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State Troopers Hilariously Lip-Sync While Patrolling A State Fair

While riding around in a golf cart, patrolling the fairgrounds on the last day of the Indiana State Fair, these Indiana State Troopers decided to have some fun and make a video to celebrate the occasion. The cops went all Danny and Sandy, reminiscing about their “Summer Nights” by lip-syncing the iconic song from “Grease.”

When asked about the viral video, Jonathan Amburgey said, “The State Fair is a time that we have the opportunity to interact with the public in a way that we normally don’t get to. We wanted to show people that we aren’t robots. We have a personality, we like to laugh, and most of all, we like to make other people laugh.”

Well done guys. As far as laughter goes, you hit the nail on the head!

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This Kid Is All Of Us When We’re Tired AND Hungry…Too Funny!

Sometimes after a particularly long day, it’s all I can do to just eat something and then pass out instantly.

Then again, I don’t have the mad skills that this kid does. During Thanksgiving dinner with his family, the adorable little boy was exhausted. But that definitely wasn’t going to stop him from chowing down.

Watch the little guy master the fine art of eating while sleeping…

This is impressive.

How efficient is that? I’m gonna have to practice really hard to get to his level…Better start now!

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Watching This Person Try To Parallel Park Is A Nightmare. Please Take Their License.

Watching this video will immediately bring two questions to mind: “How did this person become a licensed driver?” and “Really?” (repeated throughout). In this miserable motorist’s defense, parallel parking is a lot more difficult than, say, driving down the open highway, but, you know what? Nothing can defend this ludicrous display of poor parking. Unless they were blindfolded or something. Yeah, maybe they were blindfolded! Take a look for yourself and see if you can spot any fabric covering the driver’s eyes.

I’m embarrassed to call myself their fellow driver. Maybe they should think about calling a cab next time. It’s got to be cheaper than paying all of the tickets they’re no doubt getting. Share this post using the button below.

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A Dad Wanted To Play With His Son, But He Didn’t Want To Get Up – So He Had An Idea

Dads like playing with their kids. It’s part of being a father. And it’s no secret that lots of dads love teaching their kids to play sports. That being said, being a parent is rough, and dads sometimes just want to relax.

This guy knows a thing or two about that. His son wanted to play ball, but he was beat. That’s why he came up with this genius tactic that allows him to play baseball with his kid and be the laziest human being of all time.

I don’t know if that dad is a genius or just a painfully lazy dude. We can only hope that this is a once-in-a-while situation.

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Behold, The Beautiful, Majestic Horse…Who Farts While It Naps

If you’ve ever met a bona fide horse person, you know that they think the world of the majestic creatures. To them, they aren’t just animals — they are partners, and horse people care very deeply for their equine friends. When a horse is mentioned, a starry-eyed look might wash across a horse lover’s face. They see these animals as infallible.

But…they have to know that horses fart while they sleep, right?

Seems too ridiculous to be true, I know. If you don’t believe me, though, just watch this video.

I mean, I guess they’re still pretty majestic, but it just goes to show…no one is perfect!

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This Cow Was Bored One Day, So He Decided To Make His Own Fun

For one cow named Ghost, staying in shape over the winter is top priority. The only issue is that there isn’t much to do when his fields in the middle of America are covered in snow. But as he was roaming around the pasture one day, he came across a bale of hay, and he immediately knew what he needed to do.

The humans were pretty alarmed when they saw the massive bale start rolling, but they quickly figured out that Ghost had the situation under control. When it comes to getting in shape, creativity is key!

At this rate, Ghost will be slim and trim by the time summer rolls around. The fact that he’s having tons of fun getting there is just an added bonus!

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They Put A Virtual-Reality Headset On Their Grandma, And Her Reaction Is Hilarious!

Technology is getting crazy these days. We’ve had so many technological advances in our lifetimes that it is almost hard to comprehend. I remember a time before the Internet, my parents remember a time before color television, and heck, my grandmother remembers a time before television was even invented!

Now imagine what would happen if you gave your grandma a virtual-reality headset! Actually, don’t imagine that. Check out a real-life example in the hilarious video below.

I need to get one of those headsets and record my grandmother using it. I bet it would be just as funny as this. Technology never ceases to amaze me!

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This Bird Has An Unhealthy Obsession With Paper Towels. And It’s So Cute.

To most human people, paper towels are used for cleaning. That’s that. You’ll find them in most homes, probably in the kitchen or cupboard, and they’re not terribly exciting.

But do you know who loves paper towels? This little bird. There’s nothing else in the world that makes this tiny fella skip and dance like a double roll of Bounty towels.

Check him out, he can’t get enough!

I will never be this happy about anything in life.

I would love to know a joy like that. Maybe I’ll start playing with paper towels, too. This might be the cheapest key to happiness ever.

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This Guy Keeps Pranking His Wife In The Most Hilarious Way

When you are in a relationship, you begin to develop little jokes that only you and your partner understand. It comes with a familiarity that only dating for a long time can manufacture.

But this guy’s constant pranking is super hilarious (even if his wife doesn’t agree). It’s called “The Forever Pose.” He lets her pose for a picture and, without her knowing, takes a video, which leaves her posing for an awkwardly long time.

It’s an innocent little prank that just keeps getting funnier and funnier. It’s crazy that she still asks him to take photos of her after being pranked this many times. Hopefully they keep it up, because this couple is hilarious.

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Sir David Attenborough Gives An Awesome Twist To Adele’s ‘Hello’

By now, you’ve probably watched Adele’s new music video for her single “Hello” a thousand times, but we invite you to watch it once more. This time, it’s narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough.

During an interview on BBC Radio 1, DJ Greg James asked the legendary narrator to give the first minute of Adele’s video his signature voiceover treatment. He was hesitant at first, because he didn’t want Adele to be angry with him. To quell his fears, the DJ said, “I think Adele would probably love this more than anything in the whole world.”

I would pay good money to listen to Sir David Attenborough’s take on pop culture every day. His personality is warm and his voice is iconic. Thanks for always keeping us entertained, Sir David!