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This Silly Dog Clearly Thinks He’s The Cutest Ambulance Ever.

This dog’s reaction to hearing a Japanese ambulance siren is just too adorable.

As the speeding ambulance comes to an intersection and slows down, the dog, hearing the noise of the siren, joins in with the biggest howl, keeping that high note surprisingly long!

(Source: Yamato Suzuki)

The dog probably just thought the Twilight Bark was going down and wanted to help send the message along, like the helpful little guy that he is.

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This Man Was Getting Into A Cab…But It Looks Like He Wasn’t Alone

If you take taxis on a regular basis, then you probably have at least a few stories about riding with unsavory people.

But have you ever shared a cab with a ghost? Unfortunately for this man, he may be able to say yes.

It was a normal day for him as he was waiting for a taxi in Japan. But as one pulled up and he began walking toward it, something very unsettling followed him in. If I was him, I would get my own car and never ride in one of those terror mobiles ever again.

Watch closely as he starts walking…

Whether you believe it’s real or not, I have one piece of advice for you — always check behind you…

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10 Reasons Why The Giant Spider Crab Is The Crustacean Of Your Nightmares.

As land dwelling mammals, we humans know that the oceans are deep, dark, and full of terrifying creatures. One of the most frightening creatures around is the Giant Spider Crab, also known as the Japanese Spider.

While these bad boys aren’t are huge and scary as some crabs out there, they are still pretty darn creepy. Here are 10 reasons why the Giant Spider Crab is most terrifying crustacean of the deep.

1.) They’re giant.

This is the first thing you’ll notice about the Giant Spider Crab (it’s also in the name). These things can have a leg span up to 12 feet, and can weigh up to 42 pounds. They could easily eat a human child if they wanted to. 

2.) They dwell in the depths. 

Giant Spider Crabs call the deep, dark depths of the ocean their homes. Their normal habitat is between depths of 490 and 980 feet or more. This means they’re tough and very well adapted to the harsh ocean environment. 

3.) Its claws can cause some serious damage.

When Giant Spider Crabs were discovered in 1836, Coenraad Jacob Temminck noted that they were known for the serious injures they can cause with their strong claws. Not to mention they have a huge reach. 

4.) They’re hard to catch. 

They’re notoriously hard to catch because they dwell at such dark depths. There is a single fishery in Japan that harvests the crab year round, except during mating season. 

5.) They taste delicious. 

Apparently in parts of Japan, the Giant Spider Crab is eaten and considered a delicacy. I’m still not sure I could enjoy eating one of these. I wonder if they look any less terrifying once they’re cooked.  

6.) Long Life Cycle.

This one might be the most freaky fact of all. These Giant Spider Crabs are thought to live to 100 years old. Compared to humans, they’re pretty much immortal. Great.

7.) They’ll eat pretty much anything.

At the bottom of the ocean, Giant Spider Crabs pretty much eat anything smaller than they are. This includes fish, algae, and other plants. They’re also known to be good scavengers.

8.) They look like they’re right out of a horror film.

If you haven’t caught on by now, these Giant Spider Crabs are named as such because they look like spiders. I’m not sure I could think of anything more terrifying than a giant, underwater spider with claws. 

9.) They’re smarter than they look. 

In the wild, Giant Spider Crabs are fair game for even bigger octopi (which is a terrifying article for another day). So as a way of protecting themselves from these predators, they’re known to decorate their shells with sponges and other animals in order to blend in with their surroundings.

10.) They’re friendly (sort of).

According to people who worked with/experienced the Giant Spider Crab firsthand, they’re unusually gentle creatures. However, I’m not sure I believe them. Maybe it’s some sort of evil, crab plot for world domination.

If you’re not convinced that the Giant Spider Crab is terrifying, check out a couple of videos of them in action.

Here’s a video of one Giant Spider Crab attacking a diver. They don’t seem so gentle to me. Yikes.

I am now afraid of Giant Spider Crabs, and you should be, too. Though I can imagine that they probably taste really good. 

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This Adorable Farm In Japan Must Be The Happiest Place On Earth, Judging By The Photos

Some might argue that there are few things cuter than a litter of tiny kittens. Others could contend that a playful mini pony is one of those very things.

Ask us to choose who wins and we’ll be here for a while deliberating. But here’s one way to settle this intense debate…put the two together!

Well, this farm in Saku City, Japan, did just that. If you’re still undecided about if this is, in fact, the cutest thing ever, just watch for yourself…this video is all the proof we need, at least.

This pony is either loving the attention or is just too tired to get up — either way, this is TOO MUCH.

Oh, hey random capybara. This little dude is probably just jealous of all the kitten cuddles going on.

Look at that grin.

Watch the entire fury cuddle session here.

(via BuzzFeed)

If you’d like to catch more adorable farmhouse shenanigans, just visit their YouTube page here.

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3 Places for Solo Travelers – Travel Channel

Learn why these 3 destinations are perfect for the solo tourist.

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Rush Hour In Tokyo Is Something You Truly Have To See To Believe

One of the absolute worst parts about driving or taking public transportation is getting caught in rush hour.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost lost it after getting stuck in slow-moving traffic. However, I’m well-aware that it could get much, much worse in different places — especially Japan.

Referring to Tokyo subway passengers as sardines wouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination, because they pack themselves so tightly in the trains that the doors sometimes won’t even close.

This would be a nightmare for anyone with claustrophobia.

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Well, that definitely puts things in perspective. I’m going to think twice before I ever complain about traffic again!

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17 Of The Weirdest, Inexplicable Toys Ever Sold In Japan

It’s no secret that there are some very strange and creepy toys out there.

But while some look like innocent mistakes that companies may have overlooked during production, others are just plain bizarre and simply cannot be explained.

The following Japanese toys are perfect examples of this, because whoever created them has a seriously weird sense of what fun really is.

1. I’d really rather not, thanks.

2. What’s more fun than a roadkill cat?

3. This is supposedly a piggy bank, but that mouth sure is creepy.

4. This figurine was found in a Japanese toy store.

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5. This robotic cockroach is the perfect way to freak out everyone you know.

6. Nothing says having a good time like playing Russian roulette with the kids.

7. This strange toy allows you to poke inside a box to play with digital characters.

YouTube / twrarmitage

8. Who doesn’t love playing with a barfing cat?

9. The H-bouya toy is designed to plug into your USB port, and its eyes turn red and blink every time the “h” button is pressed on your keyboard. The disturbing part about this is that the “h” in the name may also mean “erotic” in Japanese.

10. The Sega robot cat responds to touch and engages in real-life cat behavior. Some of them even talk, like the creepy feline below.

11. Yes, Japan has turned Obama into an action figure.

12. This God Jesus robot acts as a Magic 8-Ball and answers all your questions while holding a cross.

13. Why eat edamame beans when you can play with them on a key chain?

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14. This is an inflatable swan that you apparently wear on your crotch. Oh, and it honks when squeezed.

15. We’ve clearly been potty-training our little ones all wrong in the U.S.

16. When you hurl the Lokuloku pig toy at a hard surface, it turns into a puddle of goo and then amazingly bounces back to its original shape.

YouTube / gwblackwell

17. This would be really adorable, if not for the super-unsettling tag attached.

(via Oddee)

Well, that was definitely interesting, to say the least. Would you buy any of these odd toys?

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Even If You Hate Cigarettes, You’ll Want To Go To This Cigarette Shop.

Okay, listen, we would never encourage you to start a smoking habit. Cigarettes are gross and unhealthy, we know. But, we definitely encourage you to check out this cigarette shop in Japan where you’ll be greeted by the cutest cashier ever: a shiba-inu dog. 

The small shop is called Suzuki and draws in tourists as well as regular customers to its Tokyo location all because of this adorable pup who lives there with his owner. And you can’t blame them. Take a look while I go check out the price of a ticket to Japan.

“Hi, what can I get for ya?”

Waiting for customers.

Check out the little figurines of him on the right!

The friendliest cashier you’ll ever meet.

And the CUTEST.

Probably the only employee who can get away with napping on the job.

(via Bored Panda)

Check out this video a tourist uploaded of the cutie in action:

Sure we have bodega cats here, but this is so much better. Share all the adorable with your friends using the buttons below!

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This Is How They Get Everyone On The Subway In Japan…And It’s Crazy

If you take subways on a regular basis, then you know how uncomfortable things can get when too many people board one train.

I’m extremely thankful to have a car in a city where driving isn’t totally impossible, because I hate when I’m forced to stand way too close to other people. That’s why if I ever visit Tokyo, Japan, I’m making it my mission to never take the subway.

Tokyo subways are incredibly crowded, even with trains coming about every five minutes. This problem is so severe, in fact, that workers have to literally push and shove riders inside the doors to get everyone to fit. If you have claustrophobia, you may want to skip the video below.

Just watching this is making me feel anxious.

Because of the sheer number of people who ride subways in Japan, stations used to hire oshiya, or pushers, for the sole purpose of forcing riders onto trains.

Getty Images

Although this job is a thing of the past, subway workers still have to help push passengers during rush hour.

Getty Images

And obviously, there is absolutely zero personal space inside the trains.

(via Amusing Planet)

Well, after all of those unsettling visuals, I know exactly what to say if anyone asks me to take the subway with them.

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Incredible Kids Help Adults Rediscover What It Feels Like To Dream

Have you forgotten what it’s like to be a dreamer?

That’s the important question representatives from Japanese skincare brand SK-II asked a group of women in this poignant advertising campaign. The aim of the ad is to encourage consumers to dream again, to reconnect with their forgotten ambitions, and to look past societal expectations.

The video starts with several women sitting down in what they assume is a one-on-one counseling session. Little do they know, however, that the thought-provoking questions they’re being asked are coming directly from children.

With their innocent and untroubled outlook on life, these kids inspire us to reconnect with our passions. Just remember that no dream is too big. You can make anything happen!

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