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People Say That They’re Finding Worms In Their Tea Bags…But Lipton Isn’t So Sure

Lipton Tea is involved in a huge scandal right now that was caused by a YouTube video. A woman claims that she spotted strange worms in several tea bags. After she filmed herself opening a bag of tea and picking through the worms, the video quickly went viral.

Representatives from Lipton have denied this claim that their tea bags are riddled with worms by saying that the “worms” are actually lemon flavoring. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

Here’s the original video:

And this is Lipton’s response:

According to Snopes, Lipton is correct in their claim that the worms are just flavor additives. When submerged in hot water, the objects in question instantly dissolve. Real worms wouldn’t do that. As a tea enthusiast, I appreciate this woman’s vigilance either way.

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This Looks Like A Scene From A Zombie Film, But It’s Actually A Weird Navy Tradition

At the end of freshman year at the U.S. Naval Academy, students do something a bit strange. The bizarre ritual forces dozens of people to huddle around a campus monument in an attempt to place a cap at the top.

The structure is taller than it looks, and these clever cadets go to great lengths when it comes time to prove themselves before sophomore year rolls around. Take a look at the video below to get a rare glimpse inside the social lives of some of America’s best students.

It looks kind of fun, doesn’t it? Everyone needs to let loose every now and then!

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This Poor Cat…Only In Eastern Europe. This Is Definitely Animal Cruelty!

Not to stereotype, but let’s be honest, there are a lot of crazy videos that come out of Eastern Europe. Granted, I’m sure an equal number of crazy videos are created in America and Western Europe. However, they don’t often get as much media traction as the ones from Russia and other former Soviet countries. Which is why when I came across the video below of a guy smoking cigarettes with his cat, I was hardly surprised…

How does he even get the cat to sit still for this?!

This is definitely a horrible case of animal cruelty. Animals can get lung cancer, too. And it’s not just from actually smoking themselves.

In fact, according to a study, cats who live in homes where someone smokes a pack of cigarettes or more every day are three times more likely to get cancer than cats in nonsmoking homes. Don’t ever subject your pets to this kind of cruelty.

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Footage Of This Cigar-Shaped UFO Over Manchester Is Incredibly Clear, And So Freaky

Why is it that whenever anyone spots a UFO, their camera churns out a grainy video? It must be a law of physics that we’ve yet to discover. At any rate, the video below is not one of those. In fact, it’s startlingly clear.

This cigar-shaped object was spotted on a clear day over Manchester, England, back in 2011. The person filming was able to zoom in pretty tightly on the bizarre object. They were even able to make out some details. According to the video description, the object hovered for about 40 minutes before ascending out of sight.

That looks pretty real to me!

While I want to shout from the rooftops that we finally have an authentic UFO video, it’s important not to jump to any conclusions. In fact, because the video is so clear, we need to consider the possibility of it being a hoax.

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Nutella Lovers Beware! There’s Some Gross Stuff Hiding In Your Hazelnut Spread

After seeing some misleading advertisements about the ingredients in Nutella, one YouTuber decided to conduct an experiment.

He saw on the jar that one of the main ingredients in Nutella is palm oil, which is not healthy in any way, shape, or form. For that reason, he sat a jar of Nutella in a hot car that reached about 140 degrees in order to separate the oil from the spread and show just how much is hiding in each bottle.

He let the jar sit for more than eight hours. Wait until you see how much oil he poured out after the fact.

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I think it’s fair to say that no one thought Nutella was a healthy staple, but this is a gross reminder that we should be careful of just how much hidden fat and oil we’re consuming. (Don’t worry, though. You’ve still got to indulge sometimes!)

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This Dog Crawled Into A Garden To Die…But Her Journey To Health Will Amaze You

After suffering severe trauma to her head, this street dog in India crawled into a garden, ready to die. Luckily for her, though, rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were notified of her condition. They naturally leapt at the opportunity to save the poor girl’s life. But when they got there, they realized just how hurt she was.

They quickly brought her back to their facility, but after two weeks passed without much improvement, the concern of permanent brain damage or death was very real.

But then, at the three week mark, something happened that brought tears to our eyes…

We should warn you, the video does contain graphic images.

Thanks to these heroes, Happy now runs around free, safe, and yes, happy! If you’d like to help support their work and save more dogs in need, please consider donating today.

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This Maniac Kept Slaves In A Bunker…And It Was Just 20 Years Ago

Slavery is illegal in most countries, and we often think of slaveholders as relics from the 1800s.

But there have been many examples in recent years of people who have been held captive against their will. Usually they are women kept in basements for the sexual pleasure of their abductors, and often, they don’t make it out alive. Few kidnappers, though, are as calculating as Russian serial killer Alexander Komin was.

The media named him the Maniac of the 20th Century because he kept women in a sophisticated, booby-trapped bunker to keep them inside and the police out. Though three women escaped his grasp, he ended four lives during his reign of terror.

Komin met an inmate in prison in the early 1990s who described kidnapping homeless people and controlling them with absolute power. Komin decided this was his goal upon release.

Komin and his accomplice Alexander Mikheyev decided their slaves would make clothes for their financial gain, and together they spent four years digging and outfitting a bunker with electricity and an elevator.

Komin poisoned and captured Vera Tolpayeva first, and then used her to lure two professional tailors to the bunker: Tatyana Melnikova and her boyfriend Nikolai Malykh.

Malykh was killed and his body was dumped nearby. When Tolpayeva became sick, Komin forced her to choose between drinking antifreeze or having it injected in her veins. She chose to drink the antifreeze and died.

Another woman, Tatyana Kozikova, believed she was accepting a job from Komin when she was captured. And yet another victim, Tatyana Nazimova, was forced to drink antifreeze after Komin discovered that she had leukemia and couldn’t work hard enough for him.

Komin hired Yevgeny Shishov to expand the bunker. After he completed the project, Komin decided to kill him because he knew too much. The bodies were piling up, but police believed that all the deaths were related to alcohol, so they didn’t investigate them.

When his last victim, Irina Ganushin, managed to escape, she went to the police and told them about the bunker, making sure to warn them of its booby-trapped electric ladder. They were able to rescue the two women who were still alive. Komin had tattooed the word “slave” on their foreheads.

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In the video below, you can see Komin as well as his bunker. The rescued women were hospitalized and slowly reintroduced to the sun, which they hadn’t seen in two years.

(via Bizarrepedia)

Komin faced just 20 years in prison after cooperating with authorities. He committed suicide shortly after being sentenced.

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This Is The Nasty, Inhumane Truth About ‘Cage-Free’ Eggs

When I’m buying eggs, I almost always pick up the ones labeled “cage-free.” They cost a dollar or two more, but they’re humanely obtained and better for you, right?

Sadly, there are a lot of misconceptions about the term “cage-free.” While a farm may not use cages, the conditions are far from humane or sanitary. Birds are packed into buildings, shoulder to shoulder. With little room to move, many go crazy. Others are pecked to death or eaten alive by their mates because starvation and neglect run rampant.

I always thought cage-free farming looked something like this. Blue skies, green fields, and lots of room for happy birds to roam.


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Grocery stores like Costco even label their eggs with pictures of happy, thriving hens.

However, this is what it really looks like inside cage-free farms used by Costco and other retailers.

On these types of farms, cannibalism among hens has recently gone up by 3,000 percent.

Driven mad by their conditions, hens attack other hens in what is known as “vent-pecking.” This grisly form of cannibalism consists of pecking at reproductive organs until a hole is formed and internal organs can be consumed.

Recently, a team went undercover to view conditions and rescue a bird. This is what they saw.

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I’m definitely going to rethink my breakfast choices. Excuse me while I go vomit forever.

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This Company Just Took Their Advertising Campaign To A Heartbreaking New Level

There are plenty of commercials out there that rely on shock value, and this one’s no different.

The folks over at Life Alert decided to ramp up their advertising efforts with a heartbreaking commercial that highlights the dangers of living alone in old age. This brand focuses on cutting down on that level of risk by providing elderly people who still want their independence with wearable devices that they can use to call emergency services.

Their newest advertisement makes the issue hard to ignore.

It’s important that elderly people take precautions to protect themselves if they live alone. The older, wiser people among us deserve their independence, but the ability to reach out for help in times of crisis is key.

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People Were Furious About This Wedding, But It Was Staged To Make A Powerful Point

When people from the United States think of child marriage, they often think of developing countries.

Child marriage is defined by UNICEF as “both formal marriages and informal unions in which a girl or boy lives with a partner as if married before the age of 18. An informal union is one in which a couple live together for some time, intending to have a lasting relationship, but do not have a formal civil or religious ceremony.”

Usually, the child in question is a girl, and it’s true that poverty and religious tradition play into whether or not it’s legal or acceptable in any given country.

The countries with the highest observed rates of child marriages below the age of 18 are Niger, Chad, Mali, Bangladesh, Guinea, and the Central African Republic, with a rate above 60 percent. Niger, Chad, Bangladesh, Mali, and Ethiopia were the countries with child marriage rates greater than 20 percent below the age of 15.

Getty Images

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When YouTube star Coby Persin realized that many states in the U.S. have legal loopholes that allow child marriage, he set up a dramatic wedding scene in Times Square between a 12-year-old girl and a 65-year old man. Laws vary state by state, but with parental permission, children as young as 12 can be married in our own country.

People were outraged by the scene, and that means Persin’s plan worked.

Youtube / Coby Persin

Countries in Europe like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium “tolerate” child marriages even though there are bans, and in the United Kingdom, child brides are sometimes smuggled in.

Getty Images

It’s clear that this is not just a third-world problem. Child marriage prevents girls from completing their education, affects their health, and correlates with high domestic violence rates.

Getty Images

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Fortunately, organizations like UNICEF and Amnesty International are working to end the practice of child marriage. Donate or volunteer today to make a difference and share articles like this one to raise awareness.

(via DemicMedia)

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