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Jurassic World Suite at Royal Pacific at Universal Orlando Resort

We tour the amazing Jurassic World Suites at Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando Resort.

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He Had To Build An Enclosure For His Tortoise, So He Really Pulled Out All The Stops

Have you ever seen a movie and found yourself wishing you lived in that world after the credits rolled?

Unfortunately for us, adulthood isn’t really conducive to turning our homes into movie-themed paradises. Oliver Turpin, for example, loves “Jurassic Park.” Although he couldn’t very well turn his own home into a scene from this action-packed movie, there was nothing stopping him from creating a miniature version of the set for his tortoise Louie.

What pet wouldn’t love feeling like a big, bad monster from another era? If you have a turtle or a tortoise at home, let the critter play pretend in an enclosure like this one!

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