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This Whole Area Was A Regular Beach…Until A Wave Engulfed Everything

A “sneaker wave” is not, as you might think, a swell of K-Swiss shoes. It’s actually characterized as a random wave that’s hugely disproportionate to the rest of the wave train. One second, it seems like a calm day at the beach, but before you know it, you’re in a Kelly Slater surf video.

And that’s exactly what happened to Steve Raplee and some other bystanders on a beach in Oregon. He thought he was filming a quiet moment at Coos Bay, but seconds later, he was telling everyone to run for cover.

That escalated quickly! Everyone made it to dry land before the surf could crush them, despite the hilarious lack of urgency in Raplee’s voice. Seriously, this guy is about to get eaten alive by the elements, but he sounds like he’s reading a piece on NPR.

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This Is What A 100-Foot Wave Looks Like, And It’s Horrible

You wouldn’t know it by watching the tide roll into any old beach, but our planet is ruled by the ocean. To really appreciate its power, you have to meet the ocean at its most treacherous.

It didn’t take long for the crew of this ship to become acquainted with that ferocity. As a 100-foot wave gathers momentum, all they can do is laugh before it all comes crashing down.

As you might guess, their language in the face of this aquatic monster is definitely NSFW.

Based on their reaction, this sort of thing must happen to them all the time. That being said, this video does its job when it comes to showing us the power of the sea.

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GRENADA Tourism Video.. Your Island of Inspiration in the CARIBBEAN!!

GRENADA, "The Isle of Spice", is host to the best mix of all that is great about Island life found in the West Indies, CARIBBEAN! Whether you are looking for fun times, friendly people, white sand beaches, waterfalls, or unlimited activities and wilderness to explore.. you've come to the right place, GRENADA!

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