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Their Newborn Had Colic, So These Parents Resorted To Something Crazy

When the parents of a premature baby didn’t know how to stop her from constantly crying throughout the night, they decided to get professional help.

They took her to Ian Rossborough, a chiropractor who works on children and newborns in Melbourne, Australia. He believed that her colic was caused by a misalignment in her spine, but his solution to the four-day-old’s problem is pretty questionable and may even be dangerous.

This might be difficult to watch.

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Some parents swear that getting their children’s spines readjusted helps cure a variety of problems, including colic, fever, asthma, and ear infections.

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You And The Kids Should Skip McDonald’s…Check Out This Horrible Big Mac Video

It’s no secret that McDonald’s food is bad for your health. Still, everyone needs a Big Mac every now and then, right?

After seeing this video from YouTubers Let’s Melt This, you might change your mind. Over the last year, they’ve melted everything from steel nails to sneakers, but what happens (or doesn’t happen) to this McDonald’s Big Mac when it’s drenched with sulfuric acid is wholly disturbing.

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While sulfuric acid causes real food to melt into mush, it’s almost unable to penetrate this Big Mac.

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Well, that explains why I get a stomach ache every time I eat at McDonald’s. Excuse me while I vomit forever.

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This Motion Test For ‘Mama’ Is Scarier Than The Actual Movie

I love scary movies — and when I say love, I mean LOVE! I spend every October scaring myself silly…but even I’ve never seen anything quite like this motion test for the 2013 film “Mama.”

I watched the movie a few years ago, and while it was entertaining, it wasn’t exactly memorable. Although it was produced by the legendary Guillermo del Toro, creator of “Pan’s Labyrinth,” the plot failed to deliver, in my opinion.

However, this behind-the-screens motion test is a different story entirely. It’s going to be a long time before I can get these images out of my head!

Seriously though, what is her arm doing?!

It’s just not natural…


Well, I guess I’m never sleeping again. Thanks a lot, “Mama”!

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Rush Hour In Tokyo Is Something You Truly Have To See To Believe

One of the absolute worst parts about driving or taking public transportation is getting caught in rush hour.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost lost it after getting stuck in slow-moving traffic. However, I’m well-aware that it could get much, much worse in different places — especially Japan.

Referring to Tokyo subway passengers as sardines wouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination, because they pack themselves so tightly in the trains that the doors sometimes won’t even close.

This would be a nightmare for anyone with claustrophobia.

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Well, that definitely puts things in perspective. I’m going to think twice before I ever complain about traffic again!

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He Was Bagged And Tagged, But Then This Soldier Was Brought Back From The Dead

During the Vietnam War, John Colone was shot four times.

Believed to be dead by members of his own unit, he was quickly delivered to the morgue where he was to be processed. But when an officer from the aid station took a closer look, he made an earth-shattering discovery. By rubbing a pen along Colone’s foot as he did with every other soldier who was pronounced dead, he was made painfully aware of the fact that a live man was zipped up in a body bag.

I can’t even begin to imagine how John Colone (or the man who realized he wasn’t dead) felt in that moment. Being in a war zone has to be so chaotic, so mistakes happen. This man is just lucky that he escaped with his life.

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This Halloween Decoration Was Pulled From Stores Because It Goes Way Too Far

Putting up scary decorations is an awesome way to set the mood for Halloween.

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, I loved how much my neighborhood was committed to creating a spooky atmosphere. But while my neighbors used headstones and skeletons in their yards, one company thinks that it’s a good idea to make people believe they have possible intruders outside of their homes.

The last thing you want to see at night is a sinister stranger pressing their hands up to your window and looking inside. That’s why Scary Peepers were pulled from Home Depot stores in Canada.

Scary Peepers are Halloween props that can be attached to windows with suction cups, creating the illusion of a creepy voyeur checking you out.

Because they look so realistic in the dark, concerned parents in Canada have complained that it’s not funny to scare people into thinking that they’re about to become victims of a serious crime.

Though Home Depot agreed and pulled all of the offending products from its Canada stores and website, you can actually still buy them on its U.S. site. But before you start planning on freaking out everyone you know, just imagine how terrifying it would be to see this when you’re home alone at night.

If you’re still sold on these Halloween props, you can find the above model on the Scary Peeper website, alongside even creepier versions — some of which actually tap the window.

(via Daily Dot)

I’m pretty sure that I’d have a heart attack if my friends or family pulled this on me — that’s why I always keep my blinds closed at night. Would you buy these decorations?

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17 Of The Weirdest, Inexplicable Toys Ever Sold In Japan

It’s no secret that there are some very strange and creepy toys out there.

But while some look like innocent mistakes that companies may have overlooked during production, others are just plain bizarre and simply cannot be explained.

The following Japanese toys are perfect examples of this, because whoever created them has a seriously weird sense of what fun really is.

1. I’d really rather not, thanks.

2. What’s more fun than a roadkill cat?

3. This is supposedly a piggy bank, but that mouth sure is creepy.

4. This figurine was found in a Japanese toy store.

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5. This robotic cockroach is the perfect way to freak out everyone you know.

6. Nothing says having a good time like playing Russian roulette with the kids.

7. This strange toy allows you to poke inside a box to play with digital characters.

YouTube / twrarmitage

8. Who doesn’t love playing with a barfing cat?

9. The H-bouya toy is designed to plug into your USB port, and its eyes turn red and blink every time the “h” button is pressed on your keyboard. The disturbing part about this is that the “h” in the name may also mean “erotic” in Japanese.

10. The Sega robot cat responds to touch and engages in real-life cat behavior. Some of them even talk, like the creepy feline below.

11. Yes, Japan has turned Obama into an action figure.

12. This God Jesus robot acts as a Magic 8-Ball and answers all your questions while holding a cross.

13. Why eat edamame beans when you can play with them on a key chain?

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14. This is an inflatable swan that you apparently wear on your crotch. Oh, and it honks when squeezed.

15. We’ve clearly been potty-training our little ones all wrong in the U.S.

16. When you hurl the Lokuloku pig toy at a hard surface, it turns into a puddle of goo and then amazingly bounces back to its original shape.

YouTube / gwblackwell

17. This would be really adorable, if not for the super-unsettling tag attached.

(via Oddee)

Well, that was definitely interesting, to say the least. Would you buy any of these odd toys?

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They Heard A Weird Noise Come From Their Neighbor’s Balcony And Found A Dog In Need

Presumably unable to resist the view from his high-rise apartment in Colombia, this little dog stuck his body through the railings…but quickly found himself dangling by his back paws.

Luckily, the pup has some extremely nosey neighbors, and when they heard his yelps of distress, they sprung into action. Watch as one man climbs up from the balcony on the floor below to help this poor dog, despite the possibility of falling to his own doom.

(via Mashable)

Yikes! Has anyone in Colombia ever heard of spare keys? Hopefully, the pup’s owner learns to gate the balcony so their sight-seeing pooch doesn’t try to pull this stunt again.

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This Guy Claims He Can Read Your Mind When You See How, He Might Convince You

Magicians and telepaths have built entire careers around the public’s belief that they can read people’s minds. Whether or not there’s any real truth to what they claim is entirely up for debate. But you don’t have to have a ton of smoke and mirrors to make people believe.

All Lasse Balama needs is two minutes of your time, a few easy math questions, and a video camera. So…could he read your mind?

Well, he couldn’t read my mind! My number was 10. I guess I’m immune to his psychic charms. But most people aren’t. Share this post if he correctly guessed your number!

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When An Underground Water Pipe Explodes, You’re Going To Be In For A Bad Time

When people say you need to be a vigilant driver, you really should take them seriously. While accidents aren’t a guarantee, anything that does go wrong while operating a large, moving piece of machinery is instantly 10 times more dangerous than it would be otherwise. Even a moment of distraction can lead to disaster.

Unfortunately, though, being a cautious driver can only get you so far. There are just some circumstances that are truly too random for you to predict. Case in point: what happened to the poor driver in the video below. They’re being careful and watching the road, but there is no way they ever expected this…

Just wait for it.

Oh man, I really hope they were up to date on their car insurance. Freak accidents like this scare the heck out of me.

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