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He Glued A Bunch Of CD Cases Together To Make An Adorable Photo Cube

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, CDs are an outdated medium. Unlike records, which are oddly making a comeback, the small plastic discs have gone the way of the floppy disk. While there are plenty of things you can do with prismatic pieces, there aren’t too many options for the flimsy cases they were once housed in.

Until now.

I’m always looking for cute, inexpensive ways to display photos and this definitely fits the bill! Will you try this cool craft?

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The Best Places to Take a Photo in San Francisco – Travel Channel

Oneika Raymond reveals us where to grab the most effective Instagram photos in The Golden City.

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What He Found In His Grandparents’ House Sent Him On A Journey Back In Time

There are endless treasures to be found in our grandparents’ attics. While digging through these family heirlooms and artifacts, we’re lucky if we come across a few tattered photos from the war, or a chipped teacup from an old collection. Although substantial finds may be few and far between, these relics help us piece together the stories of our lives.

But one man hit the jackpot one day while rummaging through his grandparents’ things. What he discovered sent him on a stunning journey back in time.

He found a perfectly preserved film of his grandparents’ wedding that dates back to 1944.

Although this footage was captured decades ago, the affection shown by these two lovebirds is timeless.

My Grandparents Wedding :: 16mm from 1944 from bliss* productions on Vimeo.

Grandparents are often viewed as the pillars of the family. They’re seen as sage, wizened monuments to everything that younger generations stand for. It’s rare that we get to peek behind the curtain and marvel at who they were before we were born, and now that this man has stepped back in time, he will be able to move forward with a whole new perspective on who he is and where he came from.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/family-history/

Macro Photography is Taken to the Next Level With This Technology. The Results Are Fascinating.

The world is a pretty incredible place on a human-sized scale, but when you consider there’s so much we aren’t seeing? It gets even more amazing. Thanks to microscopes and macro photography, the smaller world has become increasingly visible to us. Now, as technology advances, the tiny, as well as the very large, are becoming more visible to us. 

Macroscopic Solutions recently developed the Macropod, which the company calls “a low-cost, portable, three-dimensional imaging solution.” The tech can take sharp, detailed photos of the very, very small. Unlike a traditional macro lens, which allows for a relatively shallow depth of field, the Macropod can make multiple exposures at different depths, each in focus. The images are then stitched together digitally to create an image that’s completely in focus, and quite remarkable. The technique is known as “focus stacking.”

A blister beetle.

Black wasp, with measurements

A black wasp’s compound eye.

A black wasp face.

Another, cuter, jumping spider

A closeup on a jumping spider’s face.

The cells of an Asiatic Dayflower.

This image is about 250 micrometers across.

The leaf of a shrug at 50x magnification.

A closeup of some fall foliage.

Not only does this technology open doors for photographers and those interested in aesthetics, but it can also allow scientists and researchers to preserve the details and colors that can get lost with microscope and stereoscope slides. 

For a more in-depth explanation of how the Macropod works, check out this video: 

These 24 Photos Are Going To Seriously Mess With Your Brain. I Absolutely Love #3.

Most of the time, we see what we want to see. That’s why when you first look at these photos, you’re going to miss the most important part (even if all 24 don’t trick you.) We highly suggest taking your time and just really checking these out. When you see the truth behind each photo, your mind might just be blown. Sometimes in life, you just need to take a closer look…

1.) Is this real food? A picture? A painting? A face? WHAT?!


2.) This is just too perfect (look at it sideways).


3.) Maybe these strangers really do know each other…


4.) Nice beard.


5.) Which way is up??


6.)… woah


7.) Someone’s getting cuddly.


8.) This actually isn’t a dwarf wedding.


9.) Is he floating?


10.) Is SHE on a magic carpet?


11.) Man, you’re acting like you have your head up someone’s butt…


12.) I just don’t trust that guy.


13.) Is that an island, or a horse?


14.) HOW is this possible?


15.) Hey, nice melons.


16.) This will break your eyes.


17.) Ludacris is playing hide and seek…


18.) Purrfect angle.


19.) I can’t even…


20.) Hey, you’re not looking too good.


21.) Where are his hands going?


22.) Terrifying AND confusing.


23.) How many zebras are there?


24.) Something isn’t right here….


(H/T AmazngFacts) Feel that? That’s what it feels like to have your mind be completely fooled over and over. Even if just one of these photos tricked you, share it. See if your friends will be tricked, too.

These 23 Giant Animals Herds Show Just How Small Humans Are In This World. Especially #12…Wow.

Humans seem to forget how big Planet Earth is, and just how small our part in it is. These 23 breathtaking pictures of giant animal herds in motion should help put things in perspective.

Just wait until you see #10, there are barely words…it’s just jaw dropping.

1.) Snow Geese.

2.) Elephant seals and penguins.

3.) Flock of migrating birds being attack by a predator.

5.) Sharks looking for a meal.

6.) Jellyfish.

7.) Hammerhead sharks.

8.) Red-Billed Quela.

9.) Beluga Whales.

10.) Walruses.

11.) Flamingos.

12.) Giant school of fish.

13.) Golden Rays.

Sandra Critelli

14.) Zebra.

15.) Flock of snow geese.

16.) Monarch Butterflies.

17.) Reindeer.

18.) Blackbirds in flight.

19.) More jellyfish.

20.) Crabs migrating across Christmas Island.

21.) Demoiselle Cranes

22.) Honey Bees.

23.) Arctic Caribou.

Via: Distractify

If this doesn’t humble you, I’m not sure what will. Sadly, all of these amazingly beautiful animal migrations are being threatened by climate change. Just imagine a world without bird migrations, it would not be good.