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All You Need Are 3 Ingredients To Get Rid Of Your Fruit Fly Problem

Now that the summer is almost here, there’s one thing that’s sure to start annoying you again…flies.

While they don’t all bite, they are all annoying.

And that includes fruit flies! They might be a problem for you year-round, but they become especially prevalent in the summertime when you’re more likely to store tasty, fresh fruits and veggies in the open air.

While the first step to getting rid of fruit flies is to NOT DO THAT, the second weapon in your bug-be-gone arsenal is this super-easy trap.

And if mosquitoes are more of an issue for you, this DIY trap should do the trick:

Now you can really enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.

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This Light Take On Pizza Bites Is About To Become Your Poolside Go-To!

You know what’s the worst? Chilling by the pool at a cookout on a sweltering day and being assaulted with an onslaught of heavy food.

Burgers are cool in theory, but when you’re drowning in your own sweat, the idea of scarfing down a greasy, fatty burger becomes less appealing by the second. The same goes for pizza. I was swimming at my apartment complex the other day when it was 95 degrees out and I almost melted when some guy opened up a steaming box of pizza.

But then it hit me. Going three months without pizza should be illegal and we should just deal with the heaviness that accompanies everyone’s favorite meal. Or should we? Someone prayed to the summer gods for a solution, and it comes to us today in the form of these zucchini pizza bites that bring all of the cheese and none of the gut-busting agony.

Stay tuned until the end if you want to hear a song that’s truly not good at all.

I don’t know about you, but I have a date with some zucchini, a whole lot of sunscreen, and a swimming pool.

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When It’s Hot Out, This Is The Quickest Way To Cool Your Car Down

Even though it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, summer will be here before we know it, so why not get some inside knowledge on how to stay cool in those fast-approaching months? It can’t hurt to know what will help keep you comfortable when that blistering heat comes.

One of the many areas of your life that will get extremely stuffy is your car. If it’s been sitting out in the sun all day, it’s going to be like a sauna once you open those doors. So what exactly is the quickest way to cool it down? Here’s the secret.

It’s in Japanese but the instructions are pretty clear:

Here’s what you do:

  1. Roll down the driver’s side window.
  2. Walk around to the passenger’s side and open and close the door about six times.

This process quickly introduces fresh air into your car, making it cooler and more comfortable in no time.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/cool-car/

22 Animals That Are Living Their Best Lives In Pools

Now that summer’s back in town, you can usually find me wading in still water with total strangers at any given moment in the pool behind my apartment building.

Although dealing with people you don’t know when you hit the pool isn’t always ideal, it’s pretty great when it’s 400 degrees outside and you can’t exactly afford to keep the central air pumping 24 hours a day.

These animals tend to agree. I mean, can you imagine being covered in hair when summer’s nastiness is in full swing? No big deal, right? Just a waking nightmare. That’s why these animals have decided to use the tools in our human arsenal for their benefit. They get their full life in pools just like us, and they don’t give a damn if they’re not supposed to be there.

1. This woman is probably not as happy about having bears in her pool as the bears are about being in her pool.

2. I’m just going to put this out there, but maybe she needs two more bikini tops.

3. Just a fawn in the pool. Nothing to see here.

4. “I are good at water.”

5. “Oh, cats hate water, you say? Think again, sucka fool.”

6. Here we have five-year-old me in swim class.

7. This cat is doing it right.

8. I thought maybe my dog was my soulmate until I saw this one.

9. He even used the ladder like a GENTLEMAN.

10. They might need a bigger pool.

11. Large solo cup, or really tiny elephants? You decide.

12. You tried it, pig. You tried it.

13. Oh, this isn’t a pool? Tell that to him.

14. When Mom is all, “Don’t run,” and you’re all, “LOLNO.”

15. Here we have the guy who shows up with nothing to offer and drinks all the beer anyway.

16. I wish anything made me this happy.

17. Like me, if this dog’s options were swim or die, she would die.


19. Piggy pool, party of one.

20. He’s probably just thinking about Nietzsche or something.

21. Much pool. Very can’t.

22. Bonus Round: This absolute classic.

Grab a girly drink (because it’s scientifically proven that everyone likes girly drinks) and meet me by the pool…with your dogs. Please don’t forget the dogs.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/animals-in-pools/

So This Is What Everyone Means When They Say ‘KILL IT WITH FIRE!’

With the imminent arrival of summer, you might soon find yourself in a situation where you need to defend your family against a deadly onslaught of angry hornets. Hornets are no laughing matter, especially if you’re allergic. If they found a hornet’s nest on their property, most people would probably call an exterminator…but not this guy. Oh no. He takes matters into his own hands…with extreme prejudice.

I’d hate to be those bugs.

(source Torch Fire Performer )

Let this be a lesson to all hornets: stay away from everyone and everything this summer. Or else, you might just find yourself invited to a BBQ with your nest as the main course…

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5 Insane Trap Door Waterslides – Travel Channel

Get a check out these waterslides that drop you through a catch door.

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These Kids Didn’t Know What To Think When They Were Approached By Police…

Above all, cops are paid to protect and serve…but if you were to ask the officers at the Dixon Police Department in Illinois, they’d probably say the job is about more than that.

Helping the community, solving crimes, these duties are just part of the work…but no one said they had to take time out of their busy and sometimes dangerous days to do this.

Recently, these neighborhood kids were battling the summer heat by playing with water guns in their yard when all of the sudden, officers from the Dixon PD attacked them — with more water guns!

This is so cute.

It’s so nice to see videos of cops having fun just like the rest of us. Let’s all use our phones and cameras to capture more moments like this.

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If You Cut A Soda Bottle In Half, You Can Keep Annoying Bugs Away For Good!

When it’s nice outside, eating outdoors always seems like a good idea…until the bugs won’t leave your food alone and you end up covered in itchy mosquito bites. Nothing ruins a summer BBQ quite like a hoard of hungry, blood-sucking bugs.

Next time you’re throwing a backyard shindig, you can solve this problem by making a simple trap from supplies you already have around the house. Check out the video below and never deal with frustrating flies or mosquitos again.

I never knew that yeast was the key to keeping mosquitos off my skin! I’m going to use this all the time. And here I thought my grade school science knowledge was totally worthless. Will you try this life hack at your next party?

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/diy-mosquito-trap/