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When Animals Have Perfectly Startling Timing, This Hilarity Happens

It’s always hilarious when you’re able to time a prank so perfectly that the prankee spills the cereal they were holding all down the front of their shirt. The bigger the mess, the better. The best pranksters out there, though, might be our furry, bug-eyed, or even scaly counterparts. They’re unpredictable, and you never know what kind of mood they’re going to be in.

These animals have got the spook down…

“BOO! Ha, gotcha.”

If only these animals could give me tips on how to spook my roommates.

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French Bulldogs Can’t Contain Their Excitement When Dad Mentions The Dog Park

One dog owner by the name of Patrick has to be very careful that he doesn’t accidentally say “dog park” around his two adorable Frenchies.

Every time six-year-old Ganon and his two-year-old little brother, Loki, hear those words, they absolutely lose their minds with excitement. To demonstrate, Patrick decided to film them sitting calmly in the car before saying the two magic words.

Prepare to melt, people.

This story wouldn’t be complete without showing you what the pair does when they get to the park every day. (Spoiler alert: It’s adorable.)

It’s easy to tell that Patrick really loves these two little guys. And who could even blame him? Those faces are irresistible.

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A Guy Casually Rode Down The Street On A Bike…With WHAT On His Back?

Listen up, people. Riding a bike with livestock strapped to your back is a totally normal thing to do.

In some countries, at least. While we don’t see much of this hilarious action in the States, people who rely on bicycles in other places around the world know that if they want to move their furry friends, they have to get crafty. A little ingenuity can go a long way, after all, and it’s a special treat when the solution to a pesky problem looks like this.

Just going to work. Nothing to see here.

Nothing says “I have places to be” quite like strapping a goat to your back, am I right?

This is just excessive.

Okay, I’m about to ask my dog if she wants to go for a ride. She’s going to be real confused when we forgo the car.

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This Woman Had A Very Unexpected Singer Join In On Her Violin Performance

We’ve seen some talented, music-loving animals here on ViralNova before. Remember these Bach-obsessed elephants? How about this group of melodic cows?

And this four-legged critter is into music, too. When one woman decided to play her violin for her barnyard companion, I highly doubt she expected that he’d accompany her! The dynamic duo put on a show that is totally adorable (and 100 percent giggle worthy). This donkey really knows how to belt it out. And who can blame him for joining in? When you feel the music, you feel the music!

It just gets funnier every single time, doesn’t it?

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This May Be The Funniest Game Of Hide-And-Seek Ever…Just Wait For It!

When this adorable pup is challenged to a game of hide-and-seek by his little human friends, he jumps into action. Unfortunately, his success is short-lived after finding them due to their hiding spot deciding to hang around for his victory lap.

It’s honestly like watching a cartoon character, but this pup is 100% real and 100% really hilarious.

I have a feeling this isn’t the first time they’ve tricked the cutie into this hilarious predicament. And definitely not the last!

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22 Animals That Are Living Their Best Lives In Pools

Now that summer’s back in town, you can usually find me wading in still water with total strangers at any given moment in the pool behind my apartment building.

Although dealing with people you don’t know when you hit the pool isn’t always ideal, it’s pretty great when it’s 400 degrees outside and you can’t exactly afford to keep the central air pumping 24 hours a day.

These animals tend to agree. I mean, can you imagine being covered in hair when summer’s nastiness is in full swing? No big deal, right? Just a waking nightmare. That’s why these animals have decided to use the tools in our human arsenal for their benefit. They get their full life in pools just like us, and they don’t give a damn if they’re not supposed to be there.

1. This woman is probably not as happy about having bears in her pool as the bears are about being in her pool.

2. I’m just going to put this out there, but maybe she needs two more bikini tops.

3. Just a fawn in the pool. Nothing to see here.

4. “I are good at water.”

5. “Oh, cats hate water, you say? Think again, sucka fool.”

6. Here we have five-year-old me in swim class.

7. This cat is doing it right.

8. I thought maybe my dog was my soulmate until I saw this one.

9. He even used the ladder like a GENTLEMAN.

10. They might need a bigger pool.

11. Large solo cup, or really tiny elephants? You decide.

12. You tried it, pig. You tried it.

13. Oh, this isn’t a pool? Tell that to him.

14. When Mom is all, “Don’t run,” and you’re all, “LOLNO.”

15. Here we have the guy who shows up with nothing to offer and drinks all the beer anyway.

16. I wish anything made me this happy.

17. Like me, if this dog’s options were swim or die, she would die.


19. Piggy pool, party of one.

20. He’s probably just thinking about Nietzsche or something.

21. Much pool. Very can’t.

22. Bonus Round: This absolute classic.

Grab a girly drink (because it’s scientifically proven that everyone likes girly drinks) and meet me by the pool…with your dogs. Please don’t forget the dogs.

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Lunchtime Is Better When You’re Eating With Friends — Just Ask These Two!

When Oliver the cat sits down to eat his lunch every day, it’s always under the watchful eye of his canine companion, Hershey. Even though cats and dogs make unlikely friends, these two know the value of sharing!

Oliver knows that the humans feed Hershey, too, but he likes to sneak him a few kibbles throughout the day just in case he’s hungry.

Sharing is caring, right? Cartoons and kids’ stories might dictate that Oliver and Hershey can’t be pals, but judging by this video, they’re all about defying stereotypes. Bon appétit, cuties!

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20 Dogs That May Or May Not Have Forgotten How To Dog

It’s okay to be a bit kooky sometimes.

This world is full of people striving for perfection on social media, so it’s really refreshing to go against the grain and let your freak flag fly now and then. Sure, you might get some interesting looks along the way, but if you’re living life to the fullest, there’s no need to let the haters get you down.

And you don’t have to be human to embrace your uniqueness. These 20 dogs certainly aren’t landing modeling gigs anytime soon, but they couldn’t care less. Watching these majestic creatures derp through life is inspiring.

1. This is me every night trying to get comfortable in bed.

2. “They cost how much?”

3. He’s just really excited to see water, okay?

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4. Let’s see those pearly whites.

5. “What…what is this thing??”

Bring it here! Bring it over here!

6. “I’d let myself in, but I don’t have thumbs.”


8. Too derp to swing.

9. Well, you tried.

10. She looks like a movie villain and I love every second of it.

11. Swinging chair :1, Dog: 0

12. “What do you MEAN you ran out of treats??”

13. “Hello, Mother. I do not know how this happened.”

14. “Hello. Pls let me out. TYSM.”

15. When you forget what day it is and find out it’s only Monday.

Dog doesn’t know what to do when on camera

16. “Hooman, could you give me a hand?”


18. Yep, that’s definitely how sitting works.

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19. Here’s what happens when the dog tries to make your favorite coat HIS favorite coat.

20. This is a really alarming reaction to citrus.

You taste terrible, leave at once!

Hey, we can’t be picture perfect all the time.

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This Tiny Dachshund Refuses To Nap Until He Gets His Gigantic Bear In With Him

We all have our pre-sleep rituals. Personally, I like to stare at my phone until the bright screen burns my eyes so much that I’m forced to close them. This silly pup has a much more adorable routine, though.

The dachshund refuses to grab some zzz’s without his best friend. There’s just one slight issue: the stuffed teddy bear is a bit too big for the little guy’s kennel. Not that it stops the cutie from trying. He’s hilariously persistent and refuses to give up on the cuddle buddy.

“No man left behind!”

Aw, see? Perseverance totally pays off. Now it’s time for the lil’ dude to enjoy some bear-y sweet dreams.

This Funny Bird Goes Crazy Every Time Someone Touches Her Plastic Cup.

Meet Dax, she is a parrotlet and a real life ‘Angry Bird.’ Every time someone touches her favourite plastic cup, she freaks out in the most adorable way. (Jealousy has never been so adorable.)

Watch as her owner reaches for the plastic cup and little Dax chases around the hand, demanding her cup be left alone. Too cute!

(Source: vixis Klingon)

That bird is the cutest little thing ever, I swear she actually looks like she’s made out of cotton candy.

Share this cup loving bird with your friends below, oh and get a cup, because clearly that bird knows something we don’t.