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This Boxer Walked Up To A Pair Of Shoes…Just Wait ‘Til You See What He Does!

Normally, when a dog comes across an unattended pair of shoes, they take the opportunity to tear them apart.

I imagine all those foot smells are pretty enticing.

But when this boxer’s mom told him to fetch her Crocs, rather than running off with them to nom on the irresistibly squishy insoles, he did something so hilarious.

While it’s pretty well-known that Crocs are super comfortable, we had no idea that pups knew this to be true, too!

But seriously, I could watch this on repeat all day long.

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When ‘You Raise Me Up’ Comes On In This Car, This Bulldog Just Has To Sing Along!

It turns out that you and I aren’t the only ones who love belting out our favorite tunes as we drive down the highway. Whenever this adorable bulldog hears “You Raise Me Up” playing in the car, he just can’t help but sing right alongside Josh Groban.

His human friends do a good job…but this pup has the performance down pat!

That bulldog is going to be a star. He’s adorable, has a great howl, and is great with fans — the perfect combo to become a star! Now, to just get Josh Groban on board with his new backup singer…

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You Can Stop Rubbing This Fierce Puppy When HE SAYS YOU CAN STOP

For this adorable pooch named Pupper, there’s only one rule in his house — you don’t stop rubbing his belly until he tells you to stop. Apparently, though, his humans didn’t get the memo, because they like to test his patience every so often with hilarious results. See for yourself, and prepare to laugh.

Just be warned: if you’re ever in Pupper’s house, you have to play by Pupper’s rules!

As the Hulk says, “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” Judging by this video, we’re betting Pupper would certainly say the same thing. (Though we bet he’d still be ridiculously cute!)

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