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Animal Rescuers Were Shocked When This Stray Dog Walked Up To Them

Our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited have seen just about everything when it comes to stray dogs in desperate need of help — but when this pup, suffering from a life-threatening abscess on his face, ran right up to them during his rescue, they were shocked. His face was so swollen it was about twice the size it normally should be!

After seeing the state the poor dog was in when they first discovered him, you’ll hardly believe that it’s the same pooch at the end.

This sweetheart would have perished if it weren’t for these kind people rushing in and saving him.

If you’d like to help make more amazing rescues like this one possible, please consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited here. Every dollar helps!

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This SWAT Deputy Has Dealt With Many Scary Situations Before…But Nothing Like This

With everything that’s been going on in the country lately, Texas SWAT Deputy Mark Diebold had started to doubt himself as a police officer. One morning, he decided to pray to God to send him a sign that he should continue on his chosen career path. Hours later, Diebold got a sign unlike any other.

While out on patrol, the deputy pulled over a large black car only to discover that the man driving was speeding in order to get his very pregnant wife to the hospital. Having faced plenty of scary situations in the past, Diebold says what happens next left him feeling more terrified than ever. Right there in the parking lot of a gas station, the brave deputy was called upon to help deliver a healthy baby girl into the world.

Helping strangers in such an incredible way lifted Diebold’s spirits. Carry on with the good work, officer!

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92-Year-Old Woman Has Served Food And Inspiration To Generations Of Students

Ninety-two-year-old Angelina Narcisse has been serving food and inspiration for an incredible 62 years at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. The sweet woman with a heart of gold is everyone’s favorite lunch lady and with good reason. Narcisse never went to school herself, so she can neither read nor write, but she’s a professor when it comes to dishing out sage words of wisdom to her students.

The great-great-great-grandmother raised 10 children, but thousands more have come to know her as “ma” over the decades.

This just goes to show that kindness goes a long way towards inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves.

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Wild Dog With Its Head Stuck In A Plastic Jar Receives A Helping Hand

Stray dogs raised on the streets or in the wild quickly learn how to fend for themselves. That often means digging through trash to find even the tiniest scraps of food, and burrowing into piles of garbage for shelter. That desperation to survive can sometimes lead to tragedy.

The good people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a wild dog living next to a trash-filled river that had been spotted with its head stuck in a plastic jar. It took a bit of searching, but eventually, they found the pup walking in the woods. The poor thing was barely able to breathe.

Watching the dog run free at the end put the biggest smile on my face! Due to the extreme number of stray dogs, Animal Aid Unlimited can only bring animals in the most desperate need of help back to their center, which is why they had to let this pup go after rescuing it.

If you’d like to support them, please visit their site and donate! They do truly wonderful work.

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Animal Rescuers Find 5 Puppies Left To Die In The Freezing Cold

For many, especially animal lovers, the prospect of abandoning pets by the side of a road is unimaginable and cruel.

Yet hundreds of helpless animals find themselves on the street without any food or water every day. They often go days without eating before they’re found, and some are never found at all. Luckily, the five puppies in the video below were rescued by incredible people from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS).

After receiving a call about a plastic container on the side of the road, the MHS went to investigate. Inside they found five tiny puppies that were presumably left there to die. Rescuers quickly took them back to their facility for treatment.

Just wait until you see how they’re doing today!

It breaks my heart to think about the number of animals that find themselves in similar situations each year.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. One of these pups has been adopted and the other four are in foster care awaiting forever homes!

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Volunteers Are Recycling Old Plastic Bags To Make Sleeping Mats For The Homeless

As the winter weather becomes more frigid each day, homeless shelters across the country prepare themselves for their busiest time of year. Facilities quickly fill to capacity with those in need seeking protection and warmth. Unfortunately, that can mean more people under their roofs than beds, leaving many with only the floor to sleep on.

A group of volunteers from Faith Westwood United Methodist Church in Omaha, Nebraska, have found a helpful solution by recycling a simple product: plastic bags.

Each week, they crochet thousands of bags into durable sleeping mats for the shelters in their area.

The kind act not only helps those seeking comfort, but keeps the bags from clogging up landfills.

One volunteer, Marilynn Jones, has already crafted over 200 mats on her own, but she isn’t keeping track.

Jones learned to crochet from her grandmother 70 years ago and only cares that her skill is being put to good use for her community. She explained to local news, “I don’t like to just crochet for an afghan or something. That doesn’t help me. I just need to do something for someone else.”

If you’re interested in following her lead in your area, check out this tutorial for creating the mats. And, of course, make sure nearby shelters are in need before making your donations.

(via Yahoo Makers, KMVT)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got plenty of bags waiting in your kitchen. They seem to multiply on their own into an avalanche of plastic. Now’s your chance to put them to much better use than gathering dust in the cupboard.

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What This Police Officer Ended Up Doing For A Homeless Girl Will Make You Smile

This is the heartwarming moment a California police officer tried to brighten an 11-year-old homeless girl’s day with a fun game of hopscotch.

Huntington Beach Police Officers Zach Pricer and Scott Marsh were responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle when they realized that a homeless child and her mother were living in the car. While Marsh contacted the Homeless Task Force and discussed housing arrangements with the mother, Pricer found a perfect way to entertain the girl…

Officer Pricer is priceless! A job well done to the HBPD. We wish the best of luck to the mother and her little girl.

Good Samaritan’s Random Act Of Kindness Feeds And Stuns 88 People.

One customer at a Texas Chick-fil-A took “paying it forward” to a whole new level when the Good Samaritan told staff at the fast food restaurant he wanted to leave a thousand dollars with them to pay for as many customers as that would possibly serve. As it turns out, that was enough to feed the next 88 customers.

This act of kindness completely stunned both staff and customers alike who seemed to really take this nice gesture to heart. The good Samaritan himself didn’t want to be named and only said he wanted to make sure people would enjoy their Monday, as he knew the start of the work week could be tough on a lot of people.

(Source: Pronews 7)

The best part of this whole thing is how the people being interviewed took his kindness to heart, and acknowledged that we all need to be kinder to others around us.