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Stalacpipe Organ in Virginia – Travel Channel

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Ryan goes underground in Luray, NC, to appreciate a little stalacpipe music.

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Girl Makes A Really Cool And Unique Cover Of A Michael Jackson Song You’ll Love.

Singer and musician Kawehi originally posted this video of her covering Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel‘ in 2012, but it went mostly unnoticed up until this week, when it went viral and racked up nearly 2 million views on YouTube.

The reason it went so big so quick is because when it comes to covers not many are as incredible as this… it really blew me away. You see, all of Kawehi’s instruments and backing in this are just her own voice.

With the help of a sampling machine she begins by making a loop recording of the backing track using her own vocals, she then starts singing the song on top of that…you really have to see and hear it for yourself to get how awesome this is.

(Source: I Am Kawehi)

This girl’s talent is off the charts awesome, the only ones who don’t see to be enjoying it are her dogs, who slept through that whole awesome performance.

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Your Guide To The Strange And Awesome Practice Of Polyphonic Singing.

We’ve all been blown away by singers before. Some people can sing with technical skill, but also a range of emotional resonance that touches us on a deep level. We think, wow, it’s incredible that someone can make that sound. There are many types of song, from classic opera to the death metal growls. Whatever your taste, all kinds require training and some level of technical expertise.

Then there’s polyphonic singing. That’s when one person creates two different tones with one breath–two notes coming out of one person’s mouth. “Polyphonic” means “multiple sounds,” and in instruments, it’s like playing tow notes on a piano at the same time. Polyphonic singing a very particular skill that takes a lot of practice. It’s also a traditional method of singing in Mongolia.

Video via Anna-Maria Hefele

The sound is odd, almost like a human theremin. If you’re not used to it, you might not enjoy it, but the technique is still interesting. Polyphonic singing is not a weird talent or the result of some uncommon physical gift. Anyone can learn to do this with some practice.

This style of singing has been used in Mongolia for hundreds of years for prayer and folk singing; it’s known as “throat singing.” One theory is that it was used by shepherds to call to each other over great distances, since the sound can carry quite far.

Video via Alex Glenfield

I can’t even carry a tune normally. I can’t imagine doing something like this.

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This Man Hadn’t Played The Piano For 23 Years. When He Finally Did, Magic Happened.

Fabio stopped playing the piano after his father died 23 years ago. He didn’t find the joy in it at the time, which is a real shame since he was so talented and even composed music. As time went on, he became more afraid of playing again since it had been so long.

His cousin, Prisco Vicidomini, recently visited Fabio, who told him that he found the courage to play the piano again and that he hadn’t lost his touch. Fabio sat down to show his cousin and decided to play a melody he composed. He played a dozen times since starting up again, so Prisco didn’t know what to expect. What he heard left him completely in awe.

(Source: Prisco Vicidomini)

That sounded beautiful. Prisco tells us that Fabio wants to finally fulfill his childhood dream of studying music, but is still afraid to do so after so many years. Prisco feels the moment they shared might push him to overcome his fears and to move in the right direction.

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When Waves Crash Upon This Boardwalk, Something Absolutely Magical Happens

Traveling to the Adriatic Sea and walking along its beautiful waters is already a majestic experience on its own. The blissful scenery makes for a perfect stroll. However, of all the coasts you can enjoy the view from, we suggest this one in Zadar, Croatia, where you’ll be in for an even more magical treat.

A series of small holes and tubes in the boardwalk create a gorgeous melody with each ebb and flow of the waves. It’s a truly unique tourist experience.

It’s amazing how you’ll never hear the same tune twice. All the more reason to visit more than once!

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This Concert Violinist Played Throughout His Own Brain Surgery. That’s Right.

Roger Frisch is an acclaimed concert violinist with the Minnesota Orchestra. In 2009, he was diagnosed with “essential tremors,” an affliction that causes a brain’s movement control center to send abnormal signals. While the tremors were mild, it was affecting his ability to perform and could have ended his career. It could have, at least, until he played the most important concert of his life… in an operating room.

The tricky procedure involved implanting a tiny electrode in his brain which would allow him to regain control, but must be placed in precisely the right position. 

Frisch has been playing music since childhood, receiving his first lessons from his father: a longtime Associate Concertmaster of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

In order to place the electrode in exactly the right spot, Frisch played throughout the surgery with a sensor on his bow showing doctors exactly when the tremor was occurring.

Luckily, patients are able to be awake during brain surgery without feeling any pain, and the operation was a success!

Frisch is now able to stifle his tremor at the flick of a switch that controls his stimulator.

Check out this one in a lifetime performance in action:

(via Daily Mail.)

That’s one show that definitely deserves a standing ovation. Wow.

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This Is What ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Becomes After Going Through Google Translate

Google Translate is a wonderful tool when you want to translate entire websites or when you’re stumped on a foreign word you really should know but for some reason can’t remember. But how does it handle song lyrics?

Singer and YouTuber Malinda Kathleen Reese decided to put it to the test when she took the lyrics to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and passed them through several different language translations before ultimately translating them back to English. The result is pretty hilarious.

This is a perfect example of why I truly love the Internet. What a time to be alive!

All goofiness aside, she has a really good voice.

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With A Little Help From Gravity, This Guy Creates Hypnotic Music

Watching people do what they do best is always a gratifying experience. Whether you’re in the presence of an expert orator who can bring an entire audience to its feet or you’re in the crowd cheering for a star athlete, it’s always cool to see someone in their element.

And there’s something uniquely wonderful about watching musicians at work. When it comes to making us jealous, these virtuosos know exactly how it’s done. If you thought pianists and violinists were enviable, wait until you see what this guy can do.

Swedish musician Martin Molin from the band Wintergatan created this one-of-a-kind instrument that plays stunning music with a little help from gravity.

To learn more about this incredible music machine, check out the band’s website. For regular updates, follow Wintergatan on Facebook!

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A Pair Of Cute Dogs Show Off Their Pitch-Perfect Music Skills

We’ve seen plenty of piano-playing dogs before, but most of the time they aren’t exactly musically talented. In the video below, however, we get to see a duo of fluff balls tickling the ivories…and boy are they good. Every time their owner plays a note, the dogs hit the exact same note. This is no small feat — most people have to study for years to master this skill.

We all knew dogs had incredible hearing, but this is something else!

I’d love to have these two play me a song with their pitch-perfect piano skills.

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Young Music Student Living At A Retirement Home Brings Joy To Her Neighbors.

There are about 100 senior residents living at the Judson Manor retirement community in Cleveland, but they aren’t the only ones who call the retirement community home.

24-year-old music student Marissa Plank lives there, too. As part of an “Artist-in-Residence program” she gets to live there rent free, allowing her to focus on her studies and making some very beautiful music all while entertaining the residents. Not only does she call them neighbors, but also her dear friends.

(source: CBS Sunday Morning)

What an innovative program, it would be nice if this became much more prevalent.

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