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With A Few Simple Steps, You Can Make A Glue Sun Catcher With Your Kids In A Flash

Next time you’re sitting at home with your kids looking for something to do, think of this DIY video! The super-quick art project just requires some glue, a plastic container lid, food coloring, a paintbrush, and a ribbon.

In just minutes, your kids can make adorably easy and awesomely groovy sun catchers. Check it out below.

Your kids will love that they can each have their own unique piece. Our suggestion? Put this project in your back pocket for a rainy day when you can’t send the kids outside to play. It’s the perfect distraction!

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Learn The Easiest Way To Seal A Bag Without A Chip Clip — Who Knew?!

Unless you plan on eating every bag of chips you open in one sitting, resealing your snack is paramount if you plan on enjoying fresh chips down the road. Then again, if you’ve run out of bag clips or simply don’t own any, this can be a tall ask. Do you risk your chips going stale? What if bugs crawl in the bag and start having a feast of their own?

Fear not! There is a way to seal your chips without a clip. Check out how to do it below.

That looks insanely simple. I’m never buying a bag clip again! What a waste of money! The question is, what am I going to do with the millions I’ll save by not buying bag clips?

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11 Life Hacks That Every Pet Owner Should Start Using ASAP

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. But for all the good they bring us, sometimes we wish things could be a little easier. If only there were shortcuts for dealing with some of the negatives (cough — cleanup — cough) that come with having our furry friends around…

Well there are! From making their bed smell just like you to disguising their litter box as furniture, each one of these is sure to be a hit in your house soon.

1. Create a kitty litter scoop with a simple milk jug.

The sifting holes are made with a hole punch!

2. You might want to eat these frozen dog treats, too!

Grab the recipe here.

3. Combine vinegar and baking soda to get rid of pet stains.

4. Put your litter box in an IKEA wicker chest.

Learn how to make it here.

5. Use this lavender-infused concoction to naturally get rid of fleas.

6. Turn an old sweatshirt into a dog bed.

7. Use chalk or baby powder to keep ants out of pet food outside.

8. Build a dog crate that doubles as an end table!

9. Put a ball in your dog or cat’s food bowl to slow down a fast eater.

10. Put Vaseline on a dog’s cracked or dry paw pads. They won’t want to lick it off.

11. Run rubber gloves over couch cushions to get excess fur off.

(via One Crazy House)

Now we can stop worrying about all that shedding and start enjoying some time outdoors playing fetch!

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She Cut Up Some Old Bottles, Bought A Cheap Trellis, And Made An Indoor Garden!

Winter is a very dreary time for people with green thumbs, what with almost all the vegetation that grows outside dead or dying.

But fear not, amateur botanists! Here is an awesome way to make an indoor garden that should tide you over until spring. It’s incredibly easy to make and quite aesthetically pleasing.

Check out that beautiful, indoor vertical garden! Don’t you want to make one of your own now? You absolutely should! That lady has enough character and charisma to inspire all of us to start gardening.

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He Turned An Old Beer Keg Into An Awesome Electric Smoker — I Need This!

If you love having amazing backyard barbecues, then you probably have a smoker (or really want one).

Unfortunately, these bad boys can run you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, so if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, it’s a pleasure that you’d normally have to do without. But did you know that you could make your own from a beer keg?

Instructables user BennyOne sure did, because after finding an old, expired keg and bringing it home, he cut it up and turned it into an awesome electric smoker without having to weld anything!

He first pounded a hole into one end to drain the remaining beer inside.

Then he got straight to cutting the bottom portion off.

He used a flapper wheel to smooth out the cuts and avoid creating extremely sharp edges.

Next, he drilled holes into the bottom for the legs.

Then he used nuts and bolts to attach them.

The builder wanted the top part of the keg to fit onto the bottom with a small overlap, so he pounded the edge to create an outward curve.

It turned out to be a perfect fit!

But he wanted to make sure that the top wouldn’t fall too low or rest crookedly, so he divided and cut a piece of steel into sections.

After bending those pieces into tabs, he sanded and painted each one.

Once they were screwed in, the crafter realized that they worked really well for holding the top portion of the keg in place.

For the heat source, he took apart an electric burner and attached the control knob through a hole in the drum.

He also needed to drill holes in the center of the pan and the base so that he could string a power cord through.

After drilling the last hole inside the bottom of the keg, he threaded the cord inside.

Then he attached one wire to the control knob and into the inside of the burner before wrapping the wires with fiberglass.

With the heat source finished, BennyOne decided to cut a hole in the side so he’d be able to grab the handle of the pan.

Then it was time to test out the smoker with some hickory.

Satisfied that everything was working, he took a piece of steel and hammered it into a curve that matched the keg wall.

After painting the flap, he attached it with a hinge so it would open and close easily.

To help the smoker accommodate two grills, he cut and sanded three pieces of steel piping before painting and screwing them in.

The builder was worried about moisture running down the interior walls, so he took a portion of the piece he had cut out for pan access and bent it.

Then he used it to cover the inside of the control knob and protect it from any wetness.

He also covered it and the wiring with high-temperature metal tape for extra protection.

After all of his hard work, the only thing left to do was buy a thermometer and test out the smoker.

He placed some fresh salmon inside and cooked it for a couple of hours.

Needless to say, it worked out deliciously.

The best part is that any time he wants his own smoked meat, all he has to do is plug it in!

He’s definitely going to have some amazing backyard barbecues with that masterpiece. If you’d love to try your hand at making a smoker, you can find the full instructions here.

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With An Apple And A Wick, You Can Create An Adorable Candle In Under A Minute

Next time you’re without a candle when the lights go out, remember this incredibly easy trick. All you’ll need is an apple, some string, and a little bit of oil. If you can round up these items, you can create as many wonderful candles as you want!

While you probably shouldn’t eat the apples after you turn them into candles, these adorable lights will help you infuse your home with glowing warmth on a budget.

Candles can be expensive, so this alternative is perfect! You’ll have all the comfort you could possibly need without spending a fortune.

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Here Are 14 Clever Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your Yard This Summer

Raise your hand if you hate mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and spiders!

Okay, so everyone probably hurt their shoulder throwing their hands up…and we’re right there with you!

Since it’s finally the summer, these pesky pests are about to come out in full force. In an effort to make your time outdoors a little more enjoyable (and bug-free) this season, here are a few awesome tricks to try that will keep the creepy-crawlies at bay.

1. Get rid of pesky ants with this mixture of borax and corn syrup.

2. Spray a wasps’ nest with peppermint oil, dish soap, and water to kill them.

3. Slice open a few lemons and push cloves into them. Set them by your food when you’re outdoors and the bugs will stay away.

4. Make your own bug spray with this simple mix.

5. Use LED bulbs as your porch lights — bugs are less attracted to them and won’t hang around as much at night.

6. Make a mosquito trap out of yeast, brown sugar, and water.

7. Put epsom salts around your garden plants to get rid of snails and slugs.

8. Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil doubles as an insect repellant!

9. Put a bunch of sage leaves in your grill to keep mosquitoes away.

10. Make your own citronella candles in orange peels!

11. You can also plant citronella plants in your yard. Let them flourish to deter pesky bugs.

12. If you run out of bug spray, Cool Mint Listerine will do the trick…you’ll just have to reapply a bit more frequently.

13. Avoid wearing dark colors like black, blue, and red. Mosquitoes are attracted to them and they also make you hotter — bugs are drawn to warmer bodies.

14. Tie lavender, sage, and mint bundles together and carry them with you for when you need to keep mosquitoes away.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the summer…WITHOUT the fear of getting bitten every five seconds.

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15 Of The Best Organization And Cleaning Hacks You Shouldn’t Have To Live Without

Spring is slowly approaching, which means one thing — spring cleaning! It can be a pain, but when all’s said and done, you know you’re going to feel like a new you.

In an effort to make the process a little less painful, here are some super-simple hacks to try out. Not only will your spring cleaning be a breeze this year, but you might even have some spare time to enjoy the fresh air!

1. Use a tension rod under the sink to double your cleaning product capacity.

2. Clean your paintings with the soft side of a bagel to remove years of dirt and grime.

3. Use an old pillowcase to clean your ceiling fan.

4. Get rid of that “rebel scum” and countless germs by cleaning your kid’s toys in the dishwasher.

5. Create a mustard caddy in your refrigerator to save space and always have the last drop.

6. Wipe down sliding door tracks with a paper towel soaked in vinegar to have it working like new.

7. Remove tough food stains from cast-iron pans with coarse salt.

8. Remove coffee stains with baking soda.

9. Rub a lemon on your bathroom fixtures to bring back their natural shine.

10. Use pipe straps to hang your utensils where you can get to them easily and they stay hidden at the same time.

11. Use a coffee filter to clean a TV screen.

12. Spray a bit of vodka on your bed and the alcohol will kill the odor-causing bacteria.

13. Place pegs in your drawers to make sure your plates are in the right spot.

14. Remove water rings with a hair dryer and a quick swipe of olive oil.

15. Use a utensil tray to keep family members from using the wrong toothbrush.

(via HGTV)

Didn’t we tell you? Your house is going to be an organizational masterpiece! But even if you don’t get to every one of these tips, you’ll still be way, way ahead of the game!

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Paper Clip Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Just A Little Easier

Up until now, most of us have probably been under the impression that paper clips are only good for one thing — holding bunches of paper together. But thanks to DIY extraordinaire, CrazyRussianHacker, we know that this bit of knowledge is totally misguided. From serving as a key ring to holding cords together, our clips are great for tons of things!

I hate breaking my nails on regular key rings, so that paper clip version seems far more ideal!

Which trick will you try first?

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