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Animal Rescuers Were Shocked When This Stray Dog Walked Up To Them

Our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited have seen just about everything when it comes to stray dogs in desperate need of help — but when this pup, suffering from a life-threatening abscess on his face, ran right up to them during his rescue, they were shocked. His face was so swollen it was about twice the size it normally should be!

After seeing the state the poor dog was in when they first discovered him, you’ll hardly believe that it’s the same pooch at the end.

This sweetheart would have perished if it weren’t for these kind people rushing in and saving him.

If you’d like to help make more amazing rescues like this one possible, please consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited here. Every dollar helps!

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Her Son Was In A Near-Fatal Car Accident, And What She’s Doing Today Is Truly Inspiring

In 2004, Kellie and her husband AJ welcomed their son Eli into the world. They could not have been happier about starting a family. Home videos show the new mom and dad doting over the sweet boy and expressing their excitement to watch him grow up.

But when Eli was just 14 weeks old, the happy family experienced a tragic car accident that took AJ’s life on impact. Eli was also severely injured, and Kellie feared that she would soon lose everything she loved most. She was told that even if he did survive, it was unlikely that her baby would ever be able to walk, talk, or show emotion. Doctors and medical staff worked tirelessly to help him, and after merely a week, Kellie was able to take her son home.

After 10 years, the grateful mom set out on a mission to find every person who helped save her son’s life and thank them. From the pilots who flew Eli to the hospital, to the doctors who performed life-saving surgeries, she was determined to share her gratitude.

As someone who has also lost a loved one in an automobile accident, seeing that 10-year-old’s happy, healthy, smiling face makes my heart burst. It also makes me so happy to know that the people Kellie reached out to were so thankful for her kind words. Each of those dedicated individuals deserves a lifetime of thanks for all their hard work.

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They Left A Giant Box In The Living Room, And When Mom Opened It, She Screamed

Surprise military homecomings are always emotional, but what makes this video of a son surprising his mother on her birthday especially emotional is that he just found out his mom had been diagnosed with cancer.

After getting the terrible news, the young man serving in the Army National Guard hurried back home just in time for Mom’s birthday. Something tells me that this was her best birthday ever.

What a precious family moment. That smile on her face says it all.

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Heartbroken Mama Dog Has An Incredible Reunion With Her Adorable Puppies

When a Good Samaritan came across a lactating pit bull wandering the streets of Christchurch, New Zealand, he knew that he needed to help.

The poor dog was dragging a rope and a heavy padlock behind her. The kind stranger assumed that she’d just given birth and that her puppies were nearby. However, the litter was nowhere to be found and the heartbroken mother dog had to spend the night in the pound, missing her pups like crazy.

The day after, a volunteer of the Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue managed to track down the house that the pit bull came from. The volunteer convinced the homeowner to sign their dogs over to the rescue organization and the very next day, the mother dog — who they named Missy — had the most heartwarming reunion with her babies.

Thank you to the men and women who dedicate their lives to saving animals in need.

If you want to help the Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue save even more sweet little lives, then please consider making a donation.

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When They Found This Stray Dog He Had An Injured Paw – Now Watch As He Gets Help

Recently, animal rescue organization Howl Of A Dog came across a stray roaming around an industrial area in Romania. When they approached the poor pup, they noticed he was licking a bloody wound on one of his paws. To make things worse, he also had a deep cut on his tongue, most likely caused by licking the inside of a sharp metal can or a broken glass container while scavenging through garbage for food. They knew they had to get the little guy out of these harsh surroundings, and luckily for everyone involved, he jumped into the back of their car without a fight.

Watch Amigo’s heartwarming rescue story.

What a sweetheart. He clearly wanted nothing more than to be loved!

If you would like to adopt Amigo, then please contact Howl Of A Dog on Facebook. If you want to support their organization by making a life-saving donation, then please do so here.

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This Stunning Wheelchair Dance Routine Is Sure To Warm Your Heart

Being bound to a wheelchair doesn’t stop the dreams of those seeking to express themselves through the art of dance, and this breathtaking performance proves there’s a place for those of all physical abilities in the world of dance.

The video shows Revere Dance Studio’s Wonders on Wheel team in a moving performance set to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” The dancers are joined by their ‘shadows’ – a group of dancers who act as their arms and legs during the performance.

This is one inspirational dance that is sure to warm your heart.

What an unforgettable performance. The pure joy the young lady around the fourth minute has on her face pretty much sums it up. Unadulterated happiness!

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This Grandpa Loves Building Wagons, And You’ll Melt When You See Who Gets Them

Moving children around hospitals is a complicated task. They are hooked up to all kinds of machines, and it’s hard to tell playful little ones to wander around calmly and quietly in a situation that’d be too difficult for most adults to bear.

A man named Roger Leggett took notice of this while his granddaughter was in the hospital fighting a brain tumor. He decided that there had to be a better way to safely transport these kiddos and still help them feel like normal children. Leggett and his son, Chad, started building little red wagons with IV poles in them. Unfortunately, Chad died of a heatstroke shortly after they began the project, and Roger had all but given up on the endeavor because he was heartbroken.

That’s when his colleagues at Lockheed Martin stepped in to lend a helping hand. The wagons have become incredibly popular in children’s hospitals in the Atlanta area, and even around the world!

After losing his son, Roger almost gave up on the wagon project. Fortunately, some kind friends stepped in to help him.

The red wagons have become a hit in children’s hospitals across the country! The kids can’t get enough of them, and they bring so much joy into their lives.

(via NBC News)

Even in the face of tragedy, Roger Leggett found a way to help people in his community. That’s what being a Good Samaritan is all about.

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This Pakistani Firefighter Does Something Amazing In His Free Time

All firefighters are dedicated to helping people in their communities, but this man goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Mohammed Ayub is a firefighter in Pakistan, and what he does for children in his town goes beyond pulling them to safety (although he’s amazing at doing that, too). He keeps them safe in a multitude of ways by empowering them with knowledge.

In his spare time, Ayub teaches children in the capital city of Islamabad so that they can fulfill their destinies and live their lives to the fullest.

“We’re the children of poor parents. Without an education, we’ll wander the streets clearing rubbish. It’s not our destiny to clear rubbish.”

Millions of children around the world are unable to get the educations they deserve, which is what makes Mohammed Ayub’s work so important. By giving these kids a few hours of his time every day, he equips them with the tools they’ll need to reach their goals later in life.

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Watch The Heroic Rescue Of A Dog Stuck For 2 Nights In A 15-Foot Sinkhole

Skye, a seven-year-old golden retriever, seemingly disappeared into thin air when her owner let her off the leash during a snowstorm. After two days of nonstop searching, Skye’s family heard faint barking coming from inside of the Arboretum at Penn State. In that moment, they realized that the poor pup was trapped at the bottom of a 15-foot sinkhole!

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they were greeted by Skye staring back at them. After carefully lowering a ladder, Assistant Chief Dennis Harris made his way down to the terrified dog and hoisted her out. Look at how happy she was to run again!

Even after spending two whole days alone in that dark hole, she didn’t give up hope.

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Little Girls’ Sign Goes Viral And Inspires A Total Stranger To Donate A Kidney To Their Father.

Raleigh Callaway, a 49 year-old police officer from Greensboro, Georgia, is battling kidney failure.  He was in dire need of a transplant, according to USA Today.

In an attempt to find a donor, the family posed for a photo with a sign his daughters had made that read, “Our daddy needs a kidney!”. They posted the photo to Facebook…and then it went viral. It inspired hundreds of people to offer help to the family. One of those people was Chris Carroll, a health care consultant from McKinney, Texas. As luck would have it, Chris was a perfect match.:

(Source: USA TODAY)

It’s so incredible what social media can do for people, bringing out the beautiful side of all humanity.

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