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He Lost Both His Parents…But This Little Boy Didn’t Let Grief Get The Best Of Him

When Jaden Hayes was just four, his dad passed away. He was heartbroken, but it wasn’t until he was six that things truly took a turn for the worse. His mom died in her sleep.

But instead of letting his grief overwhelm him, the little boy, who is clearly far wiser than his six years, decided to do something about all the sadness around him. He started giving away toys with one hope in mind — to make people smile!

He’s about to make you smile, too.

This little guy is inspiring and his message is so important. No matter how bad life can get or how down in the dumps you are, you can’t forget about all the good that you can do and that surrounds you!

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When You See How These Bears React To Their New Home, You’ll Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

Life for these poor bears was full of suffering and severe neglect.

They were forced to live in tiny backyard cages and roadside zoos without the medical care they desperately needed. Sadly, they weren’t able to experience any of life’s joys. But after they were freed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, volunteers from PETA and the Wild Animal Sanctuary worked together to bring them to an animal refuge site in Colorado.

It’s okay to cry when you see this, folks. I’ll be here for moral support.

They look so happy!

This is so cute that I just can’t BEAR it! Okay, I’ll stop now.

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Groom And His Wedding Guests Give The Beautiful Bride An Awesome Surprise.

Michael and Jessica promised each other they weren’t going to give each other anything for their wedding, but Jessica went ahead and broke that little promise when she gave her future husband a really beautifully written letter the day before their wedding…but little did she know that Michael was also planning on breaking that promise.

With the help of 80 of their closest friends and family members, Michael had put together a flash mob to surprise his new wife just after their first dance as a married couple.

Watch as Jessica is shocked by her heart-warming surprise.

(Source: Blue Kite Cinema)

They say the best gifts are those that don’t cost any money and come from the heart, and that is exactly what this was. Knowing the thought, work and love that goes into planning something like this is something the recipient will always appreciate.

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Happy Guy Goes Around High Fiving New Yorkers Trying To Hail A Taxi. SO Awesome.

Everyone loves high fives, right? Even if they are a little dorky, they never fail to put a big smile on someone’s face. At least that is what actor and filmmaker Meir Kalmanson believes, and we completely agree!

Kalmanson went around high fiving complete strangers to spread a bit of joy and brighten up the day of random New Yorkers. These strangers innocently were holding their hands in the air while trying to hail a taxi. Most of the reactions were priceless, so watch the video below and prepare to have a huge silly grin on your face the whole time!

(Source: AMK Productions)

There you have it, folks. High fives are indeed awesome. This video contributes the sole evidence needed to make that point… unless you are a guy in a suit. Then you hate high fives and everything to do with them.