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Watching This Little Girl Take A Water Hose To The Face Is Too Funny

Kids are inherently curious. Sometimes that curiosity leads to discoveries…but whether or not they’re enjoyable ones depends entirely on the situation.

Take this little girl…

While out helping water in the garden, the little lady probably thought that it’d be a good idea to get a fresh drink from the hose.

But as most adults know, garden hoses have ridiculously high water pressure.

So this probably isn’t a good idea…

But despite repeated warnings from her mom presumably, she just giggles!

Watch how she reacts when the water actually comes on…

I mean, I kind of feel bad for laughing, but she was warned!

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They Were Driving Along A Road In The Woods When This Amazing Thing Happened!

When I tell people I’m from Maine, they ask, “Did you ride moose to school?”

While they’re (hopefully) joking, I always play along and laugh about our lack of running water, too.

The truth, though, is that I can’t remember a time I’ve actually seen a moose. I probably saw one from far off as a girl when my family and I spent summers camping and winters on the slopes…but I have no actual recollection.

But when it comes to this little girl’s encounter with a moose, I can’t imagine she’ll soon forget the meeting — this is simply too amazing to not remember!

How awesome is that? I would switch spots with her in a heartbeat!

If you want the chance to experience moose (and more!) up close, visit Parc Omega on your next trip to Ottawa or Montreal.

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Watch This Little Girl Spread Love And Joy In A Grocery Store

Little kids don’t have the same hang-ups about talking to strangers that adults do. If we don’t know people, we typically pass them on the street without a second thought. While that might get us where we need to go a little bit faster, it also forces us to miss out on connecting with those around us.

We could learn a thing or two from this kind little girl. Joey is a one-year-old who takes time to greet everyone she meets instead of letting them pass like ships in the night.

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? We can only hope that she keeps spreading joy in her community for many years to come.

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This Little Girl Was In The Hospital, But Her Nurses Made Her Forget About That

Having to stay in a hospital is an unhappy and often scary experience for many people, especially children.

You can be surrounded by flowers, toys, friends, and family, but if you’re sick, few things can actually cheer you up.

But for one adorable cancer patient, all it took were two devoted nurses and some sweet tunes. Not only did they put a huge smile on her face, but they got the little girl to dance around and sing with them!

Get ready, because the cute is about to be turned WAY up.

I can’t stop smiling!

Kudos to these awesome ladies for making this girl’s experience so much more fun — and for teaching her some sweet dance moves.

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Adorable Big Sister Meets Her Baby Brother For The First Time. This Will Melt Your Heart.

Three year old Bella had been super excited for weeks to meet her baby brother, asking her parents every day when he would be born and why he couldn’t come sooner.

Her new brother Quinn was in no rush to enter the world though, and was born healthy right on schedule.

Watch as Bella comes to visit mommy and the baby in the hospital for the first time, it’s probably the most adorable thing ever caught on video. Ever.

(Source: Jessica Bledsoe)

That little “I don’t think I can kiss him but I…I…I…I’ll…OK mommy” put the biggest smile on my face.

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