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Michael Voltaggio Prepares a Wazwan-Influenced Dinner in Kashmir

Paying homage to Kashmir’s Wazwan feasts, Michael Voltaggio prepares a special meal inspired by his experiences for the group dinner in Srinagar, Kashmir. Along with journalist and co-host Mariana van Zeller, Voltaggio hosts a dinner for guests representing all sides of the conflict in Kashmir: Pro-India, Pro-Independence and Pro-Pakistan. “Breaking Borders” Kashmir, with Mariana van Zeller, premieres Sunday, April 19 at 9:00pm ET/PT on Travel Channel.

BIZARRE FOODS: Andrew Zimmern visits restaurant in Guatemala that honors 21 unique Maya cultures

GUATEMALA: PIG PARTS IN PARADISE – Premieres Monday, September 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
Andrew Zimmern heads to Guatemala, where ancient flavors are still popular today. With Guatemalan celebrity chef Mirciny Moliviatis as his guide, Zimmern explores the most unique and culturally important foods in this Central American country that boasts 21 unique Maya cultures. In the city of Antigua, Zimmern visits a restaurant that honors these culinary roots in a variety of stunning dishes, including pepián, a spicy pumpkin seed and chile sauce that is considered the national dish of Guatemala. From bull testicle ceviche at the local market to a Sunday family dinner with wild opossum as the main course, Zimmern tastes the rich heritage in every bite.

“Andrew Zimmern Sees Where Fungus Grows in Paris on BIZARRE FOODS”

Andrew Zimmern goes to one of the culinary capitals of the world: Paris, France. In a city famous for putting its unique stamp on culinary history, classic Parisian foods are making a comeback. A new attitude is reinvigorating French foods with the use of innovative techniques and artisanal ingredients. While here, Zimmern feasts on mushrooms harvested in underground caves, brines ham that is so good, it’s regularly delivered to the presidential palace and learns the dying art of aging artisanal French cheese.

Rev Runs Around the World in Dubai

Justine wants to buy, but Rev thinks Dubai is all about extremes. "Rev Runs Around the World" Dubai: Rev Goes to Extremes airs Wed., Dec. 23 at 10|9c only on Travel Channel.

Chef Michael Voltaggio Prepares His First Kosher Meal for Dinner Guests in “Breaking Borders”

“Breaking Borders” follows Peabody Award-winning journalist Mariana van Zeller and acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio as they travel to conflict zones around the globe with a unique and challenging goal: gto gather people from all sides of the conflicts for an amazing meal and animated discussion in search of common ground and hope for the future. In the series premiere, airing on Sunday, March 15 at 9:00pm ET/PT, van Zeller and Voltaggio travel to the Holy Land to get a better grasp of the current Israel-Palestinian conflict. Voltaggio collects ideas and ingredients to make his first-ever kosher meal to serve as a culinary connection for their dinner guests.

Travel Channel’s Brian Unger travels back in time to a New Orleans Jazz social hall

Brian Unger and a group of locals time travel to Texas in the early 1930s, hot on the trail of America’s most infamous couple: Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker. First stop, Hargraves Café in Dallas, the restaurant where Bonnie once worked as a teen before Barrow lured her into a life of crime. Next, the group hops into a vintage Ford V8 (Barrow’s ride of choice) to visit the old Barrow family home and filling station as it transforms back to the 1930s. Unger busts a few popular myths about the couple and visits the sites of a botched holdup at Eubanks Hardware store, the Texas bank heist and the fatal shooting of a deputy sheriff – all culminating with the duo’s violent deaths in Louisiana. Next, Unger heads to New Orleans where he and his guests witness the birth of the only truly American musical art form: jazz. The locals meet in Congo Square, a musical melting pot where diverse music styles would later fuse into jazz. The group enjoys a private performance by famous jazz trombonist, Delfeayo Marsalis. Marsalis strikes up the band to show them the difference between jazz and its musical ancestors. Then, Unger leads the locals to the other side of Lake Pontchartrain to visit an early 20th century African-American society hall where early jazz greats honed their skills. One of Unger’s guests, jazz singer Leah Rucker, takes the stage for a smoky rendition of an old classic. The tour ends, as it should, aboard the riverboat Natchez, as the group discovers how jazz spread up the Mississippi. New episode premieres Thursday, June 25 at 8:00pm ET/PT.

Rev Runs Around the World in Tokyo

Diggy joins the family in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate his 20th birthday and Rev goes to the Tatami mat to make it special. From fashion to fish and pop-stars to throwing stars, this hip-hop town is about to get Diggy with it. "Rev Runs Around the World" Tokyo: Get Diggy With It airs Wed., Dec. 9 at 10pm | 9c only on Travel Channel.

“Andrew Zimmern Sees Home Cooking in Croatia at its Finest on BIZARRE FOODS”

“Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast: Roasted Rodents & Stone Soup” – Premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT
Andrew Zimmern travels to Croatia, an Eastern European country straight out of a storybook, where people are living and eating like their ancestors of a thousand years ago. With local chef Tatiana Ciciliani leading the way, Zimmern goes in search of ingredients for sea rock soup and samples stew made of monkfish intestines. An up-and-coming tourist hotspot, Croatia still features ancient tastes from roasted dormice and giant offal kebabs to baked rooster and grilled frog.