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This Company Just Took Their Advertising Campaign To A Heartbreaking New Level

There are plenty of commercials out there that rely on shock value, and this one’s no different.

The folks over at Life Alert decided to ramp up their advertising efforts with a heartbreaking commercial that highlights the dangers of living alone in old age. This brand focuses on cutting down on that level of risk by providing elderly people who still want their independence with wearable devices that they can use to call emergency services.

Their newest advertisement makes the issue hard to ignore.

It’s important that elderly people take precautions to protect themselves if they live alone. The older, wiser people among us deserve their independence, but the ability to reach out for help in times of crisis is key.

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Caretaker For WWII Veteran Caught On Camera Doing Something Despicable

One of the most overlooked and important jobs involves caring for the elderly.

People who look after senior citizens are normally kind, patient, and compassionate, and their work ensures that people’s loved ones are safe. Unfortunately, there is also an epidemic of elder abuse. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, around 10 percent of the elderly population has experienced abuse of some kind, whether it’s physical abuse, psychological or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect.

Peter Carpenter, an 89-year-old WWII veteran, was the victim of his caretaker Susan Pell’s financial exploitation when she repeatedly stole money from his wallet.

The aging veteran’s children set up a camera to catch the thief after their father’s money kept disappearing. Pell was caught in the act and prosecuted.

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“I felt sick. Well, I felt devastated,” Carpenter said after seeing the video. He also said he would have loaned her money if he knew she needed it.

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Pell was sentenced to 150 hours of community service and she had to pay back the money plus more in damages. She is no longer caring for the elderly.

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Young Music Student Living At A Retirement Home Brings Joy To Her Neighbors.

There are about 100 senior residents living at the Judson Manor retirement community in Cleveland, but they aren’t the only ones who call the retirement community home.

24-year-old music student Marissa Plank lives there, too. As part of an “Artist-in-Residence program” she gets to live there rent free, allowing her to focus on her studies and making some very beautiful music all while entertaining the residents. Not only does she call them neighbors, but also her dear friends.

(source: CBS Sunday Morning)

What an innovative program, it would be nice if this became much more prevalent.

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