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5 Global Waterslides

If you like a thrill, these 5 waterslides around the world are must-rides.

Every Day, This Mexican Father Walks His Kids Across The Border To Go To School

Getting ready for a new school year can be a challenge for most parents, but while many think getting up at 7 a.m. to see your kids off to the bus is rough, it’s nothing compared to what this father does.

Jose Luis Dominguez is determined to give his two kids — seven-year-old Luis and eight-year-old Kayla — the best possible chance at a good education, something he never had the opportunity to get.

The three live in Mexico but through sheer determination Dominguez managed to get his two kids enrolled in a school in South Texas, just across the street from the restaurant he works at. Every morning and afternoon, the trio make the trek across the Hidalgo International Bridge, over the Rio Grande, to and from home.

The 32-year-old says life is ugly across the border, with kids frequently being abducted by drug cartels. He feels a lot safer knowing his little ones are in school in the U.S. while he’s at work.

Talk about going the extra mile for your kids.

For Dominguez, a quality education away from drug violence is reason enough to wake up every morning and hike across an international border in the hopes it will get his children walking on a better path.

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These Bugs Might Look Weird, But That’s Just Because They’re Living Jewelry

I’ve always thought bug jewelry was cute.

As a kid, wearing things like ladybug stud earrings was always fun, but there’s no way I’d wear bug jewelry if the insects in question were actually real. Up until now, I assumed that most people tended to agree, but that’s definitely not the case…at least not in Mexico, anyway.

There’s a huge craze there for really unusual broaches that are made out of beetles.

Makech beetles come from Central and South America, where they are found under logs and caught by men known as los maquecheros.

Once captured, they’re sent to vendors and fitted with rhinestones and chains. After that, they’re sold to tourists.

The people who buy them pin the chains to their clothing, allowing the beetles to crawl around and attract attention.

Would you wear one of these?

(via Smithsonian)

I think I’ll stick to regular jewelry. All of this is just really unnecessary.

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Playful Pup Climbs Ladder So She Can Play On The Slide, Too

A dog can be a kid’s best friend, going everywhere and doing anything to play together.

There are usually limits on where dogs can go, though. For instance, most pups aren’t equipped to tackle the playground jungle gym, but at a park in Mexico, one dog proved she could do it all!

Both her delighted playmates and their parents are in awe when she decides to climb the ladder up to the slide with all her human friends.

Now that’s a real skill. What an amazing feat!

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I’ve seen tons of dogs that have no idea how slides work, but this pup is clearly not one of them!

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