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Watching This Guy Turn Himself Into Creepy Statues Will Give You Nightmares

Being a horror junkie, I have come across all kinds of terrifying photos and videos.

Though many of them have certainly creeped me out, most haven’t actually gotten under my skin and haunted my dreams. That’s because they weren’t even half as unsettling as this freaky performance.

In his work entitled, “Transfiguration,” French artist Olivier de Sagazan sculpts his face into monstrous statues that look like they came straight out of the “Silent Hill” games. When you see it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that I definitely wasn’t expecting to come away this disturbed.

The sounds make it so much worse.

Well, I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep after seeing that. Anyone have a night-light I can borrow?

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This Looks Like A Tiny Closet, But Wait Until She Pulls The Handle — It’s So Cool!

Paris, like most major cities, boasts some seriously high rent prices.

People pay as much as 4,000 euros a month for glorified closets, and if they want beautiful views of the Eiffel tower, they could shell out up to 10 million. To combat this real estate nightmare, one woman decided to take matters into her own hands. What she did to optimize space is pure apartment genius.

At first, this space looks anything but livable.

But all it takes is one inventive mind to breathe new life into something the rest of us are quick to cast off.

Using a series of hidden closets and doors, one tenant incorporated every creature comfort she could possibly need into her seemingly tiny apartment.

And that includes a full bathroom that you’d never know was there upon first glance!

For more details, check out the video below.

So who’s ready to move to Paris? I certainly am.

As rent prices continue to skyrocket in metropolitan hubs, people get increasingly clever about making the most of their spaces. If you can’t get enough tiny apartment ingenuity, take a look at this!

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