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Illusionist Eric Leclerc Performs A YouTube Magic Trick That’ll Stun You.

Not many people legitimately believe in magic. I can’t blame them. After all, in this day and age, that’s a hard pill to swallow. However, there some things in life that’ll make you drop your skepticism and wonder “what if?” Eric Leclerc is an illusionist who is capable of doing just that. Along with National Geographic, he made a YouTube video that’ll stop you in your tracks. He wants you to pick any card from his deck…

Eric Leclerc is going to make your mind spin.

And he may not convince all of you, but you have to watch this and find out.

Personally, my jaw was hanging wide open after this video ended. It’s amazing what people can do with enough creativity and talent. See if the same thing happens to your friends and click the button below to share.

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You Can Open A Wine Bottle With Just About Anything…Including A Blowtorch!

It’s basically the end of the world if you need a glass of wine but can’t find a bottle opener.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic…

But it is pretty terrible!

While you could open your bottle with a key or a shoe, if you have a blowtorch just hanging around your home, this hack is quick and probably way more fun than any other trick you’ll try…

How satisfying is this?!

It might not be the most useful hack around…

But it’s still pretty fun to watch and play around with!

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How to Pack for a Week in Paris – Travel Channel

Just what to put on before exploring the 'City of Light.'

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As It Turns Out, You’ve Been Applying Bandages Incorrectly All This Time

Growing up, it’s absolutely amazing how many bandages you use. From elbows to fingers, knees to feet, we were all basically walking mummies when we were kids! But as it turns out, we probably could’ve healed way faster if we knew these amazing tricks. These bandage hacks are completely genius.

Whether you’re patching yourself up after a kitchen accident or taking care of a little one’s scrapes, you’ll definitely want to add these tricks to your arsenal.

These will help you heal in no time! With a little bit of tweaking, you can have totally customizable bandages that will take care of all your boo-boo needs.

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How to Pack for the Beach – Travel Channel

Load like a pro with these clever tips and also techniques.

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Having Trouble Opening A Jar? Then Watch These Easy Hacks For Hard-To-Open Items

Is it just me or is some packaging becoming harder and harder to open these days? We’ve all experienced the seemingly endless struggle to get a particularly stubborn jar unscrewed. Even worse, the harder the jar is to open, the greater the desire becomes to get the tasty treat it houses. I’ve actually sprained a wrist while frustratingly trying to unscrew a jar.

The good news is you’ll never have to struggle to crack open those hard-to-open items ever again. Not after you watch this video of six easy life hacks for opening up common household items!

I now consider myself an expert when it comes to opening things. Never again shall I feel the shame of defeat when I can’t get to a pesky pistachio! And if for some crazy reason I do…well, there’s always the trusty hammer.

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