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This Christmas Ad Is Going Viral — When You See It, You’ll Totally Understand Why

Haven’t cried at your desk yet this week? We can fix that. This holiday commercial out of Poland is going viral, and it’s making everyone weep in the process.

The ad, created by the Polish company Bardzo, hit YouTube on November 28. It’s already been viewed over five million times, and once you watch it for yourself, you’ll see why. In it, an elderly man dedicates his time to learning English, leaving you to wonder why exactly he’s doing it. Is he planning a trip to the States? Rekindling a long-lost flame? The answer is better than I could have ever imagined.

Like many people learning a new language, the man buys a book, covers his house with sticky notes, and even practices out loud on the bus. His commitment is obvious, and once the reason for it is revealed, you’d better have a tissue handy.

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Told ya! It hits you right in the feels. Make sure to share this with your loved ones, but don’t give away the surprise!

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A Man Finds Out He’s About To Be A Grandpa. His Reaction Is Adorably Priceless.

Becoming pregnant is an amazing blessing for most couples. When this daughter discovered she was expecting, she knew she had to surprise her dad. He raised her by himself after her mother tragically passed away 20 years ago. This loving father had been asking for a grandchild since his daughter’s wedding day. Little did he know, he was about to get a big surprise.

Jessica gave her father a small box…

It took him a little while to realize what it was.

Source: Reddit When he finally understood what was happening, he had a reaction that you’ll just have to see for yourself. Check it out in the video below:

What an amazing gift a new life is. This man’s happiness is so pure and strong, it could bring a smile to anyone’s face. Share this pregnancy reveal with others, it’ll brighten their days.

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They Hooked Grandpa Up To A Virtual-Reality Headset And Hilarity Ensued

If you’ve ever used a virtual-reality headset or watched someone else use one, you probably know that things get real crazy real quick.

I was actually pretty blown away by how immersive the experience was….which caused me to forget that to the outside world, I still looked like a crazy person with a headset on. This grandpa knows a thing or two about that, but he was so caught up in the moment that he truly didn’t give a damn.

He really committed to this experience.


Watch his entire campaign against zombies in the video below.

Honestly, the next time I use a virtual-reality headset, I’m going to channel this guy and throw my inhibitions to the wind. Life’s more fun that way.

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After Losing His Wife Of 63 Years, This Man Received The Sweetest Surprise.

After a long and loving marriage of 63 years, this Belgian grandfather lost his wife to a disease. If that wasn’t enough heartbreak, he also lost his dog four months earlier.

To bring some new love and happiness into his life, his family decided to surprise him with a cute puppy to take care of and keep him company. Watch the very emotional video below, and have the tissues ready, you’ll need them!

(Source: Davy Vanhaesendonck)

What a beautiful family moment that was, I hope this gentleman will have many happy moments with his new little friend.

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