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This Maniac Kept Slaves In A Bunker…And It Was Just 20 Years Ago

Slavery is illegal in most countries, and we often think of slaveholders as relics from the 1800s.

But there have been many examples in recent years of people who have been held captive against their will. Usually they are women kept in basements for the sexual pleasure of their abductors, and often, they don’t make it out alive. Few kidnappers, though, are as calculating as Russian serial killer Alexander Komin was.

The media named him the Maniac of the 20th Century because he kept women in a sophisticated, booby-trapped bunker to keep them inside and the police out. Though three women escaped his grasp, he ended four lives during his reign of terror.

Komin met an inmate in prison in the early 1990s who described kidnapping homeless people and controlling them with absolute power. Komin decided this was his goal upon release.

Komin and his accomplice Alexander Mikheyev decided their slaves would make clothes for their financial gain, and together they spent four years digging and outfitting a bunker with electricity and an elevator.

Komin poisoned and captured Vera Tolpayeva first, and then used her to lure two professional tailors to the bunker: Tatyana Melnikova and her boyfriend Nikolai Malykh.

Malykh was killed and his body was dumped nearby. When Tolpayeva became sick, Komin forced her to choose between drinking antifreeze or having it injected in her veins. She chose to drink the antifreeze and died.

Another woman, Tatyana Kozikova, believed she was accepting a job from Komin when she was captured. And yet another victim, Tatyana Nazimova, was forced to drink antifreeze after Komin discovered that she had leukemia and couldn’t work hard enough for him.

Komin hired Yevgeny Shishov to expand the bunker. After he completed the project, Komin decided to kill him because he knew too much. The bodies were piling up, but police believed that all the deaths were related to alcohol, so they didn’t investigate them.

When his last victim, Irina Ganushin, managed to escape, she went to the police and told them about the bunker, making sure to warn them of its booby-trapped electric ladder. They were able to rescue the two women who were still alive. Komin had tattooed the word “slave” on their foreheads.

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In the video below, you can see Komin as well as his bunker. The rescued women were hospitalized and slowly reintroduced to the sun, which they hadn’t seen in two years.

(via Bizarrepedia)

Komin faced just 20 years in prison after cooperating with authorities. He committed suicide shortly after being sentenced.

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When Ted Bundy Served As His Own Lawyer, He Couldn’t Always Keep It Together

Ted Bundy was America’s first “true” serial killer. A lot of the popular folklore about serial killers and their habits stems from his horrific crimes.

From 1974 until his final arrest in 1978, Bundy raped and murdered women all across the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. Bundy was considered to be a master of disguise and a chameleon, meaning that while he was considered handsome, he was also generic-looking enough to blend in with the crowd and avoid attracting attention.

Watching footage of Bundy in action, it’s not hard to see how he came off as charming and was presumed innocent by so many people for so long. Even during jail interviews on the verge of his execution, he was suave and composed.

Officials in Florida tried to get Bundy to break in front of the cameras after his arrest, but he didn’t go down easily.

Bundy famously represented himself during his first Florida murder trial. It was only toward the end of the trial that his charming facade began to crack.

Bundy truly believed he was an innocent man and grew increasingly frustrated the longer the trial went on. This eventually resulted in a series of angry outbursts that finally showed the world the killer behind that cool, collected mask.

For the full video of the outburst above, check this out!

(via The Bandy Man)

Despite his defense of himself in court, Bundy was convicted and sentenced to death in 1979. However, through the appeals process, the killer managed to prolong his life until 1989.

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Richard Speck Was One Of The Most Sadistic Serial Killers Of All Time

Richard Speck’s whole life seems to have set him up for murder.

Speck was born in 1941 the seventh of eight children, and his life was marred by crime and disorder. After his father died, his mother remarried a peg-legged drunk who was emotionally abusive and introduced his young step-son to alcohol. Speck was an alcoholic by 15 and was arrested dozens of times for petty crimes.

At 19, he tattooed “Born to Raise Hell” on his forearm, an incredibly foreboding choice that would ultimately become infamous. In 1963, his illegal activities escalated to forgery and burglary, but after he served 16 months in prison, he was paroled. Just one week later, he attacked a woman with a knife, and although he was sentenced to another 16 months in jail, he was released six months later due to an error.

He continued with a string of burglaries and stabbing incidents until July 13, 1966.

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That day, he started a drunken reign of terror in Chicago that began with the rape of Ella Mae Hooper.


Hooper and Speck frequented the same bars. Speck took her to his room and sexually assaulted her one night. Then he stole her handgun before doing some more drinking. Dressed all in black and as he left, he pocketed the handgun and a switchblade.

At 11:00 p.m., he broke into a townhouse that was occupied by eight nursing students.


He rounded them up and held them captive in a room for hours before taking them out one by one. He stabbed and/or strangled Patricia Matusek, Nina Jo Schmale, Pamela Wilkening, Suzanne Farris, Mary Ann Jordan, Merlita Gargullo, and Valentina Pasion. Speck raped his final victim, Gloria Davy, before strangling her to death.

Only one woman in the house managed to survive. Cora Amurao hid under a bed when Speck left the room with one of his victims. He’d apparently also lost count of how many women he was holding captive at that time.


Speck was declared competent to stand trial, where Amurao bravely faced him and identified him as the killer. The jury convicted Speck in just 49 minutes.

Richard Speck died of a heart attack in 1991. An autopsy revealed brain abnormalities that stunted memory and strong emotions, which experts believe contributed to his murderous tendencies.


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To learn more about Richard Speck, check out the documentary “Born to Raise Hell,” available on YouTube.

There’s more content floating around about Richard Speck, including a truly insane video taken after he spent most of his life in prison. Speck really was born to raise hell, staying true to his sadism right up until he died.

(via Wikipedia)

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You May Not Have Heard Of The Grim Sleeper, But This Guy Is Evil Incarnate

From 1985 to 2007, nine women and one teenage girl were brutally murdered in South Central Los Angles.

Detectives worked diligently to find the killer, but they had little to go on. Although DNA had been collected at the crime scenes, it did not match anyone in the CODIS database. There was, however, a sole survivor. She’d been sexually assaulted and shot, but managed to describe her attacker as “a black man” who was “kind of geeky.”

How investigators put together an impossible puzzle and caught this serial killer is a tale that’s truly stranger than fiction.

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Dubbed the “Grim Sleeper” by media due to the long hiatuses between his crimes, investigators finally brought Lonnie Franklin Jr. into custody in July 2010.

Getty Images

For 22 years, he’d terrorized women in Los Angeles. At least nine women and one teenage girl had been sexually assaulted and murdered by the twisted man.

Getty Images

Throughout the trial, Franklin showed no remorse and refused to give any motive for his crimes. Had it not been for his son, this dangerous serial killer might never have been caught.

Getty Images

Frustrated by a case that was only growing colder, investigators searched for familial DNA in CODIS. They already knew the serial killer’s DNA wasn’t in there, but maybe they could find one of his family members. Immediately, there was a match — Franklin’s son, Christopher.

Getty Images

Suspecting that Lonnie Franklin was their man, police went undercover as waiters at his favorite restaurant. After he was finished with his dishes and discarded pizza crusts, they nabbed them and checked for DNA. Franklin was the Grim Sleeper.

Getty Images

Ironically, police had narrowly missed a chance to arrest Franklin years earlier. He had a long criminal history and was on unsupervised probation until July 2005. At that time, officers did not collect DNA samples, but just one month later in August 2005, it became the law.

What happened next, however, shocked everyone. While combing Franklin’s home for evidence, officers found 180 photos of African-American women. Many of the women were unconscious and nude. To this day, it’s unknown how many were Franklin’s victims.

Getty Images

The photos are so baffling that police have released them to the media and asked the public for help.

Getty Images

As for Franklin, he was sentenced to death in August 2016 and currently awaits lethal injection.

Getty Images

To learn more about this heinous serial killer, check out his first interview with police below. As you’ll see, he seems to lack remorse or empathy of any kind.

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Personally, I’m really glad I never heard of this guy until AFTER he was captured!

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This Interview With The Night Stalker Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

During the 1980s, one of the most terrifying places in the U.S. was Los Angeles, and it wasn’t because of the traffic or the ridiculous cost of living. A man named Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, successfully brought the terror. His capture proved to be one of the most monumental days in the city’s history, but he took 14 innocent lives before that happened.

Shortly thereafter, a reporter sat down with him to discuss his horrific crimes. What he had to say will give you chills.

He was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death. Although he died from cancer before his execution, the world got exactly what it needed when he took his last breath.

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Listening To The BTK Killer Describe His Murderous Fantasies Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

For nearly two decades, Wichita, Kansas, was plagued by a killer who left a bizarre calling card in the treatment of his victims. Between 1974 and 1991, ten people were bound and tortured before eventually being killed, hence the killer’s nickname, the “BTK killer.”

Dennis Rader was arrested in 2005 and openly admitted he was behind the BTK killings. After his arrest, NBC’s Dateline gained access to an exclusive interview with Rader by Harvard-trained forensic psychologist Robert Mendoza. During their discussion, Rader explained his obsession with killing and his inability to control his actions once his mind had fixated on a victim.

Despite pleading guilty to the charges, Rader shies away from blaming himself for the killings, instead choosing to point the finger at potential demons that dwell within him. Rader is currently serving ten consecutive life sentences.

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This Interview With John Wayne Gacy Is Deeply Unsettling…He Seems So Normal

Most people don’t know it, but long before he became a murderous psychopath who stored the bodies of his victims under his house, John Wayne Gacy spent time in prison in the late 1960s for sexually assaulting a teenage boy. On December 3, 1968, Gacy was sentenced to 10 years at Anamosa State Penitentiary in Anamosa, Iowa.

Gacy only served 18 months of his sentence before being granted parole. He was released on June 18, 1970. Before he was let out, the soon-to-be murderer was interviewed as part of a local television special about Christmas in prison back in 1969. In it, Gacy talks to the reporter about life in prison, his role as a cook, and what he and the other inmates planned to do on Christmas Day.

While not disturbing per se, it’s a bit surreal to see a future mass murderer talking so calmly about the holiday season.

(source: Pogo The Clown)

I bet members of the Iowa parole board regretted their decision to release Gacy. In total, the madman was responsible for at least 33 murders between 1972 and his final arrest in 1978. If he had been forced to serve his full sentence the first time, it’s totally possible that lives could’ve been spared.

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During A TV Interview, This Killer Learned The Body Of His Victim Had Been Found

In 2011, Stephen McDaniel committed the brutal murder of his law school classmate Lauren Giddings. The two had come to know each other casually in one of their classes. That’s when McDaniel became obsessed with her. They both happened to live in the same apartment complex, and on the night before Giddings was supposed to move back home, McDaniel made his move. He broke into her apartment and murdered her.

To cover his tracks, he dismembered the body and placed body parts in various dumpsters on the Mercer University campus. McDaniel thought that he had done a good job hiding the corpse. Police, however, found the body parts fairly quickly. McDaniel learned this while giving an interview about the missing Giddings girl for a local television station. Can you pick out the moment when he knows he’s been caught?

(via The Telegraph)

In 2014, with evidence mounting against him, McDaniel confessed to the murder in extreme detail. He is currently serving a life sentence for his heinous crime.

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Look Inside The Apartment Of A Killer Who Used The Bodies Of Dead Girls As Dolls

In 2014, the world was shocked following the arrest of 47-year-old Russian Anatoly Moskvin. Moskvin was a prolific grave robber, and he specifically targeted the graves of little girls. Over the course of several years, Moskvin took dozens of corpses back to his apartment.

What’s worse is that he dressed the bodies up to make them look like dolls, applying makeup to their faces and putting music boxes inside their rib cages. When he was arrested, police recorded a video of the inside of his apartment before they removed the evidence that they needed.

This video might be disturbing to some readers.

(source: Ivan Zarubin)

Sadly, it’s unlikely that Moskvin will ever go to prison. Following his arrest, government psychologists deemed him mentally unfit to stand trial. He is currently undergoing treatment at a psychiatric center under the condition that he is never released.

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