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This Is Why Your ‘Locked’ Luggage Isn’t As Safe As You Think

When traveling, it’s best not to keep valuable items in a locked suitcase.

Your passport, credit cards, cash, and other important items should stay on your person (or at least close by). Some people believe that locking them in a suitcase is a safe alternative…but it isn’t.

Even if you have a strong lock, the suitcase can be breached with relative ease.

Your locked suitcase isn’t as safe as you think.

Yet another example of how quickly a zip breach can occur:

Expensive new luggage and gear may offer safer alternatives…but it’s best to not take anything for granted (especially if you’re traveling overseas). Traveler beware!

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You Go To The Gas Pump To Fill Up, Not Get Robbed Like These People Did…

We all do it: we’re pumping gas and we turn away from the car to look at our phone or maybe even go into the store to get snacks. But think about this — did you leave your car unlocked? Odds are, you may have, and that’s when these criminals strike.

Police are calling them sliders, and it’s easy to see why when you watch them sliding between cars and slipping away with people’s personal belongings and wallets!

The best thing you can do to prevent this from happening to you? Lock your car, bring your belongings with you when you go inside, or tuck them away where no one can see them.

Lesson learned: always remain alert — even during the most mundane of errands.

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This Is Precisely Why You Don’t Go Out For A Nice Drive During A TORNADO

No matter how many times a weatherman may tell us to stay inside during a severe storm, there’s always that one person that completely ignores the warning.

Navigating the roads in any weather other than perfect conditions can be stressful, but imagine driving down the street in the middle of a tornado. Well, recently a dash camera caught what one motorist witnessed while driving home during these exact storm conditions.

At one point during the video, it looks like a scene straight out of “The Wizard of Oz”…but definitely not the Kansas part.

Being the self-proclaimed safety officer that I am, you won’t dare see me try anything that dangerous.

Putting yourself in the path of this type of danger is exactly why we’re warned to stay inside during Mother Nature’s fits of rage.

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Black Friday Can Kill You

Black Friday may bring huge cost savings, but are they worth the stress and anxiety on you?

Thanksgiving Could Kill You – Travel Channel

That abundant Thanksgiving supper could end up with a journey to the ER.

Associated: 12 Special Places to Invest Thanksgiving

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Going Out of Town Checklist – Travel Channel

Follow this list making your house safe and secure before going out of town.

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If You Think Your Locked iPhone Is Safe, This Trick Will Teach You Otherwise

Locking your iPhone typically makes it impervious to hackers by keeping your personal information safe and sound with the help of a passcode…right?

Well, maybe not. Someone found a sneaky way to circumvent those passcodes we love so much, and it’s a lot easier to do than you might think. Don’t believe me? Give it a shot.

  1. Press the home button or say “Hey Siri.”
  2. Ask Siri to search Twitter.
  3. When Siri asks what to search for, say the last part of any email address (i.e., “at Gmail dot com”).
  4. From the results, choose a tweet that contains a full email address.
  5. Click that tweet, and using 3-D touch, press firmly on the address until a pop-up window appears.
  6. Choose “Add New Contact” and BOOM. You have access to all of that person’s contacts and photo libraries!

It sounds confusing, but this video should help.

Update: Representatives from Apple recently stated that this glitch has been taken care of, but you should probably check just to make sure.

Don’t go stealing someone’s information, but if you can do it to someone else, someone else can certainly do it to you. We store so much information on our phones, and it’s important that we take the necessary precautions to protect it. All we can do beyond that is hope that phone companies are looking out for us, too.

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