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This Couple’s Epic 20 Year Road Trip Is The Best Thing You’ll Read All Week.

1990 marked the fall of communism and the Soviet Union. It was a year of change and huge upheaval around the world. However, among that chaos, an amazing journey was just beginning for one husband and wife. 

Meet Gunther and his wife, Christine Holtorf.

Right before they met, Gunther was on a trip to Africa with his third wife, Beate. He and Beate divorced shortly thereafter.

That was when he placed a personal ad in the Die Zeit newspaper in April 1990.

Christine answered the ad and they quickly hit it off. That’s when Gunther asked her the magic question that would spark off their 20 year adventure: “Why don’t we do a little bit of travel?”

That sealed the deal. They soon set off for an amazing African adventure with Gunther’s trusty Mercedes G-Wagen, known as Otto.

What was supposed to be a short trip turned into a lifelong love affair with the open road.

They traveled the world for the next 20 years, visiting over 150 different countries, and racking up 500,000 miles on Otto.

Christine sitting on top of their trusty car, Otto.

Otto was as much a member of the journey as Gunther and Christine were.

They carried a small stockpile of 400 spare parts for the duration of the journey to keep Otto in tip top shape.

Navigating a muddy road.

Their adventure took them to far off places and countries with restricted access, like Cuba and North Korea.

Off-loading Otto after an overseas voyage.

Christine was diagnosed with a malignant facial tumor in 2003. She underwent treatment and continued on their adventure until May 2009. From then on, she remained in Germany undergoing chemotherapy. Her and Gunther eventually married two weeks before she passed away in June 2010.

Visiting Shanghai.

Otto in Hollywood.

No worldwide road trip would be complete without a visit to India.

Christine insisted that Gunther must carry on the journey after she was gone. He did exactly that. In 2012, Gunther and Otto finally completed their journey visiting 177 countries in total (another 28 since Christine passed away). Here he is with Otto upon returning to Berlin.

Check out this photo montage of the most epic of adventures.

Here is Gunther recounting a close call he had with a hyena in Africa.

Gunther Holtorf talked about his Africa hyena experience from alubavimeo on Vimeo.


If this story doesn’t make you want to get out and see the world, then I’m not sure what will. You can keep up with Gunther and his new adventures here on Facebook.

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Footage Of A Shellshocked Soldier From World War I Will Break Your Heart

Following the end of World War I, the most powerful countries on Earth were faced with something they’d never seen before — a bizarre condition that was once known as shellshock. Today, we refer to that condition as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But in 1918, it was poorly defined, and treatment of victims was often harsh and ineffective.

Fortunately, United Kingdom-based psychiatrist Dr. Arthur Hurst changed all that. Instead of punishing those suffering from shellshock, Dr. Hurst developed an alternative treatment involving a combination of hypnosis, persuasion, massage therapy, and dietary changes. As you can see in the video below, the physician’s treatments were incredibly effective.

(source: War Archives)

Thanks to the work of Dr. Hurst, veterans suffering from PTSD today are treated with respect. Most importantly of all, they’re not subjected to inhumane practices that once kept those who served their countries from ever finding relief.

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How to Travel the World With One Backpack – Travel Channel

It's possible to take a trip the world utilizing just one knapsack with these ideas.

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They Asked Strangers To Stare At Each Other For 4 Minutes. By The End, I Was Crying.

How often do you make eye contact with complete strangers…or even your good friends?

If you’re like me, the answer is surprisingly not too frequently. For some, looking into a person’s eyes feels uncomfortable, awkward even. But Arthur Aron, a well-know social psychologist, claims that just four minutes of sustained eye contact brings people together more than any other type of interaction.

In an effort to test this theory out, Amnesty Poland brought a bunch of complete strangers together.

It wasn’t until the end that they found out just who the other person was.

According to Eurostat, more than 1.3 million refugees entered Europe last year. More flow across the borders today. No matter what you think the U.S. or Europe should be doing about the influx of people in need of help and asylum, it’s important to remember one thing…

Above all, stripped of all borders, languages, and beliefs, they are people just like you and me.

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When You Take Your Demon For A Walk, Of Course People Are Going To Be Terrified

Derren Brown is one of the world’s greatest illusionists. Throughout his career, Brown has created and produced several successful television shows. He’s now taking on a completely new challenge by designing a ghost train ride at Thorpe Park in Surrey, England.

Although Brown is still hard at work on the ride, he decided to test out a component of it on unsuspecting Thorpe Park employees this week. He did so with the help of a demon that he designed to be absolutely horrifying.

Needless to say, the results were scary (and hilarious).

(via Unexplained Mysteries)

Well, I’m happy I’m not one of those park employees. I definitely would’ve peed my pants if I saw that thing running toward me. Can you imagine being that lady on the elevator?

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It Was So Windy In Croatia That These People Were Almost Blown Off Of A Bridge

If you’ve never dealt with insanely strong wind, you don’t know how scary it can be. In any case, you’ve probably been sufficiently annoyed by 20-mph winds in the past. Just imagine how awful it would be to stand outside when the wind is blowing at 105 mph.

Actually, don’t imagine it. Check out this footage of a family dealing with that exact situation in Croatia. They even decided to venture out onto a bridge near the ocean to experience the brutal gusts from a decidedly dangerous vantage point. Needless to say, it was not a smart idea.

(via Reddit)

It’s beautiful if you just focus on how the ocean looks in this footage. Aside from that, it’s pretty terrifying. I hope it was worth it.