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This Groom Made A Promise Years Ago… And Kept It On His Wedding Day.

Years ago, when Richard and Sara first started seeing each other, he drunkenly made her a promise that he would write and sing her a song on their wedding day.

Well that day finally came, and as Richard says, what’s a man if he isn’t as good as his word? For the song, he decided to go with ‘Half The World Away’ by Oasis; but as he had promised all those years ago, the lyrics had to be completely his own.

Watch as he breaks out into song at the end of his speech, putting a huge smile onto his new wife’s face as well as everyone else’s gathered there to witness their union.


That was both hilarious and adorable, I’m sure they have countless happy years ahead of them.

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Hundreds Of Students Left Their Rooms Late At Night To Do Something Breathtaking

After a long, competitive day at the All-State Chorus Competition in Louisville, Kentucky, 500 talented high school students lined the balconies of their 18-story hotel and teamed up for a magical performance.

That’s when hundreds of beautiful voices started singing the national anthem in stunning unison. It’s a tradition that’s been going on for a few years now, and it’s one that never fails to give listeners goosebumps.

Talk about great acoustics, am I right? Paired with immense talent, this was a recipe for success that led to a seriously impressive payoff.

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Girl Makes A Really Cool And Unique Cover Of A Michael Jackson Song You’ll Love.

Singer and musician Kawehi originally posted this video of her covering Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel‘ in 2012, but it went mostly unnoticed up until this week, when it went viral and racked up nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

The reason it went so big so quick is because when it comes to covers not many are as incredible as this… it really blew me away. You see, all of Kawehi’s instruments and backing in this are just her own voice.

With the help of a sampling machine she begins by making a loop recording of the backing track using her own vocals, she then starts singing the song on top of that…you really have to see and hear it for yourself to get how awesome this is.

(Source: I Am Kawehi)

This girl’s talent is off the charts awesome, the only ones who don’t see to be enjoying it are her dogs, who slept through that whole awesome performance.

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Your Guide To The Strange And Awesome Practice Of Polyphonic Singing.

We’ve all been blown away by singers before. Some people can sing with technical skill, but also a range of emotional resonance that touches us on a deep level. We think, wow, it’s incredible that someone can make that sound. There are many types of song, from classic opera to the death metal growls. Whatever your taste, all kinds require training and some level of technical expertise.

Then there’s polyphonic singing. That’s when one person creates two different tones with one breath–two notes coming out of one person’s mouth. “Polyphonic” means “multiple sounds,” and in instruments, it’s like playing tow notes on a piano at the same time. Polyphonic singing a very particular skill that takes a lot of practice. It’s also a traditional method of singing in Mongolia.

Video via Anna-Maria Hefele

The sound is odd, almost like a human theremin. If you’re not used to it, you might not enjoy it, but the technique is still interesting. Polyphonic singing is not a weird talent or the result of some uncommon physical gift. Anyone can learn to do this with some practice.

This style of singing has been used in Mongolia for hundreds of years for prayer and folk singing; it’s known as “throat singing.” One theory is that it was used by shepherds to call to each other over great distances, since the sound can carry quite far.

Video via Alex Glenfield

I can’t even carry a tune normally. I can’t imagine doing something like this.

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This Loving Pup Helps Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Mom…And It’s Ridiculously Sweet

There’s nobody this adorable pup loves more than his mom. She takes care of him, feeds him, and even takes him on long walks that end in belly rubs! When dad started singing “Happy Birthday” to his favorite lady on her special day, the dog decided to chime in.

Let’s just say that the end result will leave you wishing that your canine companion had a nice singing voice, too.

Okay, he might not win a Grammy anytime soon, but it’s the thought that counts! We’re positive that his mom appreciated the gesture.

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This Is What ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Becomes After Going Through Google Translate

Google Translate is a wonderful tool when you want to translate entire websites or when you’re stumped on a foreign word you really should know but for some reason can’t remember. But how does it handle song lyrics?

Singer and YouTuber Malinda Kathleen Reese decided to put it to the test when she took the lyrics to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and passed them through several different language translations before ultimately translating them back to English. The result is pretty hilarious.

This is a perfect example of why I truly love the Internet. What a time to be alive!

All goofiness aside, she has a really good voice.

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High School Kids Perform An Amazing Anti-Bullying Lip Dub. This You Gotta See.

To make a difference when it comes to bullying, the students at Cypress Ranch High School created an anti-bullying lip dub. The students of the high school near Houston asked “Who Do U Think U R?” …and the message was amazing.

The entire project was created, filmed, sung, and performed by the students of the school. No teachers or counselors were involved. This awesome video was by students-only.

(Source: Triple Oswald)

It really puts a smile on your face when you see amazing kids like this standing up for what they believe in, and coming together to try to stop social injustices.

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When ‘You Raise Me Up’ Comes On In This Car, This Bulldog Just Has To Sing Along!

It turns out that you and I aren’t the only ones who love belting out our favorite tunes as we drive down the highway. Whenever this adorable bulldog hears “You Raise Me Up” playing in the car, he just can’t help but sing right alongside Josh Groban.

His human friends do a good job…but this pup has the performance down pat!

That bulldog is going to be a star. He’s adorable, has a great howl, and is great with fans — the perfect combo to become a star! Now, to just get Josh Groban on board with his new backup singer…

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This Haunting Icelandic Hymn Is Just What We all Need To Keep Calm And Carry On

With the United States election coming to a close, we are all looking for relief.

Here to help is a group singing an Icelandic hymn in a train station, and the acoustics are what really bring this performance to life. This echoing, haunting rendition of an ancient song is here to help you through any hard times you have on the horizon.

The religious and non-religious alike can agree on the beauty of this performance, unfiltered by anything other than natural talent.

Youtube / Arstidir

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I’ll be playing this on repeat for the next month or so, and if you’re stressed out, I suggest you do it as well. Let’s all chillax, folks.

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5-Year-Old Girl Stuns Judges With Her Beautiful Rendition of You Raise Me Up.

“You Raise Me Up” is far from an easy song to sing. Most people need years of singing experience to do it justice. This is why everyone was amazed when 5-year-old Celine Tam stepped onto the stage and started singing like an angel.

The whole audience was on their feet and clapping along by the end of her performance. She clearly has a bright future ahead of her.

(Source: Tam Steve)

What a beautiful voice. To be able to give the song that emotion and intensity it requires at age 5 is nothing short of incredible.

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