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He Was Stuck In A Pipe For Over A Day, But No One Would Give Up On This Kitten

When customers outside a retail store began to hear cries from a nearby storm drain, they raced over to see what was the matter. To their disbelief, they quickly learned that a small kitten was stuck deep below the surface in a PVC pipe no bigger than eight inches. They did everything they could to save him, but it just wasn’t enough — they simply didn’t have the right tools.

But that’s not where the story ended…

Though he was cold and wet after the rescue, little Piper sure is lucky to be alive. Thanks to a crew of dedicated animal lovers in California, he can finally rest safe and sound!

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Man Launches Himself Into Traffic To Save Poor Kitten’s Life — What A Close Call!

Sometimes when animals are lost or scared, they don’t know what to do.

They might be frozen with fear, or they might run out into the middle of the road.

That’s just what happened to this tiny kitten in Russia. There’s no word on just how the kitten got there, but it wandered into a busy street with oncoming traffic and had an incredibly close call. One heroic man stopped his car and jumped out into the road to save the poor kitty — just in the nick of time.

What an amazing save! I’m sure that kitten is so grateful.

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What a kind soul. I know I’d do the same if I saw that poor baby in danger. This close call has to be seen to be believed, so share it with your animal-loving friends!

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11 Life Hacks That Every Pet Owner Should Start Using ASAP

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. But for all the good they bring us, sometimes we wish things could be a little easier. If only there were shortcuts for dealing with some of the negatives (cough — cleanup — cough) that come with having our furry friends around…

Well there are! From making their bed smell just like you to disguising their litter box as furniture, each one of these is sure to be a hit in your house soon.

1. Create a kitty litter scoop with a simple milk jug.

The sifting holes are made with a hole punch!

2. You might want to eat these frozen dog treats, too!

Grab the recipe here.

3. Combine vinegar and baking soda to get rid of pet stains.

4. Put your litter box in an IKEA wicker chest.

Learn how to make it here.

5. Use this lavender-infused concoction to naturally get rid of fleas.

6. Turn an old sweatshirt into a dog bed.

7. Use chalk or baby powder to keep ants out of pet food outside.

8. Build a dog crate that doubles as an end table!

9. Put a ball in your dog or cat’s food bowl to slow down a fast eater.

10. Put Vaseline on a dog’s cracked or dry paw pads. They won’t want to lick it off.

11. Run rubber gloves over couch cushions to get excess fur off.

(via One Crazy House)

Now we can stop worrying about all that shedding and start enjoying some time outdoors playing fetch!

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When You See Just What Is Cuddling With This Cat, Your Heart Will Completely Melt

When Maggie Szpot and her family found a stray orange tabby kitten, they knew he had to become a member of the family. He was all alone in the world and without any friends, and it was their job to change that. They gave him a new name, Ranj, and began creating a loving environment for him to grow up in.

It wasn’t long though before Maggie wanted to rescue two other animals who needed a home. The pet rats, named Peanut and Mocha, had also won her heart. Though she questioned whether Ranj would behave or try to eat the little ladies, she was surprised by how the trio got along!

See for yourself and you’ll instantly understand.

Still not convinced? This should fix that…

Though Mocha never quite warmed up to Ranj, Peanut and the cat became adorably inseparable!

“If Ranj went to eat out of his food bowl, Peanut would come and eat with him,” Szpot told The Dodo. “I think those were the cutest moments, when Peanut was so determined to be with Ranj that she would overcome all kinds of obstacles to be with him.”

(via The Dodo)

Sadly, the friendship between these two couldn’t last forever. Pet rats have a very short lifespan at only two years, and in 2010 Peanut passed away. Though Ranj will never have a friend quite as special as Peanut, he can live with the knowledge that together the two had an incredible time. And that’s certainly enough for anyone.

If you’d like to follow along with Ranj’s story today, and even see what he’s up to with a new furry friend, be sure to check out his Facebook and YouTube pages!

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He Surprised His Girlfriend With A Kitten, And Her Reaction Is Just The Greatest

Getting a new fur baby is a big responsibility. That’s why Elijah, the guy behind Just A Skinny Boy, told his girlfriend they should wait a bit.

But that was just a ruse. He really wanted to surprise her with her very own kitten, and when he found the perfect one, his plan was ready to go into action.

Watch how his girlfriend reacts when she sees Milo for the first time — it’s absolutely adorable!

Surprises are just the best, but ones with furry, fluffy ears and paws really top the chart.

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This Kitten Looks Frightened ALL The Time (And He’s Precious)

It might look like this cat is totally petrified of life, but he’s not. That’s just his face.

He was born with absolutely huge eyes. His eyes are so big, in fact, that he can’t even close them when he sleeps. Most cats born with this condition have to undergo surgery, but so far, Herman is a healthy, loving kitty.

If nothing else, he’s a far cry from his kitten days, when the sickly little guy had to be hand fed to ensure his survival. The question on everyone’s minds, I’m sure, is this: How do you know he’s sleeping? Well, his mom says it’s easy to tell because he snores!

Meet Herman. Try not to die from the cuteness.

Need more Herman? I thought so.

I know what you’re all thinking because I’m thinking it, too. Where do I find one of these kitties for myself?

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When This Kitten Got Lonely, She Did The Cutest Thing To Get To Her Friend

As cute as that puppy is in the pet store window, there’s a sad truth behind that glass.

If they weren’t plucked from a terrible puppy mill, odds are, they weren’t raised in much better conditions either. When they make it to the pet store, they’re kept in tiny enclosures, very rarely getting to interact with other animals or humans.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t try their darndest to be around other fur friends. Take this one lonely kitten in a pet store in Taiwan.

When a puppy pal next door was presumably feeling down in the dumps, the cute kitten went to drastic measures to cheer him up.

Watch what happens next…

I’m so glad the little fuzzball made it to the puppy. He was clearly pumped to see her. I hope someone buys them together so they can make tons more beautiful memories.

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A Man Heard Crying Coming From A Trash Can. And I’m So Glad He Looked Inside!

Derek, a man from Brooklyn, was walking down the street one day when he heard meow-like cries for help coming from a nearby trash can. He went to explore it and what he found was that it was empty except for a small, knotted black trash bag. Derek reached in and tore the bag open. Lo and behold, there was a a kitten inside of it, barely alive.

The shelters and rescue centers were closed for the night so Derek nurtured the kitten, which he nicknamed Gina Fortunado, until the morning. The next day Gina was handed over to professionals who will raise her until she can be lovingly adopted…hopefully by Derek! How anyone could be so heartless to throw a kitten into a trash can I’ll never know, but luckily there are plenty of good people like Derek around to lend a hand to those in need, no matter how small the creature. Source: YouTube Share Derek’s and Gina Fortunado’s story with your friends below.

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This Cat Means Business When He Goes To The Bathroom Inside

I like to keep a clean home. Mostly it’s because if I don’t, my dog will tear apart any stray item.

While my pup doesn’t often venture into the restroom, my tidiness even extends into the bathroom. I don’t like toilet paper on the floor, I make sure to always wash my hands, etc.

Typically, I don’t think of pets as being particularly picky about how they go to the bathroom…after all, they’re usually outside, in dirt, and some even roll around in it after. Then again, there are always exceptions to the rule — and Viiru the cat is one of them.

Nothing to see here…just a cat using a toilet.

When Viiru is done, he makes sure to cover his scent with other odors…

Then it’s time for toilet paper. Correction: ALL the toilet paper.

Watch Viiru’s hilarious bathroom routine — the end is probably the best part!

Previously, I didn’t want a cat because I’d have to keep a litter box. Viiru has opened me up to a whole new pet option!

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He Took His Cat To A Dog Show — And What Happened Is Obviously Adorable

How does your cat spend its afternoons? Probably with a good nap, playing with some toys, maybe even tormenting the mail carrier

But for Boomer the Bengal cat, he’d rather spend the day showing off his training. And what better place to do it…than at a dog show!

Boomer’s been taught by a professional trainer to walk around on a leash greeting other animals, but when he does it at a dog show, some might contend that he becomes the life of the party, not the pooches!

That little nose boop that he offers to every new pup is just too adorable!

More dogs and cats need to be BFF.

(Although maybe not all of them.)

Serious shade being thrown by the weenie dog.

Who said dogs and cats don’t get along?

Your heart is going to melt from all of the cuteness!

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