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23 Unique Life-Saving Tips That You’ll Be Really Glad You Know

As much as we’d like to think that we’re in control of our lives, disaster can strike at any time.

We can’t predict when life-threatening situations will arise, and that is a scary and hard fact to swallow. But luckily, there’s a way to help prevent tragic consequences that can come from these situations. As you’ll see from the life-saving tips below, even though you can’t stop bad things from happening, you can certainly prepare yourself enough to survive them.

Whether you’re adventurous or not, these will definitely come in handy either way.

1. If you’re going hiking or camping, always leave a note. Give specific details about where you’ll be so it will be easier for people to find you if you get lost or stranded.


2. If you’re stuck somewhere and have a limited amount of food, chew gum. It will help suppress your appetite and keep you from eating your supplies too quickly.

3. Whenever you go into crowded buildings, take a minute to figure out where all the exits are. This will allow you to find the best way to get out safely during an emergency.

4. Put that phone down while you’re walking! It pulls your attention away from everything around you, and it could lead to something much deadlier than this — like walking in front of a moving car.

5. You may find it a little gross, but condoms are great for storing water if you have nothing else to use.

6. Stay low to the ground if you’re in a burning building — there’s more breathable air down there and it will help you avoid dying from smoke inhalation.

7. Super Glue works great as a temporary solution to hold together minor wounds when you don’t have supplies or the ability to stitch them up.


8. When you can’t get any professional medical treatment, you can use gunpowder to sterilize your wounds.


9. Vinegar works well to kill bacteria and treat skin burns and infections.


10. Call out to a specific person when you’re in a situation where you need help — they are more likely to do something if they’re singled out.

11. Remember the number three when it comes to your survival — you can go three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter from severe weather, and three minutes without air.


12. Pull over to the side of the road and take a nap if you’re too tired to drive — it can prevent a fatal accident.

13. If you ever get stabbed, don’t pull the object out — it will make you bleed much faster. Until you can get medical attention, try to keep it covered to prevent blood loss.


14. Baking soda easily puts out cooking fires.


15. You can still call 9-1-1 on your cell phone if you don’t have service or even a SIM card.


16. A compact mirror can help you signal for help and even start fires when the sun reflects off of its surface.


17. Look for a stream or fence if you get lost while you’re hiking — the stream will lead you back to a larger body of water and the fence will most likely lead to a road.


18. If anyone you know ever gets a concussion, hold their head up to avoid fluid filling up in their brain.


19. If you shine a really bright flashlight in an attacker’s eyes, it will give you time to run away.

20. If you’re caught in an extremely cold environment, try to avoid eating snow even if you don’t have any water — it could cause hypothermia by making you lose too much heat.

21. If you ever get attacked by a bear while hiking or camping, play dead if it is brown (like in the picture below), but fight back if it is black.


22. If the plane you’re on ever crashes into water, wait to inflate your life vest — this will help you get out of the plane easier and more quickly.


23. If you’re choking and no one else is around, you can perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself.

(via Business Insider)

See, you don’t have to be afraid of scary situations as long as you remember these helpful facts. I bet now you’re feeling like you can take on the world — just make sure you’re being careful, okay?

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Air Travel Do’s and Don’ts – Travel Channel

Traveling with children on a plane could be a demanding experience if you're not prepared. The trick is making certain they're not starving, bored or as well hold or too cool. Follow these pointers and it will be smooth sailing, emergency room, flying.

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15 Of The Best Organization And Cleaning Hacks You Shouldn’t Have To Live Without

Spring is slowly approaching, which means one thing — spring cleaning! It can be a pain, but when all’s said and done, you know you’re going to feel like a new you.

In an effort to make the process a little less painful, here are some super-simple hacks to try out. Not only will your spring cleaning be a breeze this year, but you might even have some spare time to enjoy the fresh air!

1. Use a tension rod under the sink to double your cleaning product capacity.

2. Clean your paintings with the soft side of a bagel to remove years of dirt and grime.

3. Use an old pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan.

4. Get rid of that “rebel scum” and countless germs by cleaning your kid’s toys in the dishwasher.

5. Create a mustard caddy in your refrigerator to save space and always have the last drop.

6. Wipe down sliding door tracks with a paper towel soaked in vinegar to have it working like new.

7. Remove tough food stains from cast-iron pans with coarse salt.

8. Remove coffee stains with baking soda.

9. Rub a lemon on your bathroom fixtures to bring back their natural shine.

10. Use pipe straps to hang your utensils where you can get to them easily and they stay hidden at the same time.

11. Use a coffee filter to clean a TV screen.

12. Spray a bit of vodka on your bed and the alcohol will kill the odor-causing bacteria.

13. Place pegs in your drawers to make sure your plates are in the right spot.

14. Remove water rings with a hair dryer and a quick swipe of olive oil.

15. Use a utensil tray to keep family members from using the wrong toothbrush.

(via HGTV)

Didn’t we tell you? Your house is going to be an organizational masterpiece! But even if you don’t get to every one of these tips, you’ll still be way, way ahead of the game!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Camping as a Couple – Travel Channel

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Kentuckian’s Guide to Bourbon – Travel Channel

Head to Kentucky for a lesson in Bourbon 101.

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You Can Open A Wine Bottle With Just About Anything…Including A Blowtorch!

It’s basically the end of the world if you need a glass of wine but can’t find a bottle opener.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic…

But it is pretty terrible!

While you could open your bottle with a key or a shoe, if you have a blowtorch just hanging around your home, this hack is quick and probably way more fun than any other trick you’ll try…

How satisfying is this?!

It might not be the most useful hack around…

But it’s still pretty fun to watch and play around with!

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He Locked Himself Out Of His Car, And How He Got Back In Is Pure Genius

You know what’s the worst? Locking yourself out of your car. You remember to take your phone out with you, but your keys? Not so much. And if you have a bizarre relationship with the universe like I do, you typically only lock yourself out when it’s approximately 40,000 degrees below zero outside, or when a hurricane decides to roll into town.

But what happens when you leave your AAA card sitting right next to your keys on the front seat, or when you don’t want to call your parents to tell them that you locked yourself out (again)? Well, if you want to open the car door without any additional humiliation, check these methods out.

1. If you have an older car, this trick is the one for you. With a bit of looped string, you can MacGyver your way back in without making any embarrassing calls.

2. To get into newer cars with electronic locks, grab a tennis ball and some scissors.

3. This is Bob. Bob understands our suffering on a spiritual level. With a wedge and a metal rod, he’ll show you how to pry that baby open and get to the power lock.

4. Here’s one that I’ve actually used because I’m the worst. As it turns out, you can use coat hangers to bust into older cars.

So there you have it, folks. These are four easy ways to break into your car when you forget how to be an adult and leave your keys inside. Let’s just limit this to our own vehicles, okay? After seeing how easy it is to get into these things, I think I’ll go ahead and stop leaving my valuables in there.

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Will It Fly? Holiday Edition – Travel Channel

Can you take that holiday thing on an airplane? You may be surprised!

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