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Doctors Perform Innovative Surgery On A Precious Little Girl With No Jaw

When seven-year-old Lexi was born, doctors diagnosed her with a rare condition that left her life hanging in the balance. One devastating side effect of the condition fused her upper and lower jaws together, which left her unable to breathe on her own.

But when she was three years old, doctors presented her family with an unconventional solution. They assured them that they could make Lexi a new jaw out of rib bones.

This girl’s story is one of perseverance and hope. Even at such a young age, it’s clear that she is a fighter.

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This Interview With The Night Stalker Will Make Your Blood Run Cold

During the 1980s, one of the most terrifying places in the U.S. was Los Angeles, and it wasn’t because of the traffic or the ridiculous cost of living. A man named Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker, successfully brought the terror. His capture proved to be one of the most monumental days in the city’s history, but he took 14 innocent lives before that happened.

Shortly thereafter, a reporter sat down with him to discuss his horrific crimes. What he had to say will give you chills.

He was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death. Although he died from cancer before his execution, the world got exactly what it needed when he took his last breath.

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This Creepy AF ’90s Clown Character Is Still Terrifying Today

When I think back on my childhood, there are characters I will never forget.

Whether it’s Big Bird and Elmo from “Sesame Street” or Steve and Blue from “Blue’s Clues,” there are some amazing television characters that have shaped my life. They’re part of the reason I still love television today.

However, there are also plenty of characters I don’t remember or never got to see. In the United Kingdom, for example, Mr. Blobby was on a late-night variety show that pranked celebrities. Even though he’s not an actual children’s character, the show told people he was, and now he has a cult following in the U.S.

Watch as Mr. Blobby thoroughly disturbs the contestants on this game show. Beyond his creepy clown looks, his voice is insane.

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Yikes. I think I’ll stick with fuzzy monsters who teach me how to count to ten. Not that there aren’t plenty of creepy kids’ characters from the States…

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The Anxiety You’ll Feel After Watching This Guy’s Ride Is So Real

Like outdoor and indoor cats, there are outdoor and indoor people. If you’re anything like me, you’re of the latter variety.

Being the sedentary creature I am with my office job and love of books, I can’t say that I’ve ever, ever wanted to hop on a bike and send myself hurtling over a cliff. The closest I ever get to thrill-seeking is watching other people do it for me.

And this guy is one of those people.

If doing a backflip over a 72-foot canyon seems like Hell on Earth to you, welcome to your nightmare!

Yeah, I think I’ll stick to reading. I’m weak and this is too much for me.

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With Some Crazy Special-Effects Makeup, He Illustrates The Evolution Of Zombies

They say that if you’ve seen one zombie movie, you’ve seen them all. You realize that this is absolutely not true, however, when you watch this guy transform into every form of zombie that’s invaded pop culture over the past few decades.

Dying Light” is a massively popular zombie game, and to promote a new expansion for the game called “The Following,” an actor sat down in the makeup chair while artists infected him with every zombie look from White Zombie (1932) to The Walking Dead (2010). It’s actually crazy how unique each one is.

The makeup is impressive for sure, but you have to give that guy credit for bringing each version to life. These might all look different, but the thing that they do have in common is that they apparently want to ruin my life.

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By Day, He Was A Christian Puppeteer…By Night, He Was Plotting Something Horrible

While I immensely respect the abilities of talented ventriloquists, there is something just a little unsettling about them. It almost makes you question the mental state of those who choose to pursue ventriloquism professionally…

The case of ventriloquist Ronald Brown certainly doesn’t make them any less suspicious.

Brown (who you can see in the extremely creepy video below) had a celebrated career as a puppeteer at birthday parties, schools, and churches. However, in 2012, Brown was arrested after police implicated him in a child pornography ring. According to the cops, at the time of his arrest, Brown was also in the midst of creating an elaborate plan to kidnap, cook, and eat several children.

Judging from this video, who would have guessed he secretly wanted to murder children? The answer is everyone…

That is just downright disturbing to an unnatural degree. Luckily for children everywhere, Brown was sentenced to a 20-year prison term in 2013. Some might say that’s not long enough…

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How This Store Set Up Their Mannequin Display Will Give You Nightmares

Is it just me, or are mannequins just a little bit freaky? While I don’t think it’s the only reason I do my clothes shopping online, it’s certainly a factor. I don’t have to deal with faceless, demonic mannequins when I’m on Amazon.

Anyway, while using mannequins is creepy in and of itself, what one store in Reno, Nevada, is doing with theirs has ratcheted up the creepy factor by 10. Through the strategic use of a digital projector, they managed to imbue a faceless mannequin with life…sorta. If you’re not unsettled by the video below, then you officially have an ironclad constitution.

(source: Reddit)

That is…incredibly disturbing. I applaud those shopkeepers for their creativity, but I would wager that this thing drives people away more than anything else.

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This Tribe Digs Up Its Dead And Gives Them Makeovers Before Living With Them

Every culture has their own sacred death rituals, but some are far more frightening than others.

Take the Torajan people, for example. On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, dead bodies are seen very differently than they are in the States. Corpses aren’t actually considered to be dead until a water buffalo is sacrificed to accompany them into the afterlife. It takes years for some families to be able to afford the expensive ceremony, so many keep their loved ones inside their homes until they can.

But even after their deceased relatives are properly buried, some families decide to keep their memory alive by digging the bodies up in a bizarre celebration.

The residents of Toraja proudly display the dead as part of their Ma’nene ritual.

Every year, the villagers dig up their late family members in order to honor them.

The decaying bodies don’t spook them at all — they prefer to see them so they can mourn.

They carefully clean their ancestors to preserve their dignity.

Then the corpses are actually groomed and dressed up.

And the families even pose with them for photos as if they were still alive.

Though they are undeniably creepy, some of the bodies have pleasant looks on their faces like they approve of the ritual.

But others are just terrifying.

These people see all of this as a beautiful process, but it’s more than a little disturbing.

Would you ever consider going to a celebration like this? Me neither. I’m all for expressing your culture, but this is way, way too morbid for me.

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This Is How They Get Everyone On The Subway In Japan…And It’s Crazy

If you take subways on a regular basis, then you know how uncomfortable things can get when too many people board one train.

I’m extremely thankful to have a car in a city where driving isn’t totally impossible, because I hate when I’m forced to stand way too close to other people. That’s why if I ever visit Tokyo, Japan, I’m making it my mission to never take the subway.

Tokyo subways are incredibly crowded, even with trains coming about every five minutes. This problem is so severe, in fact, that workers have to literally push and shove riders inside the doors to get everyone to fit. If you have claustrophobia, you may want to skip the video below.

Just watching this is making me feel anxious.

Because of the sheer number of people who ride subways in Japan, stations used to hire oshiya, or pushers, for the sole purpose of forcing riders onto trains.

Getty Images

Although this job is a thing of the past, subway workers still have to help push passengers during rush hour.

Getty Images

And obviously, there is absolutely zero personal space inside the trains.

(via Amusing Planet)

Well, after all of those unsettling visuals, I know exactly what to say if anyone asks me to take the subway with them.

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These Recordings Of The Betty And Barney Hill Hypnosis Sessions Are So Weird

If you’re a believer in the paranormal or you have a thing for alien conspiracies, then you probably know the story of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills were the first alleged victims of alien abduction back in 1961.

Their story was the first of its kind, and it heavily influenced alien lore in the United States and around the world as we know it today.

Our story begins with Betty and Barney driving home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after spending a weekend in Niagra Falls. While on a lonely stretch of road, the couple spotted a strange craft flying across the moon.

As the Hills continued to drive, the craft kept moving across the sky as if it were following them. But then it stopped on the road in front of their car. That’s when Barney got out of the vehicle. He later said that he could see between eight and 11 humanoid figures peering at him through the windows.

While he watched the craft, Barney said that he could hear the voice of the ship’s captain in his head telling him to stay where he was.


Barney tore the binoculars away from his eyes and ran back to the car screaming. He floored it as the craft ascended. A minute later, their car began to vibrate. Their minds fell into a bizarre trance, and before they knew it, they were 35 miles away from where they first spotted the UFO.

When they woke up the next morning, the Hills remembered encountering the craft, but nothing else.


About 10 days after their harrowing experience, Betty began having vivid nightmares that brought everything back to life. Betty, who had always kept a dream journal next to her bed, wrote all of them down. She remembered meeting an alien medical examiner who assured her that they just wanted to run some tests on her and Barney to learn more about the differences between their species and humans.

In 1964, these dreams and memories began to take their toll on the Hills, and they were referred to Dr. Benjamin Simon. The Hills wanted Dr. Simon to hypnotize them and help them remember what really happened that night. Here’s what they said.

While there are those who question the authenticity of this story, there is one aspect of their tale that has turned hundreds of people into believers.


While aboard the craft, one of the aliens showed Betty a star map with the location of their home planet. During a hypnosis session, Betty drew the exact star map she saw in incredible detail. At the time, it looked like an undiscovered star system that telescopes could not yet see. A decade after she drew the map, technology advanced to the point where this particular star system could be seen from Earth. Surprisingly, it was exactly the same as the one Betty remembered.

(via: Last Podcast on the Left)

Whether you believe it or not, the story of Barney and Betty Hill’s abduction is thrilling. For the sake of my sanity, I hope it’s fake. If it’s not, I’m going to need to protect my thoughts. Time to buy some foil!

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