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This Dog Thanks A Woman For Stopping To Help Him Get Some Water

I don’t understand people who abuse animals.

I can’t comprehend why someone would want to terrorize a poor creature that just wants love and care. All you have to do is offer up a tiny bit of respect and that animal will forever be grateful.

If this sounds a little far-fetched, below is an incredible example of this.

When a young woman saw a distressed dog on the street who’d clearly been neglected or abused, she approached the pup…

This made my heart swell.

All she had to do was show the dog some kindness and he thanked her in a beautiful way.

We can all stand to be a bit kinder to those around us — including our furry friends.

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I Almost Lost It When She Wagged Her Tail. Watch This Pooch’s Emotional Journey!

Travelers at a train station in Udaipur, India, heard distant yelps from what sounded like a distressed animal. Following the screams for help, they discovered Florence, a street dog who had been hit by an oncoming train and had lost her leg as a result.

Despite her recent row with trauma, Florence was up and walking around the train tracks when a rescue team with Animal Aid Unlimited arrived. A true testament to just how strong the sweet girl was…but her story wasn’t over there. She had a long road to recovery ahead.

Check out Florence’s emotional journey below:

Florence’s road to recovery left her without a leg, but she still has a reason to wag her tail and play. If you can, please consider donating to Animal Aid Unlimited — they’re doing the work very few are in India.

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Daisy The Dog Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That She Did Anything Wrong (LOL)

When I’ve done something wrong, my poker face is pretty terrible.

That’s why I generally just stick to telling the truth. Did I eat all your ice cream? You betchya.

If only I could learn from the masters, though, I think I’d become a pro at fudging the facts a little. Who are the top dogs when it comes to denying guilt? Our pups, of course!

Perhaps it’s their sweet eyes, their coy body language, or just the fact that they can’t talk so they don’t have to make up excuses…

Either way, Daisy has much to teach when it comes to looking the other way when faced with obvious destruction.

Man…she’s good!

I mean, she obviously did it, but I can’t even be mad at her. Maybe that’s the key — being so adorable that no one can fault you!

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You May Be Surprised When You Realize Just What Dogs Are Able To Eat

Anytime we bust out some “people food,” our pups know to lay it on thick. Their sad, begging eyes hypnotize us into submission as we drop a few harmless crumbs to the ground.

But are they really safe for our furry friends to devour?

As you know, there are plenty of things that are not only bad for our dogs, but could also be fatal for them. Chocolate is one, but pay attention to this video…what you learn in the next minute could save lives.

Did you learn something new about your dog’s diet? If so, share this video so all your pet owner friends can become informed, too!

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This Dog Crawled Into A Garden To Die…But Her Journey To Health Will Amaze You

After suffering severe trauma to her head, this street dog in India crawled into a garden, ready to die. Luckily for her, though, rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited were notified of her condition. They naturally leapt at the opportunity to save the poor girl’s life. But when they got there, they realized just how hurt she was.

They quickly brought her back to their facility, but after two weeks passed without much improvement, the concern of permanent brain damage or death was very real.

But then, at the three week mark, something happened that brought tears to our eyes…

We should warn you, the video does contain graphic images.

Thanks to these heroes, Happy now runs around free, safe, and yes, happy! If you’d like to help support their work and save more dogs in need, please consider donating today.

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They Had No Idea How Their Dog Kept Escaping, So They Set Up This Hidden Camera

For a pair of dog owners in Fort St. James, Canada, the mystery of how their adorable pup managed to get out of his crate was a constant source of discussion. Did one of them sneak into the garage and let him out? Could he have learned how to unlock the door? No one knew!

Instead of constantly wondering, they decided to set up a camera to catch the cutie in the act…this is pure genius, people!

This has to be one of the most unique ways we’ve ever seen a dog escape from captivity. I wonder if his gums hurt afterwards?

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Beautiful Recovery Of Dog Unable To Walk After Suffering A Spinal Injury

When Alby the dog was first found in an abandoned storeroom, he was barely able to stand on his own four feet. After just 10 days of rehabilitation and recovery, Alby was able to walk, but his back two legs would occasionally give out. It was determined that he had suffered a serious spinal injury.

Thanks to the miracle workers at Animal Aid Unlimited, after nearly a month of medical treatment, physical therapy, rest, and relaxation, Alby is like a brand-new dog.

Watch this sweet boy’s emotional road to recovery below:

The men and women at Animal Aid Unlimited are changing the lives of so many helpless animals. If you haven’t already done so, please consider donating to their cause here.

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A Dog Was Trapped In This Hut, But Luckily, These Heroes Were Quick To The Rescue

Our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited were called to a collapsed house after neighbors heard the faint whimpering of a trapped puppy. Heavy rains proved to be too strong for the tiny hut, causing the foundation to buckle and the structure to fall in on itself.

Upon arriving on the scene, rescuers began the difficult task of digging through the debris and were eventually able to safely pull the tiny pup from the rubble. After a thorough cleaning and safety check, the dog was reunited with its mother.

Watch the heroic rescue and tear-jerking family reunion for yourself!

Thanks to these thoughtful men and women, this puppy got a second chance. If you’d like to extend a helping hand to the folks at Animal Aid Unlimited, consider giving a donation today.

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When Two Loving Dogs Refused To Leave Their Dead Owner’s Side, Our Hearts Broke

When police were called to a remote location in Paraná, Brazil, to pick up the remains of a man who was murdered in his home, they had no idea what they’d find. That’s why they were blown away when they saw two dogs standing over his body. Even though the dogs were exhausted, they became visibly upset when the man’s body was loaded up and taken away.

Most heartbreakingly of all, they followed the vehicle for more than 10 miles until they couldn’t run anymore. The footage is so sad that we couldn’t bear to watch it more than once.

“The dogs seemed very loyal to the owner,” Carlos de Anjos told Globo News. “They followed us almost all the way until the exit to the city. The bigger dog was in front of our car, and the smaller was behind us. They were quite anxious.”

Anjos was so moved by the two dogs that he told the victim’s extended family about their loyalty. He even volunteered to take one of the dogs. Luckily, the victim’s neighbor agreed to look after the other. For more on this heartbreaking story, check out the video below:

Não tem como não chorar vendo isso gente :'( 󾍅Os cachorros que seguiram carro do IML com o corpo do tutor morto por assassinato no interior do Paraná foram adotados 󾆷 󾮞󾮞 󾮞“Essa é uma grande lição. O cachorro foi fiel ao dono até na morte. Isso mostra que não se deve abandonar nenhum animal. Essa demonstração de carinho me emocionou muito, por isso não posso deixá-lo sozinho”, disse o cinegrafista. “Me emocionei muito ao ver aquela cena, o cachorro correndo atrás do carro mostra a fidelidade e o amor do animal. Isso é uma grande lição”, disse o cinegrafista Carlos.Direitos dos Animais.Matéria em vídeo G1

Posted by Direitos dos Animais on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

(via The Dodo)

“This is a great lesson. The dog was loyal to the owner even in death,” Anjos said. “This shows that one should never abandon any animal.” We wholeheartedly agree, Anjos. There’s no form of loyalty stronger than the bond that’s shared between a dog and its favorite human.

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This Silly Dog Clearly Thinks He’s The Cutest Ambulance Ever.

This dog’s reaction to hearing a Japanese ambulance siren is just too adorable.

As the speeding ambulance comes to an intersection and slows down, the dog, hearing the noise of the siren, joins in with the biggest howl, keeping that high note surprisingly long!

(Source: Yamato Suzuki)

The dog probably just thought the Twilight Bark was going down and wanted to help send the message along, like the helpful little guy that he is.

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