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What These Twins Did Days After Being Born Is Simply Beautiful. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It.

Sonia Rochel, a mid-wife in Paris, recently shared a moment that will make your heart explode. (And I mean that in a good way.) She designed something called The Thalasso Baby Spa, which replicates the feeling of being in the womb for babies. These newborn twins show just how it works. What they did is beautiful.

The twins, one boy and one girl, hold each other tightly as they are placed into the tub.

They were only a few days old when this was captured. Their bond is beautiful.

The adorable twins even fell asleep together as their eyes and foreheads were gently showered with water.

The calming effect of Sonia’s spa is clearly working here as the twins stay in their embrace.

‘The babies’ amazing response to the water is always beautiful to see,’ Sonia said.

The Thalasso Bath is only for babies younger than two months old and Ms Rochel cautions that parents should not try to duplicate it at home. If you’d like to learn more about Sonia’s baby spa, please visit her website.

But there is no denying this technique puts these babies in a beautiful state of peace. You can watch the video below.

Thalasso Bain Bébé

Share this special moment with others.

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Husband Has The Most Adorable Reaction To His Wife’s Pregnancy News.

This wife wanted to surprise her husband with the good news of a positive pregnancy test, so she decided to be really clever about it.

She set up her camera to catch his reaction, and then asked him to take a look in the oven to see what was there. His response was pretty priceless!

(Source: JFJ Videos)

Props to them. They seem like they’ll be great parents. Little Seabass will be a lucky guy!

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A Man Finds Out He’s About To Be A Grandpa. His Reaction Is Adorably Priceless.

Becoming pregnant is an amazing blessing for most couples. When this daughter discovered she was expecting, she knew she had to surprise her dad. He raised her by himself after her mother tragically passed away 20 years ago. This loving father had been asking for a grandchild since his daughter’s wedding day. Little did he know, he was about to get a big surprise.

Jessica gave her father a small box…

It took him a little while to realize what it was.

Source: Reddit When he finally understood what was happening, he had a reaction that you’ll just have to see for yourself. Check it out in the video below:

What an amazing gift a new life is. This man’s happiness is so pure and strong, it could bring a smile to anyone’s face. Share this pregnancy reveal with others, it’ll brighten their days.

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This Millionaire Surprised A Store Manager With The Best Maternity Leave Package Ever

Juggling two jobs can be stressful enough, but there’s added pressure when you’re doing so while pregnant.

I’ve spent most of my adult life working at least two jobs at a time. It can be quite stressful working long hours and still feeling like you’re never able to get ahead financially. And don’t get me started on how working multiple jobs instantly turns you into an insomniac. These stressful effects of working overtime can be enough to dampen anyone’s spirit, but imagine juggling two jobs and having a little one on the way.

Store manager Tami had been working full time at Key West Key Lime Pie Company and trying to pay the bills as a bartender at night. In a matter of months, she’d have another mouth to feed. Aware of the pressures Tami was going through, millionaire entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis wanted to alleviate some of her stress. He decided to give Tami six months of maternity leave with pay while ensuring that when she returned to work, she would remain in charge and bring home $1,000 a week.

In a matter of minutes, this man was able to quell a valuable employee’s fears and give her the compensation every mother deserves.

This is a reminder that in many cases, those with deep pockets also have big hearts. We might not be millionaires, but we can always start off small and change someone’s life for the better.

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When A Woman Is Addicted To Drugs, Something Terrible Happens To Her Newborn

When a woman is pregnant, it is important for her to eat healthily so that her baby comes out of the womb in great condition. A mother’s diet while pregnant directly affects the health of her baby. As such, when a woman puts terrible things in her body, it can be highly detrimental to her unborn child. Women who continue to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and use drugs during their pregnancies can expect complications to arise.

When this video was posted online, people got to see those disastrous effects for themselves. This baby’s mother used heroin throughout the duration of her pregnancy, so her baby became addicted in the womb. This disturbing footage captures what withdrawal symptoms are like for infants who suffer from Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).

(via Reddit)

This is a truly heartbreaking sight, and it should be a lesson to mothers everywhere. Don’t use drugs while you’re pregnant. Better yet, don’t use drugs at all!

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They Gave Grandma An Awesome Surprise…It Just Took Her A Minute To Notice

When it comes to big announcements these days, they get more elaborate by the second. Whether people are announcing engagements, kids, or jobs, social media makes people want to go above and beyond the call of shocking duty.

Take what these people did, for example. They wanted to surprise Grandma with a huge announcement, but it took her a few minutes to figure it out.

Hey, we’ve all been there! Surprises are sometimes so amazing that it takes our brains a few minutes to process everything.

The Story Of This Chimpanzee Will Change How You Feel About Animals Everywhere.

For most of us, the separation between our human life and that of the animals around us is as easy as apples and oranges. We are the smarter, more evolved creatures who have been given dominion over all others. And it’s not like they have any emotions, anyway, right? 

Except that actually… they do. While we can’t speak for all animals, Washoe the chimpanzee could speak for herself. Rescued by professor Roger Fouts when he was still just an undergrad back in 1966, she was spared the fate of so many other chimpanzees used for brutal science and medical research. Instead, she became the first chimpanzee to be taught American Sign Language.

Fouts and Washoe stuck together for over 30 years, creating an unmistakable emotional bond. She became more and more like another person to Fouts over their years of friendship, aided by her growing vocabulary. Most primates don’t shed tears or show much in the way of outward emotion, which is what led so many to believe they simply had none. Thanks to Washoe’s sign language skils, she was able to communicate her fears, sadness and happiness.

Perhaps the most incredible story is what happened between Washoe and one of the volunteers at the facility.

At age 17, Washoe became enthralled by one of the volunteers, Kat, who had become pregnant. Washoe had given birth to two babies herself, but both had resulted in unfortunate early deaths. When Kat would arrive, Washoe would pay extra close attention to her and sign questions asking about the baby. Then, without warning, Kat didn’t show up — and she stopped showing up for a couple of weeks. When she returned, Washoe acted unusually detached toward her, as if she was offended.

Then Kat explained why she had been missing: she had lost her baby. Washoe signed the word “cry” and “please person hug.”

Washoe never had her own children, but accepted the adoption of a son named Loulis who she in turn taught the sign language. She passed it along without any human interaction encouraging her to do so, but because she simply cared about his well being. 

Lucky to be so loved and cared for by Fouts, Washoe passed away of natural causes at age 42 in 2007.

(H/T: LA Times.) 

Others like her, however, have fared much worse. Some were released back into the wild only to be killed by humans, others were given over to medical research labs where they were injected with toxins and diseases on top of deplorable living conditions. We could all use an adjustment where this perspective is concerned.

9 Reasons Why Having Sex In Space Would Be Gross

“Vaginal wetness could be an issue.”

1. Getting a boner in microgravity is hard.

Discovery / Via giphy.com

Gravity helps our blood flow to the lower parts of our body, so in space, blood rises to your head and chest, Anderson University physicist and astronomer John Millis, Ph.D., told BuzzFeed over email.

You can thank gravity for that stiffy. In microgravity, it would be difficult for enough blood to flow to the penis during an erection, he explains. I bet Sir Isaac Newton never thought of that.

“Male arousal would be more challenging in space, though it could still technically be possible,” said Millis. Unfortunately, NASA has not admitted to studying this touchy subject, he said. Until we get some empirical evidence on space boners, this will remain one of life’s greatest mysteries.

2. It won’t be easy to get a lady boner either.

Warner Brothers / Via youtube.com

Women have the same exact problem. When they’re aroused blood rushes to their genitals, causing the clitoris to swell and lubrication to secrete. Not so much in microgravity, says Millis.

We don’t really know much about female arousal in space, since no one has admitted to studying this officially. “NASA could be easily monitoring this while the astronauts slept,” according to Raymond J. Noonan, Ph.D., in a report published by the The Kinsey Institute. Freaky.

3. Vaginal wetness could be an issue.

Canadian Space Agency / Via youtube.com

“Vaginal wetness could be an issue as the fluid – like sweat and tears – will tend to pool at the location of secretion in the absence of gravity. This wouldn’t inhibit arousal necessarily, but I imagine it would be uncomfortable/unpleasant,” Millis said.

4. You’ll have a lower libido.

Universal Pictures / Via youtube.com

Testosterone increases your sex drive. But for some reason, male testosterone levels have been seen to fall during their time in space, says Millis.

NASA is unsure why this occurs. But the astronauts’ testosterone levels did return to normal once they came back to Earth, writes Noonan.

5. There’s no porno for American astronauts.

Paramount Pictures / CBS / Via media.giphy.com

Although the Russians on the Mir space station allegedly had access to porno in space, said Noonan. Of course.

6. Sex will be tedious and tiring.

LucasFilm / Via giphy.com

In microgravity, our heart doesn’t have to pump blood so vigorously to the rest of our body, so it shrinks over time, said Millis. Our muscles become weaker (especially our legs) since we don’t use them as much to combat gravity. So our body becomes “lazier,” said Noonan.

This is a problem when you have sex, because your heart rate rapidly increases and you breathe more heavily. If you’re not used to this, your body will become tired very quickly, explains Noonan.

7. You might conceive a deformed alien baby.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via giphy.com

Getting pregnant in space would be an interesting (albeit unethical) experiment, because we have no idea if it’s even possible.

According to Millis, weightlessness could cause a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. And the high levels of radiation in space could cause cell deformation and mutation in the fetus.

It’s likely that the bone structure of the fetus would not form correctly in microgravity, says Millis.

“If sex were successful, it is virtually certain that any resulting fetus would not survive the pregnancy,” he said.

8. Your sweat will be gross.

Canadian Space Agency / Via youtube.com

Sex is naturally hot and sweaty, especially as two bodies press against each other.

In microgravity, sweat doesn’t drip down your body. Instead it clings to your skin and forms pools, Millis said. If you were engaging in some heavy, vigorous sex, then blobs of liquid would be flying all over the place.

“That seems decidedly un-romantic,” he said.

9. Sex will be soooo awkward.

SoftBank CM / Via youtube.com

“Every push or thrust will propel the astronaut in the opposite direction. Imagine a pair of ice skaters standing on fresh ice. If they were to push their hands against one another, they would each shoot backwards away from each other,” said Millis.

“Astronauts would have to be properly anchored, not only to the space station itself, but also to each other. This makes the mechanics of the sex act difficult and probably somewhat awkward,” he said.