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This Toddler Dressed As An Old Man For Halloween Is Surprisingly Believable

They say that during your lifetime, you go from being a baby to an adult back to a baby again when you’re old.

If you think about it, it’s kind of true — you go back to diapers, not being able to walk, and jumbling your words. While it’s not hard to picture an old man like a toddler, thinking of a little kid as an old man is pretty tough. They’re so giggly and full of life.

But just watch what happens when you dress a baby up as an elderly man and put a walker in front of him.

Okay, that is seriously the cutest baby/old man I’ve ever seen.

I kind of want to be like him when I grow up.

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This Graduating High School Senior Blew Everyone’s Mind As Soon As He Stepped Onstage

When JP Wallace was graduating high school, he didn’t want to phone in the ceremony.

In fact, he went so far as to accept his diploma AND do something his classmates would remember forever. When he stepped onstage, he also grabbed a microphone. What he did was high school history.

Just wait — you’re going to get CHILLS.

Now that’s how you go out on a high note!

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A Pair Of Cute Dogs Show Off Their Pitch-Perfect Music Skills

We’ve seen plenty of piano-playing dogs before, but most of the time they aren’t exactly musically talented. In the video below, however, we get to see a duo of fluff balls tickling the ivories…and boy are they good. Every time their owner plays a note, the dogs hit the exact same note. This is no small feat — most people have to study for years to master this skill.

We all knew dogs had incredible hearing, but this is something else!

I’d love to have these two play me a song with their pitch-perfect piano skills.

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She Dipped An Egg Into A Bowl Of Nail Polish…But Wait ‘Til You See The Result!

As a kid, you probably remember candy and coloring eggs for Easter.

The fun tradition is a great way to celebrate the holiday and adds some pizzazz to your house and Easter basket. But if you’re tired of the same, boring eggs, there are a few new ways to decorate yours to have them looking fabulous this year.

Please note: Coloring eggs this way may render them unsafe for consumption — consider these as decor eggs only!

Blow everyone’s egg-spectations away for your Easter egg hunt! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

What’s your favorite design out of these three choices?

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He Spent 3 Months Bedridden…No One Expected Him To Live A Normal Life Ever Again

Aches and pains are very much a part of everyday life.

Whether it’s a stubbed toe or lower back pain from sitting in front of a computer all day, these spasms can cause minor discomfort, but they’re not enough to prevent us from living our lives to the fullest.

For far more serious aches and pains, the same cannot be said.

While some resort to pain medications, that is hardly a solution to any chronic discomfort. There are a number of treatment options, such as physical therapy or chiropractic services, but there’s never a 100 percent guarantee that they’ll be successful…

Meet Muntathar Altaii, a teenager suffering from excruciating pain caused by a failed attempt at removing a tree root from his backyard.

After spending three months bedridden, Altaii reached out to the Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia. This was his last resort, after all previous practitioners refused to work on him for fear of making his condition worse.

Altaii was experiencing severe spinal kyphosis, leaving him with little to no feeling in his right leg.

The unbearable pain the teen felt left him slouched over and unable to walk more than a few feet at a time.

After running a series of tests, Dr. Ian was able to better cater to Altaii’s needs.

Amazingly, after just one day of therapy, the young man saw a small improvement in his condition.

Day after day, he returned to Gonstead Chiropractic to endure painful realignment sessions that would hopefully set him down a path to full recovery.

Dr. Ian was able to relieve a large bit of strain on Altaii’s spinal nerves with a simple neck realignment.

After just a week’s worth of treatments, Altaii was able to stand taller than he had in nearly four months.

By the final day of treatment, he was almost unrecognizable compared to the hunched-over teen that had first walked through Dr. Ian’s doors.

He was finally able to stand tall and share a laugh with those who had helped him overcome his excruciating pain.

He even took to the floor to practice yoga.

Check out Muntathar’s miraculous recovery below!

Thanks to Dr. Ian from Gonstead Chiropractics, Altaii was able to walk across the stage at his high school graduation and hold his head high.

YouTube / Heru WIDJAJA

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This Teen With Down Syndrome Just Made History For His High School In One Play

What is your favorite memory from high school?

Unfortunately, for me, it was getting out of there and moving on to better things — I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience, and I’m sure many of you will agree. I have no huge victories besides graduating and I’m actually pretty okay with it, but I now wish that I had gotten more involved so I could have awesome memories to share — like the one this young man has.

Seth McGee was born with Down syndrome, but he has no limitations when it comes to playing his favorite sport at Ridgeland High School. During one of his football team’s games, he scored an amazing 65-yard touchdown — but it’s how everyone reacted that will blow you away!

He has such great friends.

I bet that was such an awesome moment for him — it’s definitely a story he’ll be retelling for many years to come. There’s nothing left to do but give the man and his team what they deserve.

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Animal Rescuers Find 5 Puppies Left To Die In The Freezing Cold

For many, especially animal lovers, the prospect of abandoning pets by the side of a road is unimaginable and cruel.

Yet hundreds of helpless animals find themselves on the street without any food or water every day. They often go days without eating before they’re found, and some are never found at all. Luckily, the five puppies in the video below were rescued by incredible people from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS).

After receiving a call about a plastic container on the side of the road, the MHS went to investigate. Inside they found five tiny puppies that were presumably left there to die. Rescuers quickly took them back to their facility for treatment.

Just wait until you see how they’re doing today!

It breaks my heart to think about the number of animals that find themselves in similar situations each year.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. One of these pups has been adopted and the other four are in foster care awaiting forever homes!

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No One Could Understand Why She Kept Her Baby, But She’s Still Inspiring Thousands

When Lacey Buchanan was pregnant, she had no idea what was in store for her.

She was excited to know that she was pregnant and that she was having a boy. But, as her baby grew, something went wrong. Doctors weren’t sure what was happening to the small child inside of her…

And many people suggested she abort the baby.

But this mother refused to give up on her unborn child (grab your tissues).

Once Christian was born, Lacey had to be even stronger.

People would stare, ask questions, and judge her family without knowing the truth. One person even told Lacey she was a horrible person for not aborting her son.

Although many may not understand this family’s situation, one thing is certain: they are an inspiration, even today.

But now? Her strength and the little video she made are still touching thousands of people.

This mother’s love and strength are truly amazing.

She refused to give up on her unborn child…and continued to be a source of love and support, even during hard times. Remember Lacey and Christian when you’re feeling down. Their lives aren’t easy, but they love each other and they are happy. These two are truly an inspiration!

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This Dog Won’t Leave Without Her Best Friend – Hilarious!

I’m a firm believer that most experiences are better when you have someone awesome to share them with.

Whether that’s a vacation, going to the movies, or just spending a day watching television, I rely on my best friends to be there when we’re making memories.

This dog also believes in the power of friendship. Watch as she resists her owner’s tugs to go on a walk, preferring instead to wait until her best dog pal can come along. Aww!

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Fortunately, it sounds like these two won’t be separated for long. Too cute!

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These Look Like Chicken Wings, But This Creation Is So Much More

Next game day, make something that even your healthiest friends will love!

Counting down the days to the big game can cause people a great deal of anxiety, whether you care about the score…or just want to make sure you keep your friends full and entertained.

Make it easy on yourself when it’s your turn to host and remember this simple spin on a classic game day food. Because with a bit of buffalo sauce and a secret ingredient, you’ll have them fighting like crazy over your food instead of the teams!

I want to eat all of this.

Because, let’s face it: buffalo sauce can make just about anything insanely delicious.

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