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They Fled Their Home And Left Their Cat Behind — But He Finally Made It Back To Them

Leaving a pet behind is pretty much the last thing people want to do when they move, but this family had no choice. They were fleeing from their war-torn city in Iraq, and in the process, they were separated from their cat, Kunkush. While they were traveling to Greece, the cat got lost in the shuffle.

But after some time, Kunkush finally found his way back to them.

What an epic journey! Let’s hope that they never have to be apart again.

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They Saw This Puppy Near A Busy Road, And What Happened Next Melted My Heart

A puppy named Fram was living a dirty, flea-ridden life by the side of a busy road before volunteers from a rescue organization called Howl of a Dog spotted him on a rescue mission one day. The little guy was clearly disoriented and he was venturing too close to traffic, so they had to act fast.

Before disaster could strike, however, he warmed up to the team (and made everyone melt in the process).

Fram is not only a fluffy bundle of joy, but he’s also very smart, playful, and friendly. He loves humans, other dogs, and even cats! He’s six months old and is now living at a rescue center while he waits for his forever family. If you want to help Howl of a Dog continue doing great work, consider donating!

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Don’t Know How To Get A Fire Going? Here’s The Ultimate How-To.

When I was a Girl Scout, they didn’t teach us how to build a campfire. Back then, I thought it was pretty normal, but now, I can’t help but wonder why we didn’t get to learn the useful survival skill while our male counterparts did.

Regardless, to this day, I am a bit intimidated when asked to gather tinder and kindling for a campfire.

What’s the difference? How much do I need? And don’t even get me started on how you go about assembling all that stuff…

Thankfully, sites like ScoutmasterCG exist to help people like me out!

Here’s everything you need to know to get a fire going from scratch in the woods.

If you’re more into videos, though, this tutorial should help you out!

Soon, this will be me (except, y’know, in a more controlled setting).

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When It’s Hot Out, This Is The Quickest Way To Cool Your Car Down

Even though it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, summer will be here before we know it, so why not get some inside knowledge on how to stay cool in those fast-approaching months? It can’t hurt to know what will help keep you comfortable when that blistering heat comes.

One of the many areas of your life that will get extremely stuffy is your car. If it’s been sitting out in the sun all day, it’s going to be like a sauna once you open those doors. So what exactly is the quickest way to cool it down? Here’s the secret.

It’s in Japanese but the instructions are pretty clear:

Here’s what you do:

  1. Roll down the driver’s side window.
  2. Walk around to the passenger’s side and open and close the door about six times.

This process quickly introduces fresh air into your car, making it cooler and more comfortable in no time.

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Watch This Little Girl Spread Love And Joy In A Grocery Store

Little kids don’t have the same hang-ups about talking to strangers that adults do. If we don’t know people, we typically pass them on the street without a second thought. While that might get us where we need to go a little bit faster, it also forces us to miss out on connecting with those around us.

We could learn a thing or two from this kind little girl. Joey is a one-year-old who takes time to greet everyone she meets instead of letting them pass like ships in the night.

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? We can only hope that she keeps spreading joy in her community for many years to come.

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You Can Open A Wine Bottle With Just About Anything…Including A Blowtorch!

It’s basically the end of the world if you need a glass of wine but can’t find a bottle opener.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic…

But it is pretty terrible!

While you could open your bottle with a key or a shoe, if you have a blowtorch just hanging around your home, this hack is quick and probably way more fun than any other trick you’ll try…

How satisfying is this?!

It might not be the most useful hack around…

But it’s still pretty fun to watch and play around with!

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He Locked Himself Out Of His Car, And How He Got Back In Is Pure Genius

You know what’s the worst? Locking yourself out of your car. You remember to take your phone out with you, but your keys? Not so much. And if you have a bizarre relationship with the universe like I do, you typically only lock yourself out when it’s approximately 40,000 degrees below zero outside, or when a hurricane decides to roll into town.

But what happens when you leave your AAA card sitting right next to your keys on the front seat, or when you don’t want to call your parents to tell them that you locked yourself out (again)? Well, if you want to open the car door without any additional humiliation, check these methods out.

1. If you have an older car, this trick is the one for you. With a bit of looped string, you can MacGyver your way back in without making any embarrassing calls.

2. To get into newer cars with electronic locks, grab a tennis ball and some scissors.

3. This is Bob. Bob understands our suffering on a spiritual level. With a wedge and a metal rod, he’ll show you how to pry that baby open and get to the power lock.

4. Here’s one that I’ve actually used because I’m the worst. As it turns out, you can use coat hangers to bust into older cars.

So there you have it, folks. These are four easy ways to break into your car when you forget how to be an adult and leave your keys inside. Let’s just limit this to our own vehicles, okay? After seeing how easy it is to get into these things, I think I’ll go ahead and stop leaving my valuables in there.

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These 40 Seconds Of One Puppy Helping Another Will Melt Your Heart

The Beatles were probably talking about this little dynamic duo when they penned the lyrics, “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Okay, so maybe not, but they should have been!

When three-month-old Moo Ping saw that his best bud Khao Neaw was struggling to join him on his cushy bed, he got right to work. You see, the one-month-old girl wasn’t big enough to make the little leap, so Moo Ping hopped off and gave her a boost.

What a great guy! Now, snuggle up and enjoy your nap…

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When An Adorable Dog Crashed A Soccer Game, Everyone Fell In Love With Him

Interrupting a soccer game can be serious (and violent) business for both athletes and fans alike.

Thankfully, when the Paulistão championships were interrupted, fights didn’t erupt in the stands. Even though the teams were tied 0-0, when a frightened dog ran onto the field, everyone was on the dog’s side. Learning he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he ran away from the players and security trying to corral him.

Then suddenly, the Oeste and Capivariano teams, both from São Paulo, Brazil, worked together to help bring this dog to the help he needed. See for yourself, and get ready to smile!

Thanks to Alex Santos of Capivariano, who scooped him up, this adorable dog lived out a dream most soccer fans have: getting carried off the field in celebratory fashion by their favorite player.

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When These Hunters Came Across An Elephant Stuck In The Mud, They Had To Help

When a group of men on a buffalo hunt in Chirundu, Zimbabwe, came across a three-year-old elephant stuck in the mud, they dropped everything to rescue it.

The group was accompanied by professional photo guide named Norman Crooks, who captured the daring rescue on camera. While the elephant’s mother was nearby, she was unable to help her baby. As she stood snorting and grunting, the men tied a rope around the baby and began to pull it from the mud with the help of their Jeep. According to Crooks, there wasn’t much time to waste. The sun was beating down and the elephant was already exhausted from the struggle.

At any moment, the mother elephant could have charged and injured one of the men, but they risked it all to pull her baby out of the mud.

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Hooray! Thanks to these kind men, this cutie can go back to being her adorable self. Just watch out for the mud next time, okay?

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