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This Man Made A VERY Unlikely Furry Friend. Now They Are Inseparable.

They say when three people call you a jackass, get a saddle. But Tom Nutter of Mcalpin, Florida, prefers to give his favorite the couch.

The Nutter family found that their newborn donkey, Dementia refused to stay out of the farmhouse. Instead, she butted her way inside every day. Instead of kicking her out, they welcomed her in to watch tv with them.

My heart just can’t take this.

Cute right? Here’s an even more adorable video the Nutters made about their donkey:

I’d advise not to go around trying to befriend every donkey you meet. Dementia might be a sweetie, but there is a reason why ‘jackass’ has such a negative connotation.

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This Woman Had A Very Unexpected Singer Join In On Her Violin Performance

We’ve seen some talented, music-loving animals here on ViralNova before. Remember these Bach-obsessed elephants? How about this group of melodic cows?

And this four-legged critter is into music, too. When one woman decided to play her violin for her barnyard companion, I highly doubt she expected that he’d accompany her! The dynamic duo put on a show that is totally adorable (and 100 percent giggle worthy). This donkey really knows how to belt it out. And who can blame him for joining in? When you feel the music, you feel the music!

It just gets funnier every single time, doesn’t it?

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