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This Tiny Device Is About To Totally Change The Way You Travel

Knowing only one language can really change the way you see the world, and it’s usually not for the better.

While some take the easy approach and just assume that everyone speaks English, others feel a little embarrassed about not being able to understand people from around the world in their mother tongues. After all, there are few things more beautiful than language, the form and function of which reveal so much about the people who speak it.

For those in the latter group who want to experience culture as authentically as possible, this device is about to shift your perspective on global travel.

Meet the Pilot. It’s a tiny, in-ear device that translates English, Spanish, French, and Italian in real time.

Developers from Waverly Labs hope to bridge cultural gaps by providing people with a program that’s easy to use while still being culturally respectful. They want to help us live life without borders.

Andrew Ochoa ideated the program when he met a French woman and immediately felt communicative distance between them.

The Pilot instantly translates conversations so that people who speak two different languages can talk without the clumsiness that typically comes along with such encounters.

All you have to do is give Pilot earbuds to both people involved and start chatting!

Best of all, the device and associated app work offline, so you won’t rack up roaming charges while using it abroad. Many compare the program to the Babel Fish from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

According to the story, “If you stick [a Babel Fish] in your ear, you can instantly understand anything said to you in any form of language.” The birth of this technology brings science-fiction to life.

It will only translate four languages upon release, but more will be added in the future with a focus on East Asian, African, Arabic, and Slavic languages. To learn more about the project, check this out!

(via Bored Panda)

The Pilot program will be released next fall, and each unit will retail for $129. If you’d like to preorder your own device so you can hit the ground running on your next European adventure, you can do so here.

Buon viaggio a tutti!

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11 Life Hacks That Every Pet Owner Should Start Using ASAP

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. But for all the good they bring us, sometimes we wish things could be a little easier. If only there were shortcuts for dealing with some of the negatives (cough — cleanup — cough) that come with having our furry friends around…

Well there are! From making their bed smell just like you to disguising their litter box as furniture, each one of these is sure to be a hit in your house soon.

1. Create a kitty litter scoop with a simple milk jug.

The sifting holes are made with a hole punch!

2. You might want to eat these frozen dog treats, too!

Grab the recipe here.

3. Combine vinegar and baking soda to get rid of pet stains.

4. Put your litter box in an IKEA wicker chest.

Learn how to make it here.

5. Use this lavender-infused concoction to naturally get rid of fleas.

6. Turn an old sweatshirt into a dog bed.

7. Use chalk or baby powder to keep ants out of pet food outside.

8. Build a dog crate that doubles as an end table!

9. Put a ball in your dog or cat’s food bowl to slow down a fast eater.

10. Put Vaseline on a dog’s cracked or dry paw pads. They won’t want to lick it off.

11. Run rubber gloves over couch cushions to get excess fur off.

(via One Crazy House)

Now we can stop worrying about all that shedding and start enjoying some time outdoors playing fetch!

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Hate Washing Dishes? These 17 Tips Will Make Your Life So Much Easier Then.

If there’s one thing I hate more than washing dishes…wait, nope. Can’t think of one!

Yep, dishwashing is basically the worst thing ever. When I lived in a tiny apartment in New York City, I was forced to wash my plates and silverware pretty much as soon as I finished using them in an effort to not wind up buried by them. (My kitchen was actually that small.) But that doesn’t mean I didn’t wish I could put it off until the end of time.

If you’re looking for an easier way to go about doing your dirty dishes, here are a few helpful tricks:

1. Instead of soaking your dishes in the sink, suds them up in a plastic bin outside the sink so that area is free for other dish-washing duties.

2. Speaking of soaking your dirty dishes — only do that if you’re hand-washing them. Just quickly rinse if you’re using a dishwasher.

It’s been proven that your detergent needs something to grab on to to really work the way it’s supposed to.

3. Wear rubber gloves.

They’ll protect your fingers from getting pruney or burnt from super-hot water.

4. Did you just grind up some seriously bad smelling scraps? These garbage disposal ice cubes will clean and get rid of the stench.

5. It sounds like the worst thing in the world but cleaning while you cook will save you time and annoyance in the long run.

Not only will you free up crucial counter space, you’ll also get to relax at the end of the meal.

6. If you run out of drying rack space, grab your oven racks and set them over your sink. Voila…more space!

7. You can also make a hidden drying rack in your cabinets.

8. Better yet, when you’re finished, just dry everything off. This looks almost as messy as the dirty dishes!

9. Save yourself some serious scrubbing time and get rid of burn marks on pots by filling them with cold water and two or three tablespoons of salt.

Let them sit overnight, bring the water to a boil the next day, drain, and wash like usual. You can also use vinegar and baking soda, if you don’t want to wait around.

10. Stop taking your blender apart to clean it. Do this instead.

11. Use cold water and soap to clean dairy and starchy messes.

Hot water just turns it into an even gunkier cleanup job.

12. There’s a right and a wrong way to load you dishwasher.

Plates and other dishes should be stacked facing the center of the washer, cups should rest between the tines (not on), and make sure silverware doesn’t nest by alternating placing them in handles up and down.

13. You can wash fine silverware in the dishwasher

The catch? If you’re washing other utensils, they need to be kept separate and not touching. Otherwise, the metals will react causing irreparable damage.

14. Wash fine crystal glasses with warm water…not too hot!

Super-hot water can damage and weaken the crystal.

15. Store your sponge in the dishwasher.

Not only will this keep your counter clean, you’ll get in the habit of running your sponge with the dishes, keeping it clean, too!

16. Clean you dishwasher by running it empty with vinegar and baking soda once in a while.

17. Lemonade Kool-Aid also does the trick!

There you have it…you’re basically going to be as boss as this guy is from now on.

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All You Need Are 3 Ingredients To Get Rid Of Your Fruit Fly Problem

Now that the summer is almost here, there’s one thing that’s sure to start annoying you again…flies.

While they don’t all bite, they are all annoying.

And that includes fruit flies! They might be a problem for you year-round, but they become especially prevalent in the summertime when you’re more likely to store tasty, fresh fruits and veggies in the open air.

While the first step to getting rid of fruit flies is to NOT DO THAT, the second weapon in your bug-be-gone arsenal is this super-easy trap.

And if mosquitoes are more of an issue for you, this DIY trap should do the trick:

Now you can really enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.

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16 Totally Unexpected Ways To Use Binder Clips In Your Daily Life

Did you know that binder clips weren’t actually invented for binders at all?

Yeah, they’re called binder clips because they were originally for binding sheets of paper together. Sure, they’re still good for their traditional use, but it’s pretty outdated considering we have binders, books, paper clips, staplers…you name it!

So what are binder clips good for these days? As it turns out…a ton of things!

That last one seems a little dangerous, but it’d be a pretty awesome competition to have in the office on a Friday — binder clip wars!

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With An Apple And A Wick, You Can Create An Adorable Candle In Under A Minute

Next time you’re without a candle when the lights go out, remember this incredibly easy trick. All you’ll need is an apple, some string, and a little bit of oil. If you can round up these items, you can create as many wonderful candles as you want!

While you probably shouldn’t eat the apples after you turn them into candles, these adorable lights will help you infuse your home with glowing warmth on a budget.

Candles can be expensive, so this alternative is perfect! You’ll have all the comfort you could possibly need without spending a fortune.

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He Covered His Floor In WD-40 And It Proved To Be Amazingly Helpful

WD-40 is traditionally used for fixing squeaky doors or greasing up bearings to make them run smoother, but the wonderful liquid can be utilized in a variety of ways — not just in the garage!

From cleaning floors to shining your laptop, here are some of the best uses for WD-40 that you never knew about.

Now that you know these tricks, your WD-40 can won’t be collecting dust under the sink anymore. Put that stuff to good use and make your house better for it.

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Awesome Holiday Life Hacks You’ll Want To Know This Winter

Getting your house ready for the holidays can be quite the hassle (no matter how fun it is in the processs). That’s why online geniuses like Alisha Marie have created some simple, but epic, ways to make the whole thing a lot easier.

You’re going to want to remember these tricks the next time you have to decorate your entire home!

If you want to be festive, work smart…not hard.

This year, the holiday Christmas party can be a piece of cake!

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Who Knew You Could Do So Many Awesome Things With Your Glue Gun?

Ah, the hot glue gun…every crafter’s ultimate tool.

We’re all familiar with what it’s meant to do — glue things together — but the little handheld appliance can be used for tons of other things! From creating beautiful wall art to helping you keep your clothes from falling off hangers…here’s how you can get the most out of your glue gun.

1. This genius drilled a little hole in their desk and glued their charger into it.

2. Prevent mold buildup inside bath toys by sealing them off with glue.

3. Go old-school and seal your envelopes like so.

4. Decorate bottles and paint them to create cute vases.

5. When you wrap your phone in a plastic bag and cover it with glue, you can make a cool, customized phone case.

6. If you work with clay, make cool designs on a rolling pin and the decorative options are endless!

7. Use silicone molds to make little pendants to attach to bobby pins, earrings, and more fun accessories.

8. This ring is easy to make and simple to customize!

9. You can make cool abstract art by replacing the glue sticks with crayons.

10. Cover wire to make beautiful home decor pieces that look like coral.

11. Make little kids’ indoor shoes slip-free by doing this to their soles.

12. Use it to make an awesome mask!

13. Grab some magnets and whatever else you want and easily make some fridge magnets.

14. Ensure that your wide-necked shirts never slip off your hangers again.

15. Craft your own fancy makeup brush cleaning boards.

16. You can basically turn your glue gun into a 3-D printer.

17. Glue some rope together and you get this cute basket!

Wow, I had no idea there were so many fun ways to use my glue gun!

What are you going to do first?

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10 Awesome Things You Can Do With All Those Carabiners You Have Sitting Around

If you’ve ever been to an event that sends you out the door with a goody bag, you’ve probably opened it to find a pen, a lanyard, and for whatever reason, a carabiner.

I personally never know what to do with them. And that’s a problem, since I have approximately 35,000 carabiners hogging space in my junk drawer and I am 100 percent an indoor person.

Fortunately, this guy just put together a little list of awesome carabiner hacks that are actually useful to those of us who definitely don’t scale mountains in our free time.

See? They’re not just for campers! Which of these tricks will you try?

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