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This Groom Made A Promise Years Ago… And Kept It On His Wedding Day.

Years ago, when Richard and Sara first started seeing each other, he drunkenly made her a promise that he would write and sing her a song on their wedding day.

Well that day finally came, and as Richard says, what’s a man if he isn’t as good as his word? For the song, he decided to go with ‘Half The World Away’ by Oasis; but as he had promised all those years ago, the lyrics had to be completely his own.

Watch as he breaks out into song at the end of his speech, putting a huge smile onto his new wife’s face as well as everyone else’s gathered there to witness their union.


That was both hilarious and adorable, I’m sure they have countless happy years ahead of them.

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These Sons Have An Important And Heartbreaking Message About Their Mom’s Health

More than five million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease or some form of dementia. Statistics show that one in three seniors dies at the hands of this terrible illness.

Common symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s go far beyond just memory loss. Sufferers can also experience confusion, changes in behavior, hallucinations, and problems with communication. The ordeal is often frightening and confusing for those who are afflicted. There is currently no cure for dementia, but there are treatments that can help patients manage their symptoms.

While the disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, funding for Alzheimer’s and dementia research is quite limited. To help spread awareness, two young men decided to share the story of their mother’s struggles.

What they have to say is something we all need to hear.

To learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, check out the video below.

If you want to donate or raise awareness, click here. People like these two sons need and deserve all the help they can get.

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This Guy Wants New Yorkers To Share The Love. And It Works.

Do you remember a time when you may have been sent a love letter? Or even last time you received a handwritten piece of mail from a real person? Probably not. Thanks to email and texting, the amount of genuine person to person mail correspondence has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur. But Matt Adams over at “Someone You Love” is on a mission to bring it back to life. According to his website, the project aims to “bring New Yorkers together by engaging them in positive activities in the unexpected places.” For the second installment of his three-part series, he asked New Yorkers how long it had been since they wrote someone a letter, then challenged them to change that. Take a look and the heartwarming result.


“At one point throughout the day, it got so crowded that there weren’t enough places to sit and people were waiting to take part in our activity. “

You can check out more random acts of love on Matt’s website…after you write a letter to your mother. And be sure to share the love with friends using the link below!

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He Thought This Was A Taste Test Challenge…But His Wife Had A Surprise In Store!

Kristen wanted to surprise her husband Cory with the good news that they were expecting their first baby, so she decided to be really clever about it.

She convinced her husband to play the taste test challenge, during which he’d have to blindfold himself and guess what kinds of food he was eating. The first few samples were pretty easy, but when he got to the third one, he started to realize that something was up.

If that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, nothing will. They seem like they’ll be great parents! They even set up a fun little Twitter page for their baby, so be sure you keep up with all of their amazing adventures.

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Groom Surprises His Bride At The Altar By Serenading Her With An Original Love Song

Many girls dream of their big day, deciding every little detail as soon as they learn what a wedding is. Elizabeth was one of those girls, having planned out the whole ceremony to perfection, which is exactly why she wasn’t expecting the pastor to suddenly stop the ceremony with a surprise announcement.

The bride and wedding guests were stunned when he announced that the groom, Alan Hale, had a special gift for his beautiful bride. Right before their first kiss ever, Alan had planned to serenade Elizabeth with a touching song he’d written especially for the love of his life.

What a beautiful song, one that this couple and their loved ones will remember for years to come!

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Groom And His Wedding Guests Give The Beautiful Bride An Awesome Surprise.

Michael and Jessica promised each other they weren’t going to give each other anything for their wedding, but Jessica went ahead and broke that little promise when she gave her future husband a really beautifully written letter the day before their wedding…but little did she know that Michael was also planning on breaking that promise.

With the help of 80 of their closest friends and family members, Michael had put together a flash mob to surprise his new wife just after their first dance as a married couple.

Watch as Jessica is shocked by her heart-warming surprise.

(Source: Blue Kite Cinema)

They say the best gifts are those that don’t cost any money and come from the heart, and that is exactly what this was. Knowing the thought, work and love that goes into planning something like this is something the recipient will always appreciate.

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This Couple Found True Love In The Unlikeliest Way

When we give the most of ourselves, we often receive even more in return. That’s certainly true for Chad Koosman, who lit up the countryside near his hometown with an enormous Christmas display to raise money for charity.

While Koosman knew that the display would attract a lot of attention, he never dreamed of what it would later bring into his life.

What an amazing story! By sending love and kindness out into the universe, he received the same things in return.

These Strangers Never Expected To Find This Near A Pay Phone. But A Video Caught It All…

It’s not very common for people to use pay phones anymore. Most people own their own mobile phone, so the public pay phone is an antiquated technology that is slowly disappearing… but still there. New York City alone has over 10,000 working pay phones. People typically leave them alone. That is, until now. A group of people were seen using some of the old pay phones around the city. What they were doing with them is astonishing. An online writer named Matt Adams started a campaign – and it’ll touch you.

Matt and his friend Katie made this sign and attached it to a random New York City pay phone.

They also attached quarters, hoping that people would stop to call someone they loved…

The response the sign received was amazing.

Many people stopped, with smiles on their faces, to call someone they love.

This little girl was excited, she never used a pay phone before.

It has probably been years since most of these people have even touched one of these phones.

And, like this man who called his girlfriend, everyone who stopped was overcome with love.

Some were more somber…

Others couldn’t keep the smiles off of their faces.

“We placed a hidden microphone above the receiver and had hidden cameras surrounding the park.”

It was a wonderful shared experience.

“This group of people got their friend’s voicemail and instead of just hanging up, everyone in the group took a turn to tell her that they loved her.”

By the the end of the day, all the quarters were gone.

As it turns out, New Yorkers aren’t as tough and jaded as a lot of people think…

(H/T Matt Adams) It was touching to see people reach out to those they love… to smile in the middle of the day and exchange words of affection and support. If you’d like to see the calls for yourself, watch the video Matt recorded below:

This is an amazing reminder of what’s important in life. Stop throughout your day to remember those that you love. Money, jobs, power and position don’t matter. The people you have you in your life do matter. Share this incredible campaign with others … and call someone you love.