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This Company Just Took Their Advertising Campaign To A Heartbreaking New Level

There are plenty of commercials out there that rely on shock value, and this one’s no different.

The folks over at Life Alert decided to ramp up their advertising efforts with a heartbreaking commercial that highlights the dangers of living alone in old age. This brand focuses on cutting down on that level of risk by providing elderly people who still want their independence with wearable devices that they can use to call emergency services.

Their newest advertisement makes the issue hard to ignore.

It’s important that elderly people take precautions to protect themselves if they live alone. The older, wiser people among us deserve their independence, but the ability to reach out for help in times of crisis is key.

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This Guy’s Base-Jump Fail Will Make You Cringe — Just Wait ‘Til You See It In Full Speed!

Though I’ve done some cliff diving during family vacations to lakes, I’d never consider base jumping.

In addition to my slight fear of heights, the possibility of something going wrong is just way too high for me. For some, however, the thrill of falling is more than worth the risk of accidental death.

When Thayer Healey decided to do some base jumping just outside of Moab, Utah, he came very close to losing his life. After he jumped off of the edge of a cliff, his parachute opened and spun him into the rocky wall. The GoPro camera on his helmet captured the entire terrifying experience.

This is so painful to watch…and it gets even worse at full speed.

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Amazingly, he survived, but he was left with a fractured vertebrate, a sprained back, and stitches in his eye and chin. Share this if you think he’s lucky to be alive!

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