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11 Life Hacks That Every Pet Owner Should Start Using ASAP

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. But for all the good they bring us, sometimes we wish things could be a little easier. If only there were shortcuts for dealing with some of the negatives (cough — cleanup — cough) that come with having our furry friends around…

Well there are! From making their bed smell just like you to disguising their litter box as furniture, each one of these is sure to be a hit in your house soon.

1. Create a kitty litter scoop with a simple milk jug.

The sifting holes are made with a hole punch!

2. You might want to eat these frozen dog treats, too!

Grab the recipe here.

3. Combine vinegar and baking soda to get rid of pet stains.

4. Put your litter box in an IKEA wicker chest.

Learn how to make it here.

5. Use this lavender-infused concoction to naturally get rid of fleas.

6. Turn an old sweatshirt into a dog bed.

7. Use chalk or baby powder to keep ants out of pet food outside.

8. Build a dog crate that doubles as an end table!

9. Put a ball in your dog or cat’s food bowl to slow down a fast eater.

10. Put Vaseline on a dog’s cracked or dry paw pads. They won’t want to lick it off.

11. Run rubber gloves over couch cushions to get excess fur off.

(via One Crazy House)

Now we can stop worrying about all that shedding and start enjoying some time outdoors playing fetch!

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What You Can Create With Old LEGO Bricks Is Absolutely Inspired

Admit it: You have more than a few stray LEGOs lying around your home from when you had kids…or when you were a kid. I know I do!

Aside from busting them out when you have little kids over for company, what can you do with them? Well, according to HouseholdHacker…a whole lot! From a cellphone holder, to a unique board game, here are just a few of the many uses for all those old plastic bricks.

Hopefully, with all those LEGOs being put to use, you can avoid this terribleness…

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15 Of The Best Organization And Cleaning Hacks You Shouldn’t Have To Live Without

Spring is slowly approaching, which means one thing — spring cleaning! It can be a pain, but when all’s said and done, you know you’re going to feel like a new you.

In an effort to make the process a little less painful, here are some super-simple hacks to try out. Not only will your spring cleaning be a breeze this year, but you might even have some spare time to enjoy the fresh air!

1. Use a tension rod under the sink to double your cleaning product capacity.

2. Clean your paintings with the soft side of a bagel to remove years of dirt and grime.

3. Use an old pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan.

4. Get rid of that “rebel scum” and countless germs by cleaning your kid’s toys in the dishwasher.

5. Create a mustard caddy in your refrigerator to save space and always have the last drop.

6. Wipe down sliding door tracks with a paper towel soaked in vinegar to have it working like new.

7. Remove tough food stains from cast-iron pans with coarse salt.

8. Remove coffee stains with baking soda.

9. Rub a lemon on your bathroom fixtures to bring back their natural shine.

10. Use pipe straps to hang your utensils where you can get to them easily and they stay hidden at the same time.

11. Use a coffee filter to clean a TV screen.

12. Spray a bit of vodka on your bed and the alcohol will kill the odor-causing bacteria.

13. Place pegs in your drawers to make sure your plates are in the right spot.

14. Remove water rings with a hair dryer and a quick swipe of olive oil.

15. Use a utensil tray to keep family members from using the wrong toothbrush.

(via HGTV)

Didn’t we tell you? Your house is going to be an organizational masterpiece! But even if you don’t get to every one of these tips, you’ll still be way, way ahead of the game!

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He Covered His Floor In WD-40 And It Proved To Be Amazingly Helpful

WD-40 is traditionally used for fixing squeaky doors or greasing up bearings to make them run smoother, but the wonderful liquid can be utilized in a variety of ways — not just in the garage!

From cleaning floors to shining your laptop, here are some of the best uses for WD-40 that you never knew about.

Now that you know these tricks, your WD-40 can won’t be collecting dust under the sink anymore. Put that stuff to good use and make your house better for it.

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Awesome Holiday Life Hacks You’ll Want To Know This Winter

Getting your house ready for the holidays can be quite the hassle (no matter how fun it is in the processs). That’s why online geniuses like Alisha Marie have created some simple, but epic, ways to make the whole thing a lot easier.

You’re going to want to remember these tricks the next time you have to decorate your entire home!

If you want to be festive, work smart…not hard.

This year, the holiday Christmas party can be a piece of cake!

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First, She Put Soap In The Microwave…Then I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes

Typically, the only thing you should put in the microwave is food. But if you put Ivory soap in the microwave for one to two minutes, something amazing happens. Because Ivory soap has pockets of air and water inside of it, a solid bar of soap turns into a fluffy soap soufflé right in front of your eyes when heated. Your kids are sure to be amazed by this fun science experiment. Plus, your kitchen will smell like it just took a shower. Watch the video below to find out why this crazy phenomenon happens.

After the soap has been microwaved, it’s still totally useable. In fact, you might even conserve more soap by using less in the shower. Pretty cool, huh?!

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10 Awesome Things You Can Do With All Those Carabiners You Have Sitting Around

If you’ve ever been to an event that sends you out the door with a goody bag, you’ve probably opened it to find a pen, a lanyard, and for whatever reason, a carabiner.

I personally never know what to do with them. And that’s a problem, since I have approximately 35,000 carabiners hogging space in my junk drawer and I am 100 percent an indoor person.

Fortunately, this guy just put together a little list of awesome carabiner hacks that are actually useful to those of us who definitely don’t scale mountains in our free time.

See? They’re not just for campers! Which of these tricks will you try?

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Want To Make Your Tights Last Longer? Try This Simple Trick

For most women, buying tights means worrying about dealing with runs in the fabric the second they swipe their credit cards. It’s not a question of if they’ll be ruined, but when. But today, we’re here to show you that there’s a sneaky trick that you can use to make them last way longer!

All you’ll need to give your tights a little staying power is a resealable bag, some water, and a freezer.

It’s always good to protect your investments, no matter how small they are. Next time you buy a pair of tights, you won’t need to worry one bit!

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