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Here’s How To Store Your Christmas Lights Quickly For Next Year

The holidays have come and gone, which means that it’s unfortunately time to pack up all that good cheer and store it away for this time next year. In an effort to do this efficiently and with as little annoyance as possible, we’ve found a few super-simple ways to wrap up your Christmas lights so they’re not a tangled, broken mess come December 2016.

1. Use a piece of cardboard.

2. Buy a spool organizer.

3. Grab a plastic shopping bag.

4. Use a poster tube or wrapping paper tube.

5. Put them on a hanger.

There you have it — five easy ways to ensure you’ll never find a tangled bin of lights when the holidays roll around again.

Now, when is the first official day of spring, again??

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Super-Easy Ways You Can Make Your Space Way More Efficient…I Love These!

According to a 2014 survey, roughly 37% of the U.S. population rents rather than owns. If you fall into that pool, you know that drilling holes into your temporary home’s walls is a big no-no. You could tempt fate and hope that a little patchwork will still get you your security deposit back, but if you don’t want to push it, keep reading…

You don’t need to drill holes for extra shelving…here’s how to get more space with just a few pieces of wood and some double-sided tape!

Where do you plan on creating a little extra room in your home? There are so many places in my house that could use a little more storage space!

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Return of the Fanny Pack – Travel Channel

The fanny pack is back as well as right here are the reasons.

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How to Travel the World With One Backpack – Travel Channel

It's possible to take a trip the world utilizing just one knapsack with these ideas.

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