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This Groom Made A Promise Years Ago… And Kept It On His Wedding Day.

Years ago, when Richard and Sara first started seeing each other, he drunkenly made her a promise that he would write and sing her a song on their wedding day.

Well that day finally came, and as Richard says, what’s a man if he isn’t as good as his word? For the song, he decided to go with ‘Half The World Away’ by Oasis; but as he had promised all those years ago, the lyrics had to be completely his own.

Watch as he breaks out into song at the end of his speech, putting a huge smile onto his new wife’s face as well as everyone else’s gathered there to witness their union.


That was both hilarious and adorable, I’m sure they have countless happy years ahead of them.

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People Were Furious About This Wedding, But It Was Staged To Make A Powerful Point

When people from the United States think of child marriage, they often think of developing countries.

Child marriage is defined by UNICEF as “both formal marriages and informal unions in which a girl or boy lives with a partner as if married before the age of 18. An informal union is one in which a couple live together for some time, intending to have a lasting relationship, but do not have a formal civil or religious ceremony.”

Usually, the child in question is a girl, and it’s true that poverty and religious tradition play into whether or not it’s legal or acceptable in any given country.

The countries with the highest observed rates of child marriages below the age of 18 are Niger, Chad, Mali, Bangladesh, Guinea, and the Central African Republic, with a rate above 60 percent. Niger, Chad, Bangladesh, Mali, and Ethiopia were the countries with child marriage rates greater than 20 percent below the age of 15.

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When YouTube star Coby Persin realized that many states in the U.S. have legal loopholes that allow child marriage, he set up a dramatic wedding scene in Times Square between a 12-year-old girl and a 65-year old man. Laws vary state by state, but with parental permission, children as young as 12 can be married in our own country.

People were outraged by the scene, and that means Persin’s plan worked.

Youtube / Coby Persin

Countries in Europe like Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium “tolerate” child marriages even though there are bans, and in the United Kingdom, child brides are sometimes smuggled in.

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It’s clear that this is not just a third-world problem. Child marriage prevents girls from completing their education, affects their health, and correlates with high domestic violence rates.

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Fortunately, organizations like UNICEF and Amnesty International are working to end the practice of child marriage. Donate or volunteer today to make a difference and share articles like this one to raise awareness.

(via DemicMedia)

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Despite All The Odds, A Father With ALS Walks His Daughter Down the Aisle.

Lindsay Nieto’s father was diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) when she was just 15-years-old, so she quietly made peace with the fact that he would never be able to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

Ten years later, 56-year-old Augie Nieto, was by his daughter’s side every step of the way when she married Chris Williams in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. Defying the average prognosis of two to five years of survival for those with ALS, Augie helped escort Lindsay up the grassy incline to the altar while harnessed to an aluminum scaffolding that helped keep him upright for the emotional ceremony.

(Source: Bridal Guide Magazine)

After getting diagnosed with ALS, Augie created a foundation called Augie’s Quest, which has raised nearly $40 million since 2006 to help find a cure for ALS.

Share this very determined father with your friends and family below.

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Man With One Week Left To Live Marries His Best Friend In Hospital Wedding

Darren Sisk of Vancouver, Canada, was given one week to live.

Prior to that fateful visit to the doctor, he thought that he had a few months left — plenty of time to sort out a proper series of “lasts.”

But when he took a turn for the worse, he was left with just seven short days. That’s when he and his best friend knew what they needed to do. Faced with painfully little time left together, they made a bold move.

She put on a beautiful white dress and gave Sisk a wedding to remember.

We never know how much time we’ll have, so it’s important that we make the most of it. Even in one week, you can make your dreams come true.

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This Woman Is So Dedicated To Her Love, She Does This Every Day On Her Commute.

Many women have been dreaming of their big day as a bride from the moment they learn to crawl. (It’s practice for walking down the aisle, per my wife). So, it’s no wonder the extent they’ll go to make that dream a reality. I just never thought someone could be quite this dedicated to having their perfect wedding dress. 

This woman spends every day working on her perfect dress… on her commute.

On this woman’s way to and from work everyday, she decided to create her very own wedding dress. Going completely free form (without a guide/pattern), she worked tirelessly to create the ultimate dress for her ultimate day.

The result was a dress that in her words is a “tube that flares out at the bottom and a top attached to the tube.” The materials only cost her $30.

All we know is that it, and more importantly, she, looked amazing come her special day.

Check out her time elapsed wedding dress video, it’s amazing!

(via Elite Daily)

Originally posting her work on Reddit, she’s since stated in the comments that she was so happy with the result that she plans to reline the dress in order to be able to re-wear it in the future.

So, not only is she saving thousands of dollars by making her own dress, but she’s going to be able to wear it more than once! Her husband is a lucky guy.

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She Unwrapped Her Newborn’s Blanket To Find Another Life-Changing Surprise

When her daughter was born, it was already the best day of this new mom’s life, but little did she know that her boyfriend had another surprise in store.

Watch as this guy cleverly pulls off the most adorable proposal ever. The look she gives him when she finally sees the ring will make you melt!

Source: New mom’s surprise marriage proposal one day after having baby by ChadMcDevitt on Rumble

Good on this guy for proposing the day after his daughter’s birthday. It’s going to be a lot easier to remember the engagement date that way. Congrats to these two on their engagement (and on bringing that little bundle of joy into the world)!

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A Man Rang This Little Girl’s Doorbell And Asked To Marry Her, But Wait Until You See The End

How old is old enough to get married? In Mali, West Africa, child marriage is an epidemic. As many as 82 girls under the age of 15 are married every day.

The Danish organization BØRNEfonden, also known as the Children & Youth Foundation, works to raise awareness and funds for those in danger of child marriage. To date, they’ve sponsored 14,000 children in Mali, providing them with education, healthcare, and developmental opportunities.

Recently, they wanted to see how parents in Denmark would react to a 30-year-old asking to marry their 13-year-old daughter. The idea was that if they thought about their own child being married, they would be inspired to support the organization in its quest to help young girls.

Watch as a 30-year-old actor asks several fathers for permission to marry their 13-year-old daughters. It’s safe to say that these families will never think about child marriage the same way again.

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This video makes me cringe, but it sends an important message that everyone should hear. To learn more about BØRNEfonden or donate to their cause, click here.

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The Father-Daughter Dance Was About To Begin, But This Dad Had A Surprise In Store

A pivotal moment at any wedding reception is the father-daughter dance. It’s a deeply touching homage to the love that dads have for their daughters, and it makes people feel emotional almost every time.

But this dad had a surprise for his daughter before they stepped out onto the floor. Not only would they be taking part in an awesome father-daughter dance, but they’d be dancing to a song that he wrote for her. By the time it was over, everyone was in tears.

What a beautiful thing for a dad to do for his little girl. We wish the happy couple well in their marriage, and if they share a love even half as powerful as the bond that exists between the bride and her father, they will be just fine.

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