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5 Global Waterslides

If you like a thrill, these 5 waterslides around the world are must-rides.

This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral — When You See It, You’ll Totally Understand Why

Haven’t cried at your desk yet this week? We can fix that. This holiday commercial out of Poland is going viral, and it’s making everyone weep in the process.

The ad, created by the Polish company Bardzo, hit YouTube on November 28. It’s already been viewed over five million times, and once you watch it for yourself, you’ll see why. In it, an elderly man dedicates his time to learning English, leaving you to wonder why exactly he’s doing it. Is he planning a trip to the States? Rekindling a long-lost flame? The answer is better than I could have ever imagined.

Like many people learning a new language, the man buys a book, covers his house with sticky notes, and even practices out loud on the bus. His commitment is obvious, and once the reason for it is revealed, you’d better have a tissue handy.

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Told ya! It hits you right in the feels. Make sure to share this with your loved ones, but don’t give away the surprise!

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They Asked Strangers To Stare At Each Other For 4 Minutes. By The End, I Was Crying.

How often do you make eye contact with complete strangers…or even your good friends?

If you’re like me, the answer is surprisingly not too frequently. For some, looking into a person’s eyes feels uncomfortable, awkward even. But Arthur Aron, a well-know social psychologist, claims that just four minutes of sustained eye contact brings people together more than any other type of interaction.

In an effort to test this theory out, Amnesty Poland brought a bunch of complete strangers together.

It wasn’t until the end that they found out just who the other person was.

According to Eurostat, more than 1.3 million refugees entered Europe last year. More flow across the borders today. No matter what you think the U.S. or Europe should be doing about the influx of people in need of help and asylum, it’s important to remember one thing…

Above all, stripped of all borders, languages, and beliefs, they are people just like you and me.

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These People Were Freaked Out By A Tiny Dog Disguised As A Giant Spider.

Spiders are scary, we all know that. So what would you do if you were walking outside one dark night, and a dog-sized spider came running right at you? You’d freak out, that’s what!

That’s exactly what the people in this Polish prank video did when confronted by what looked like the biggest spider ever, but in reality was just the nicest, and fluffiest spider ever.

(Source: SA Wardega)

Now where can I get a costume like that for my dog? And don’t tell me to just hollow out a giant spider!

Here below is a picture of the lead actress, Chica the DogSpider, in her adorable costume. She also has a Facebook page so give her a like, or else she’ll haunt you down at night.

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