before ascending out of sight.

That looks pretty real to me!

While I want to shout from the rooftops that we finally have an authentic UFO video, it’s important not to jump to any conclusions. In fact, because the video is so clear, we need to consider the possibility of it being a hoax.

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This Creepy Noise Coming From The Sky Cannot Be A Good Sign

For years, people around the world have claimed to hear creepy noises coming from the sky.

While some say they are simply changes in atmospheric pressure, others take them as a sign of government conspiracy, aliens, or even the apocalypse. The most recent video comes from Slovakia, where YouTuber Martin Mikuaš captured some truly unsettling noises on October 15, 2016.

Listen to the strange sounds for yourself. Personally, I’ve never heard anything like them.

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Do you think these noises could be a sign of the end times? Or are they just a hoax? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to hit record if you hear anything weird coming from the sky!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/creepy-sky-noise/