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11 Life Hacks That Every Pet Owner Should Start Using ASAP

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. But for all the good they bring us, sometimes we wish things could be a little easier. If only there were shortcuts for dealing with some of the negatives (cough — cleanup — cough) that come with having our furry friends around…

Well there are! From making their bed smell just like you to disguising their litter box as furniture, each one of these is sure to be a hit in your house soon.

1. Create a kitty litter scoop with a simple milk jug.

The sifting holes are made with a hole punch!

2. You might want to eat these frozen dog treats, too!

Grab the recipe here.

3. Combine vinegar and baking soda to get rid of pet stains.

4. Put your litter box in an IKEA wicker chest.

Learn how to make it here.

5. Use this lavender-infused concoction to naturally get rid of fleas.

6. Turn an old sweatshirt into a dog bed.

7. Use chalk or baby powder to keep ants out of pet food outside.

8. Build a dog crate that doubles as an end table!

9. Put a ball in your dog or cat’s food bowl to slow down a fast eater.

10. Put Vaseline on a dog’s cracked or dry paw pads. They won’t want to lick it off.

11. Run rubber gloves over couch cushions to get excess fur off.

(via One Crazy House)

Now we can stop worrying about all that shedding and start enjoying some time outdoors playing fetch!

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This Is Why Your ‘Locked’ Luggage Isn’t As Safe As You Think

When traveling, it’s best not to keep valuable items in a locked suitcase.

Your passport, credit cards, cash, and other important items should stay on your person (or at least close by). Some people believe that locking them in a suitcase is a safe alternative…but it isn’t.

Even if you have a strong lock, the suitcase can be breached with relative ease.

Your locked suitcase isn’t as safe as you think.

Yet another example of how quickly a zip breach can occur:

Expensive new luggage and gear may offer safer alternatives…but it’s best to not take anything for granted (especially if you’re traveling overseas). Traveler beware!

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What You Can Create With Old LEGO Bricks Is Absolutely Inspired

Admit it: You have more than a few stray LEGOs lying around your home from when you had kids…or when you were a kid. I know I do!

Aside from busting them out when you have little kids over for company, what can you do with them? Well, according to HouseholdHacker…a whole lot! From a cellphone holder, to a unique board game, here are just a few of the many uses for all those old plastic bricks.

Hopefully, with all those LEGOs being put to use, you can avoid this terribleness…

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Here Are 14 Clever Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Yard This Summer

Raise your hand if you hate mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and spiders!

Okay, so everyone probably hurt their shoulder throwing their hands up…and we’re right there with you!

Since it’s finally the summer, these pesky pests are about to come out in full force. In an effort to make your time outdoors a little more enjoyable (and bug-free) this season, here are a few awesome tricks to try that will keep the creepy-crawlies at bay.

1. Get rid of pesky ants with this mixture of borax and corn syrup.

2. Spray a wasps’ nest with peppermint oil, dish soap, and water to kill them.

3. Slice open a few lemons and push cloves into them. Set them by your food when you’re outdoors and the bugs will stay away.

4. Make your own bug spray with this simple mix.

5. Use LED bulbs as your porch lights — bugs are less attracted to them and won’t hang around as much at night.

6. Make a mosquito trap out of yeast, brown sugar, and water.

7. Put epsom salts around your garden plants to get rid of snails and slugs.

8. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as an insect repellant!

9. Put a bunch of sage leaves in your grill to keep mosquitoes away.

10. Make your own citronella candles in orange peels!

11. You can also plant citronella plants in your yard. Let them flourish to deter pesky bugs.

12. If you run out of bug spray, Cool Mint Listerine will do the trick…you’ll just have to reapply a bit more frequently.

13. Avoid wearing dark colors like black, blue, and red. Mosquitoes are attracted to them and they also make you hotter — bugs are drawn to warmer bodies.

14. Tie lavender, sage, and mint bundles together and carry them with you for when you need to keep mosquitoes away.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the summer…WITHOUT the fear of getting bitten every five seconds.

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Super-Easy Ways You Can Make Your Space Way More Efficient…I Love These!

According to a 2014 survey, roughly 37% of the U.S. population rents rather than owns. If you fall into that pool, you know that drilling holes into your temporary home’s walls is a big no-no. You could tempt fate and hope that a little patchwork will still get you your security deposit back, but if you don’t want to push it, keep reading…

You don’t need to drill holes for extra shelving…here’s how to get more space with just a few pieces of wood and some double-sided tape!

Where do you plan on creating a little extra room in your home? There are so many places in my house that could use a little more storage space!

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Cheap Rides in NYC – Travel Channel

Absorb New York City's views on a spending plan by using public transport.

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Midtown on the Cheap – Travel Channel

Experience Midtown Manhattan on the cheap with these expert ideas.

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If You Hate Cutting Onions, There’s A Cheap Trick That’ll Make This Food Prep Much Easier

While frustration alone can make you shed a tear when chopping onions, the actual reason you cry is due to the chemical irritant syn-propanethial-S-oxide.

You probably have your own way of quelling the tears — putting the onion in the freezer, lighting a candle, etc. — but what about the annoyance of actually chopping them evenly?

This little trick teaches you the best way to cut up an onion so you don’t have pieces all over your counter and floor…you’re about to become the onion-chopping king.

But if that doesn’t work for you, you could always do what this guy does…right?

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How to Customize Your Stroller For Easy Traveling – Travel Channel

Travel with the children securely and also efficiently with these easy hacks.

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