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Learn The Easiest Way To Seal A Bag Without A Chip Clip — Who Knew?!

Unless you plan on eating every bag of chips you open in one sitting, resealing your snack is paramount if you plan on enjoying fresh chips down the road. Then again, if you’ve run out of bag clips or simply don’t own any, this can be a tall ask. Do you risk your chips going stale? What if bugs crawl in the bag and start having a feast of their own?

Fear not! There is a way to seal your chips without a clip. Check out how to do it below.

That looks insanely simple. I’m never buying a bag clip again! What a waste of money! The question is, what am I going to do with the millions I’ll save by not buying bag clips?

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This Dad Couldn’t Contain Himself When He Found Out The Gender Of His Unborn Child

Gender-reveal parties are all the rage these days. People are constantly coming up with new ways to reveal the big news, making use of elaborate decorations and dyed cakes to let loved ones know whether they’re welcoming a new baby girl or boy into this world.

One clever mom managed to keep the gender of her baby secret from the little one’s father. Before the party, she asked a baker to dye the cake blue so that Dad could dig in during the party. He completely lost it when he sliced the cake and learned that after having four girls, he was about to have a son.

He totally broke down! It doesn’t get much cuter than that. It’s clear that he loves his kids more than anything.

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Every Time He Goes To A Hotel, He Does This In The Room It’ll Save You Headaches

Staying in a hotel room can be a bit of a creepy experience if you really think about it.

Many people in the world have reservations about staying in hotels because they think about everything that might have happened in the room before they checked in. They don’t want to get the cooties of a previous guest and, to be honest, it’s difficult to tell if a hotel room is really clean.

If you’re just worried about bedbugs, though, there is a simple way to put your mind at ease while staying at a hotel.

He does this every time he goes to a hotel.

Seems simple enough! Be sure to do this the next time you are staying in a hotel or a motel. It’ll save you some headaches and it’ll save you from getting bedbugs in some cases.

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She Cut Up Some Old Bottles, Bought A Cheap Trellis, And Made An Indoor Garden!

Winter is a very dreary time for people with green thumbs, what with almost all the vegetation that grows outside dead or dying.

But fear not, amateur botanists! Here is an awesome way to make an indoor garden that should tide you over until spring. It’s incredibly easy to make and quite aesthetically pleasing.

Check out that beautiful, indoor vertical garden! Don’t you want to make one of your own now? You absolutely should! That lady has enough character and charisma to inspire all of us to start gardening.

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This Perspective Painting Will Break Your Mind Into Little Pieces

Sometimes you see a piece of art that completely blows your mind. It’s a feeling that can leave you breathless.

And this painting has that effect on almost everyone who sees it. It’s an amazing creation that changes as you walk past it. It seems simple enough, but when you think of the work that had to go into creating something so incredible, it’s an experience unlike any other.

How does someone even learn to do that? Kudos to this artist for making people around the world lose their minds!

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There’s A Way To Instantly Turn Water Into Ice Whoa!

Transforming water into ice instantly sounds like something you’d only see in a superhero comic. It’s so absurd and unrealistic that it couldn’t possibly be a thing that we can do in real life, right?

Except…we can.

Using purified water, you can transform regular H2O into ice with just a flick of your fingers. Don’t believe us? You really need to see it to believe it.

This process is only possible with purified water. Non-filtered water is typically full of impurities which cause the crystallization process. Because purified water doesn’t have those particles, there’s nothing for the molecules to latch onto.

Purified water can be supercooled to -40°C before it freezes without help. Once it hits the open air or another piece of ice, it will start to freeze.

(via Design Taxi)

Get ready to feel like a superhero with this super-cooled water. Start freezing everything in sight! Well, maybe not…that could end badly.

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This Grandpa Loves Building Wagons, And You’ll Melt When You See Who Gets Them

Moving children around hospitals is a complicated task. They are hooked up to all kinds of machines, and it’s hard to tell playful little ones to wander around calmly and quietly in a situation that’d be too difficult for most adults to bear.

A man named Roger Leggett took notice of this while his granddaughter was in the hospital fighting a brain tumor. He decided that there had to be a better way to safely transport these kiddos and still help them feel like normal children. Leggett and his son, Chad, started building little red wagons with IV poles in them. Unfortunately, Chad died of a heatstroke shortly after they began the project, and Roger had all but given up on the endeavor because he was heartbroken.

That’s when his colleagues at Lockheed Martin stepped in to lend a helping hand. The wagons have become incredibly popular in children’s hospitals in the Atlanta area, and even around the world!

After losing his son, Roger almost gave up on the wagon project. Fortunately, some kind friends stepped in to help him.

The red wagons have become a hit in children’s hospitals across the country! The kids can’t get enough of them, and they bring so much joy into their lives.

(via NBC News)

Even in the face of tragedy, Roger Leggett found a way to help people in his community. That’s what being a Good Samaritan is all about.

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This Pakistani Firefighter Does Something Amazing In His Free Time

All firefighters are dedicated to helping people in their communities, but this man goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Mohammed Ayub is a firefighter in Pakistan, and what he does for children in his town goes beyond pulling them to safety (although he’s amazing at doing that, too). He keeps them safe in a multitude of ways by empowering them with knowledge.

In his spare time, Ayub teaches children in the capital city of Islamabad so that they can fulfill their destinies and live their lives to the fullest.

“We’re the children of poor parents. Without an education, we’ll wander the streets clearing rubbish. It’s not our destiny to clear rubbish.”

Millions of children around the world are unable to get the educations they deserve, which is what makes Mohammed Ayub’s work so important. By giving these kids a few hours of his time every day, he equips them with the tools they’ll need to reach their goals later in life.

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This Cafe Offers More Than Coffee It Also Has Cuddles With Puppies On The Menu

What would make your morning coffee just that much better? What makes everything better, of course…dogs!

Yes, our prayers have been answered! After being overshadowed by countless cat and owl cafes around the world, a new coffee shop has soft launched in Silver Lake, California, that is going to change the game for good. The country’s first dog cafe is set to officially open on April 7!

Aptly named The Dog Cafe, this coffee shop allows its patrons to buy a cup of joe and enjoy it while hanging out with some of the area’s rescue dogs — all of whom are up for adoption.

The Dog Cafe hopes to change how people view and go about adopting pups. Customers get to interact with a pooch before deciding whether or not they want to take that dog home.

The no-pressure, relaxed environment is perfect for those considering adoption. Plus, if you just want to play with some dogs, you can do it while getting your caffeine fix!

Either way, the dogs benefit because they become socialized and comfortable with being around humans and other pups.

The price to enter the café is $10/hour. With that payment, you get complimentary tea or coffee and an awesome time.

For now, entrance is on a first-come, first-served basis, but after April 7, it’s recommended that you make reservations on their website.

Learn more about the great work they’re doing here!

(via People Pets)

If you’re a dog lover or know someone who is in the Los Angeles area, you definitely need to check this place out!

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This A Cappella Version Of ‘Hotel California’ Is Dope, And The Guy In Red KILLS IT

“Hotel California” is one of the most iconic rock songs of the 1970s. The Eagles released this masterpiece in 1977, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone today who hasn’t heard it at least once. From the dark meaning behind the lyrics to the instantly recognizable riffs, this jam has it all.

But you’ve never heard it like this.

These six men formed an a cappella group and decided not only to do a cover of the song, but to knock it way out of the park.

If the thought of missing out on that famous guitar solo bums you out, have no fear. Just keep watching.

(via Shareably)

That guy can seriously shred, and he doesn’t even need a guitar to do it! It takes so much work to reinvent a beloved song like this, and these guys pulled it off beautifully.

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