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This Moscow Bar Is Apparently Home To A Ghost With A Severe Anger Problem

What is it with ghosts haunting bars? It seems like half of the ghost stories I read about are set in bars and pubs. Perhaps it has something to do with bars being places of life, or maybe spirits are drawn to these haunts because of the sadness that drives people to barstools around the world.

While it’s a common paranormal trend, it’s always terrifying. Take the footage below, for example. The owners of this bar in Moscow became concerned when they kept finding broken glass and toppled furniture every morning when they arrived at work. After they found bizarre footage on their security cameras, they called in a team of paranormal investigators to help them get some answers.

That is one unhappy ghost.

(via The Paranormal Blog)

While there’s always the possibility that this footage is part of a hoax, I get the sense that it’s authentic. That being said, it’s up to you to decide what you believe.

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This Man Was Getting Into A Cab…But It Looks Like He Wasn’t Alone

If you take taxis on a regular basis, then you probably have at least a few stories about riding with unsavory people.

But have you ever shared a cab with a ghost? Unfortunately for this man, he may be able to say yes.

It was a normal day for him as he was waiting for a taxi in Japan. But as one pulled up and he began walking toward it, something very unsettling followed him in. If I was him, I would get my own car and never ride in one of those terror mobiles ever again.

Watch closely as he starts walking…

Whether you believe it’s real or not, I have one piece of advice for you — always check behind you…

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This Security Camera Footage Does Look An Awful Lot Like Evidence Of Ghosts

The way that ghosts behave has always intrigued me. Why do they do the things they do? While it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever get a real answer, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

Personally, I think most spirits screw with us for fun. Being dead sounds like a pretty boring gig, after all. If you could, why wouldn’t you spice things up by pranking the living? I know I would. For evidence of such mischievous activities, I present to you the following security camera footage from outside a mosque in Malaysia.

It’s freaky activity, but it’s certainly not evil.

(via Reddit)

Honestly, this seems a little too perfectly staged for my taste. I want to believe, but I need to throw in a healthy dose of skepticism as well. Still, spirits do seem to feel drawn to places of worship, so who knows?

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The Creepy Sounds He Just Recorded In This Old Mine Are Super Unsettling

The Waldeck Mine located in the canyons of Wiluna, Australia, was once a booming gold mine.

The mine was built over 150 years ago, but operations have since ceased, leaving the area abandoned. Although based on video footage from a recent expedition, it sounds like something more demonic than the passage of time might have been the facility’s downfall.

While exploring tunnels and crevices, a man only identified as Frank stops directly in his tracks when he hears some unusual noises. The man inches toward the sounds, thinking out loud about what they could be. As the noise level increases and becomes more alarming, Frank backtracks and decides that whatever is behind this mess, he wants nothing to do with it.

If you ask me, it sounds like tribal chanting in a foreign tongue.

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What do you think was the cause of those mysterious sounds? A gust of wind or something a bit more supernatural? Let us know your best guesses.

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Motorists Spotted This Creepy Woman Wearing White Walking Down The Side Of The Road

I’ve been covering the ghost beat here at ViralNova for a while now, and I’ve read a lot of similarities in these stories. Few are more uncanny than the common materialization of a “lady in white.”

Why is this specific haunt so prevalent, not just in American paranormal culture, but in Europe as well? Could it be remnants of an old folktale? Or is “she” part of a broader paranormal phenomenon?

In any case, this video of a woman in a wedding dress was taken this past week on a deserted highway in New Jersey. The figure perfectly fits the description of the these “lady in white” sightings.

According to Bill Hand, who originally caught her on tape, she was carrying flowers, wore a veil, and didn’t respond to offers for help. And he wasn’t alone…this radio personality explains the same thing:

As it turns out, there’s pretty much a “white lady” myth from every corner of the globe. Often, the ghostly figure is tied to a local woman of note who was confronted with tragedy. She becomes the town’s “banshee,” a harbinger of death.

The “white lady” is often seen while driving down a dark road such as in this video. She can also be seen at the front door of your house, which in England, marks the foreboding death of one of your family members. There was even a movie called Lady in White, which depicted a ghost woman searching for her daughter in Rochester’s Durand Eastman Park.

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Some People Believe In Ghosts… Others Believe In These Spirits.

We all know who Casper The Friendly Ghost is. (FYI: he is a kind, child ghost who has his own feature film.) Are there REAL ghosts as friendly as Casper? Most ghost stories are ones of fear and paranormal danger, but the video below just might change that perception.

Did you see that adorable little smudge nervously navigating the un-crowded lobby? Notice he didn’t just run up to these people and menacingly play with their hair or warn them of their impending doom. Nope! Ghost or no, whatever this thing was it seemed more scared of that man than the man was of him.

Casper lives!…well, you know what I mean.

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Possessed Woman Drops To The Floor In Store And Freaks Out Nearby People…WTF

Do you believe in demons and demonic possession?

Me? Well, I’m not too sure…but a new video that’s been making the rounds online has made me question my disbelief. The CCTV footage of a shopping mall in South Korea shows a woman innocently shopping, when all of a sudden, things take a turn for the extremely creepy…

Things turn freaky when a package mysteriously falls off a shelf.

Well…I’m not sure what to believe. If I’m being honest, it all seems a little too choreographed to be real, but then again, maybe I’m wrong…

What do you think?

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10 Of The Scariest, Most Convincing Ghosts On YouTube — #6 Is Just Too Unsettling

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube looking for scary videos, then you know there are tons of horribly produced videos out there that are full of fake spirits.

But some footage is a cut above the rest. The following videos are so terrifying because they look genuine. So, what do you say? Are these the real deal, or are they just convincing hoaxes?

1. The Headless Ghost

2. The Disneyland Ghost

3. The Cup Ghost

4. The Eastern State Penitentiary Ghost

5. The Children And Their Guardian Angel

6. This Ghost In The Yard

7. The Shadow Ghost Of Tutbury Castle

8. The Angry Pub Ghost

9. The Ghostly Figure Captured By X-Box Kinect

10. That Time When “Ghost Hunters” Got Too Real

Are you scared yet? Let’s just hope you can sleep tonight after seeing these. Creepiness abounds, friends.