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As His Home Went Up In Flames, This Man Was Carried To Safety By A Random Hero.

This incredible footage shows the dramatic rescue of a man who was stuck inside his burning Fresno home.

Bystanders watched the house burn, and they didn’t know what to do when a woman told them her father was still inside.  Suddenly, one hero jumped to action. He miraculously found a way into the house. He braved the flames and carried the poor elderly man on his shoulders to safety. He didn’t know the man, yet he risked everything to save him.

(Source: The Fresno Bee)

Now that man is a HERO. After the daring rescue, the anonymous stranger walked off, barely saying a word to the people he just helped. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.

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Heroic Dog Risks Her Life To Save Puppies Trapped In Flood Water Under A House

The bond between mother and child is one of the strongest things on Earth.

It’s hard to put into words what this mother dog must be going through. Trapped under an Israeli building are her litter of puppies that got swept up in a sudden flood. But amazingly, she risks it all to save her little babies.

Watch as the brave mom is seen frantically waiting as soldiers dig a whole under the building as her little ones cry out for help. She’s then seen rescuing one of the pups before the dramatic footage ends.

The video was posted to Facebook by Israeli animal rescue group Let The Animals Live, who report that the dog was able to save seven of her 12 trapped puppies. The group is now turning to the public for help adopting them out.