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When Ted Bundy Served As His Own Lawyer, He Couldn’t Always Keep It Together

Ted Bundy was America’s first “true” serial killer. A lot of the popular folklore about serial killers and their habits stems from his horrific crimes.

From 1974 until his final arrest in 1978, Bundy raped and murdered women all across the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Colorado, and Florida. Bundy was considered to be a master of disguise and a chameleon, meaning that while he was considered handsome, he was also generic-looking enough to blend in with the crowd and avoid attracting attention.

Watching footage of Bundy in action, it’s not hard to see how he came off as charming and was presumed innocent by so many people for so long. Even during jail interviews on the verge of his execution, he was suave and composed.

Officials in Florida tried to get Bundy to break in front of the cameras after his arrest, but he didn’t go down easily.

Bundy famously represented himself during his first Florida murder trial. It was only toward the end of the trial that his charming facade began to crack.

Bundy truly believed he was an innocent man and grew increasingly frustrated the longer the trial went on. This eventually resulted in a series of angry outbursts that finally showed the world the killer behind that cool, collected mask.

For the full video of the outburst above, check this out!

(via The Bandy Man)

Despite his defense of himself in court, Bundy was convicted and sentenced to death in 1979. However, through the appeals process, the killer managed to prolong his life until 1989.

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Alligators Have Learned To Ring Doorbells — Perhaps We Should Be Concerned

There is perhaps no creature that’s more universally feared than the alligator, and that’s especially true in the South, where these reptiles reign supreme. These scary buggers love going where they don’t belong just to prove that they can.

And that urge often brings them into close contact with humans. Earlier this week, a family in South Carolina learned that terrifying lesson when an alligator sauntered right up to their front door and rang the bell.

I know it sounds like the beginning of a terrible children’s movie, but the man who shot this video captured the whole ordeal.

He was quick to point out that the gator just wanted to find its way out of the neighborhood, and that it wasn’t feeling aggressive.

(via Metro)

That being said, if you live near alligators and your doorbell rings when you’re not expecting anyone, you should probably just run and hide. These gators are getting a little too smart for my liking.

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5 Crazy Swings That Will Take Your Breath Away! – Travel Channel

Are you take on enough to tackle these 5 extreme swivel the world?

Connected: Crazy Roller Coasters

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Xtreme Screams “Height Fright”

COLLECTION PREMIERE: "Elevation Fright"- Premieres Sunday, October 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
Hip-hop dancers head to Florida to handle a decline tower that pushes them 335 feet down at 60 miles per hour.

This Abandoned Dog Had Completely Given Up On Life — Until The Police Arrived

When Powder was found abandoned in the middle of the Florida Everglades he appeared to have completely given up on life.

The poor dog’s body was shutting down and he could barely move a muscle.

Luckily for Powder, he wouldn’t need to live another day in the harsh Everglades. Help was at hand when a kind couple found him and called the sheriff’s office for help. The deputies that responded to the call were determined to help the poor pooch and once they managed to earn his trust, they got him safely into a car.

Powder was then taken to Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue who got him the urgent medical attention he needed.

This poor dog has a long road to recovery ahead of him, including surgery on both of his eyes. If you want to help then please consider donating to Dezzy’s Second Chance.

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4 Ultimate Tailgating RVs – Travel Channel

All sports fans make sure to rally behind these tricked-out trips.

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5 Wild Tailgates You Have to See – Travel Channel

These special tailgates around the nation recognize ways to obtain the event started.

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5 Insane Trap Door Waterslides – Travel Channel

Get a check out these waterslides that drop you through a catch door.

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Explore 5 Fun Florida Beaches – Travel Channel

Take a peek at the 5 most popular beaches in the Sunlight State from Travel Channel.

Look into our preferred coastlines in every state:

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By Day, He Was A Christian Puppeteer…By Night, He Was Plotting Something Horrible

While I immensely respect the abilities of talented ventriloquists, there is something just a little unsettling about them. It almost makes you question the mental state of those who choose to pursue ventriloquism professionally…

The case of ventriloquist Ronald Brown certainly doesn’t make them any less suspicious.

Brown (who you can see in the extremely creepy video below) had a celebrated career as a puppeteer at birthday parties, schools, and churches. However, in 2012, Brown was arrested after police implicated him in a child pornography ring. According to the cops, at the time of his arrest, Brown was also in the midst of creating an elaborate plan to kidnap, cook, and eat several children.

Judging from this video, who would have guessed he secretly wanted to murder children? The answer is everyone…

That is just downright disturbing to an unnatural degree. Luckily for children everywhere, Brown was sentenced to a 20-year prison term in 2013. Some might say that’s not long enough…

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