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Some People Believe In Ghosts… Others Believe In These Spirits.

We all know who Casper The Friendly Ghost is. (FYI: he is a kind, child ghost who has his own feature film.) Are there REAL ghosts as friendly as Casper? Most ghost stories are ones of fear and paranormal danger, but the video below just might change that perception.

Did you see that adorable little smudge nervously navigating the un-crowded lobby? Notice he didn’t just run up to these people and menacingly play with their hair or warn them of their impending doom. Nope! Ghost or no, whatever this thing was it seemed more scared of that man than the man was of him.

Casper lives!…well, you know what I mean.

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Possessed Woman Drops To The Floor In Store And Freaks Out Nearby People…WTF

Do you believe in demons and demonic possession?

Me? Well, I’m not too sure…but a new video that’s been making the rounds online has made me question my disbelief. The CCTV footage of a shopping mall in South Korea shows a woman innocently shopping, when all of a sudden, things take a turn for the extremely creepy…

Things turn freaky when a package mysteriously falls off a shelf.

Well…I’m not sure what to believe. If I’m being honest, it all seems a little too choreographed to be real, but then again, maybe I’m wrong…

What do you think?

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10 Of The Scariest, Most Convincing Ghosts On YouTube — #6 Is Just Too Unsettling

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube looking for scary videos, then you know there are tons of horribly produced videos out there that are full of fake spirits.

But some footage is a cut above the rest. The following videos are so terrifying because they look genuine. So, what do you say? Are these the real deal, or are they just convincing hoaxes?

1. The Headless Ghost

2. The Disneyland Ghost

3. The Cup Ghost

4. The Eastern State Penitentiary Ghost

5. The Children And Their Guardian Angel

6. This Ghost In The Yard

7. The Shadow Ghost Of Tutbury Castle

8. The Angry Pub Ghost

9. The Ghostly Figure Captured By X-Box Kinect

10. That Time When “Ghost Hunters” Got Too Real

Are you scared yet? Let’s just hope you can sleep tonight after seeing these. Creepiness abounds, friends.