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Owner’s Heartfelt Lullaby Sends Her Dog Off To Dreamland Instantly

When this woman’s dog Tia was a puppy, she used to sing lullabies until the pooch fell asleep in her bed.

Tia’s owner was actually afraid of dogs for a long time, but when she and her roommate adopted a dog together, she came to love her Staffordshire bull terrier like a child.

Now that Tia’s all grown up, her human wanted to see if the lullaby would still work. She tried it out in the middle of the day, and Tia drifted off almost immediately.

She tries to keep her eyes open, but she can’t resist the soothing song.

Youtube / Poke My Heart

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Their bond is truly amazing. I wish I could fall asleep anywhere like that!

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What Happens A Few Seconds Into This Video Is A Real Condition — And It’s Kind Of Terrifying

When you hear the word “narcolepsy,” you probably think of a slapstick punchline to a joke from a movie or sketch. But the reality of living with this sleep disorder is no laughing matter.

Sarah Elizabeth was recording a traditional Japanese dance tutorial when she accidentally captured what it’s really like to deal with this debilitating condition. She had been exerting herself for hours, which made the attack particularly intense. Combined with cataplexy, a condition that causes people to collapse after intense fits of laughter, Sarah’s narcolepsy makes her life so much harder.

Sarah hopes that the video helps others understand why this disorder is so terrible. Similar to epilepsy, she has no control over when the attacks happen, but she also doesn’t let this hold her back.

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This Simple Trick Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster And Stay Asleep Longer

Ever been made fun of for keeping one foot out from under the covers at night?

Well, now you have science to back you and your sleep decisions up. For those looking to get a good night’s sleep, this little guide is going to give you everything you need to know to catch some shut-eye tonight. If you don’t use this little trick already, just grab a notebook and check out the video below!

Sounds easy enough, right? I think it’s time for a nap.

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