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DIY Travel Wrap – Travel Channel

Discover ways to develop a travel wrap with jacket material in a few easy actions.

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How to Pack for a Week in Paris – Travel Channel

Just what to put on before exploring the 'City of Light.'

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What She Does With An Old T-Shirt Is Beautifully Unexpected

If you’re like me, when it comes time to retire an old t-shirt from your daily wardrobe, it often gets put into your nighttime attire rotation. But instead of destining that awesome shirt to solely after-hours use, you may want to check out this tutorial. It gives your shirt a whole new life.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not super crafty, but this DIY is so easy, even I can make it. I’m going to take all my old tank tops and make them into adorable necklaces tonight!

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Watch This Music Video Single-Handedly Destroy Society’s Expectation Of Beauty.

Singer Colbie Caillat’s new music video ‘Try’ is going viral for the powerful message it sends to women about their appearance and society’s expectations of beauty. In the video, the 29-year-old Grammy award-winning singer goes all-natural. It starts with young girls and women dolled up, but as the music video continues, the women remove their hair extensions, makeup, and fake eye lashes. Colbie herself even ditches her makeup and hair extensions over the course of the video to show her natural side.

While the singer is hoping to make a difference by sending this important message through her music, she’s still a girly-girl at heart and admits that she still “loves getting all dolled up” for special occasions but absolutely enjoys “walking around with no make-up, [her] hair dried straight from the shower, in workout clothes or pajamas.” (Source: ColbieCaillatVEVO) Share this powerful music video with your friends below.

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He Intentionally Sprayed His Shirt With Bleach, But The Result? So Cool

I’ve been known to grab a Sharpie and design a “custom” shirt from time to time, but the ink always fades after the first wash. This guy’s simple idea is far better and it’s permanent!

The solution is bleach. While most of us try to keep our colored clothing away from bleach, YouTuber NightHawkInLight uses it to create custom designs. All you need to get started is a roll of freezer paper, bleach, an iron, a shirt, and, of course, an awesome design!

Check it out in the video below! The rocket pattern is definitely my favorite.

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That’s the kind of life hack I can actually use! Excuse me while I go spice up my wardrobe.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/custom-bleach-shirts/

The Clothes She’s Wearing Are Special. When You Realize Why, Your Heart Will Melt.

Many of us take simple things in our lives for granted…

Walking around, brushing our teeth, putting our clothes on in the morning. It’s things like these that some people aren’t able to do on their own. Whether they have a genetic disease, a mental disorder, or a physical handicap, it can be a constant struggle to fit in with the world around them.

But one fashion designer is trying to change that.

Mindy Sheier and everyone at Runway of Dreams are doing incredible things. If you’d like to learn more about their awesome work, you can check out their website here.

Work it, girl!

Science And Art Blend Together Perfectly With These Blinged Out Bugs. Cool, But Gross.

Alright folks, it’s time for a quick biology lesson: caddisflies are a common water-dwelling insect with similarities to the moth and butterfly. Likewise, the caddisfly will create cocoons while in their larvae stage in order to protect their soft, growing bodies. They typically use whatever is lying around them in the water to build their shelter with, using their saliva as the glue. Yay. Most of us would hear this information, shrug, and go about our day. But for artist Hubert Duprat, he found inspiration.

This is what a normal caddisfly cocoon looks like. Not particularly stellar.

Duprat gave the future flies a makeover by providing them with some blingier building supplies.

The result is this stunning blend of biology and artwork.

The larvae use their saliva to connect the gold, pearl and other gems to create their nest just as they would with more common items.

Now that’s living in luxury!

Duprat views his work as collaboration with the insects.

In 2011, he told The Independent, “It’s their work as much as mine.”

Here’s a video of Duprat discussing his buggy beauties:

(via i09.) This makes my childhood ant farm look even more unimpressive. They never did anything I told them to. Share the sparkly story with your friends by  using the button below!